Mar. 29th, 2011

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We've known about Sprocket for about two months now, we found out early because I had to go to hospital with what I thought was appendicitis which turned out to be pregnancy- (not-a-very-funny-story because at the time it was on the cards that as I was in so much pain it might have been an ectopic pregnancy and we had a nail-biting few days before we discovered it wasn't.) Anyhoo, so we've known for a while and have been slowly collecting things in preparation for Sprocket's arrival.


Pram/Stroller- bought from a family down the road for $200. Seamus looked it up online and brand new just the stroller itself was $700, and this one comes with the bassinet to turn it into a pram for the early months, a rain cover, a toddler seat and sundry other snap on things to make life easier, all up new it would have been over $1000 so we feel pretty good about paying $200. Currently being stored in the garage, we'll have to work out something with the furniture to fit it in the house later.

Cot- bought from Ebay for $50, only one previous tenant who vacated it aged four (it turns into a toddler bed) so we figure we'll get a lot of use out of it. Currently in pieces in the study, which will eventually become Sprocket's room.

Cloth nappies- bought from another lady down the street (there was a baby boom around the Kensington area 3-5 years back, great news for us as everyone is getting rid of their stuff now!) 24 bamboo/organic cotton blend nappies, 8 PUL covers, 1 wool cover, 2 nappy buckets and a roll of nappy liners for $300. That sounds a lot, but a single nappy brand new is $30 (covers can be up to that much too) and cloth nappies are actually more absorbent if they've been used previously, so it's a great deal.

Clothes- 2 jumpsuits/onesies, a cardigan, a t-shirt, some legging type-things, four pairs of socks, one waterproof nappy cover for swimming. Picked up from op-shops and Ebay, all second hand, all natural materials (except the swimmers, but that was never going to happen) I have discovered that op-shopping for Sprocket is much more fun than op-shopping for me, there are more hideously cutesy clothes to laugh uproariously at (Lisa and I found a jumper today the exact colour of vomit with flowers on it, I guess so when baby chucks up it won't show?) and no need to feel ashamed when going into the change room and finding one is slightly larger than one thought. In fact, no need for the change room at all! The only issue is convincing the sales assistants that I really DON'T want pink and would prefer minimum blue, and that I like nice, bright colours for the baby. The other great thing about opshops is the prices, in an opshop I think the most I've paid for an item is $3, whereas brand new those clothes are PRICEY. All up I've spent about $20 on clothes not including postage for the Ebay things (the postage is the sole reason I'm not going to stick with buying Ebay clothes, it's just not worth it.)

Nappy Bag- Brought on Ebay for $10, now not sure it's big enough

And now I'm about to go out to visit the lovely lady who sold us the nappies, because she emailed me that she found a big bag or assorted baby "stuff" and did I want it for free? Hell yes!

So far we seem to be pretty organised. I want to get things early so I can start saving for when I'm not working (especially as there will be a period where I'm not working and Seamus is still at uni working part time, yikes!) The major things I want to get are:
a change table
a rocking chair
a night light/lamp
A car seat (this will be the only item we get new- or from someone we know personally, and as I can't think of anyone who has a car seat and would be ready to give it up I guess we'll be buying new)
a clothes dryer (for nappies in winter)
an Ergo baby carrier
a bigger nappy bag
a bassinet (for sleeping in our room while tiny- we both thrash around in bed way too much to be comfortable co-sleeping)
a port-a-cot
a swingy-hammocky thing (to keep Sprocket amused while we're cooking/cleaning/hanging nappies on the line)
more clothes

All you parental types or those with small nieces and nephews, anything useful I've forgotten? Anything we really don't need? We're going to the Baby and Kids Market when it comes to Coburg at the end of April, so hopefully we can pick up quite a lot of second hand stuff there.


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