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I'm quite sleep deprived. For some reason after yesterday's overnight shift I couldn't get to sleep at all, even though all the sleep I'd had was forty minutes or so around dawn when I'd fallen into a light doze. I gave up on trying at 1pm (I'd been in bed since 10am)went downstairs and made blueberry jam with the berries we'd got at the farmer's market, and made chilli con carne to freeze and take away with us tomorrow, I figure we'll have better things to spend money on than going out to eat, so I want to bring with us as much as possible in an eski.

The lovely [profile] cows_might_fly called me in the afternoon, she and [personal profile] clappamungus are back from Sri Lanka safe and sound, which was a relief as I'd gotten mildly concerned at the footage of floods there. We had a really nice talk, it was great to sit and chat with someone on the phone, it's been ages since I did that with anyone but Mum.
Then [personal profile] nearlyalegume's family dropped by, sans Amy but with her old cat run, which will live in the garage until we get back. I showed Amy's mother and sister around the front of the house, apparently they'd been kept awake by a hoon the night before, so the idea of a house that does not front on to the road had some appeal. (I didn't mention the occasional drunken foot traffic, since it really is occasional. I did mention that it's nearly impossible to get take-away delivered.)

After they left I finally felt tired enough to try sleeping again, and I managed to get an hour in before Seamus came home from work and woke me- not his fault, I was sleeping on the couch downstairs because the bedroom gets all the afternoon sun, so he could hardly avoid waking me when he came in. For some reason though once I was awake I couldn't get back to sleep. We had dinner and watched some tv, before I decided at 9:30pm to give sleep another try. I finally dropped off around 10:30, unfortunately my alarm went off at 11pm so I could get up, get dressed and come back to work!

Despite the lack of sleep, it was a lovely day, and when I get home from work I'll sleep while Seamus prepares the house and packs the car, then it's off to Shorem for five days, whee!!
I'm now caffinated and sugared up, but I'm pretty sure it'll all wear off around 3am, so here's hoping it's quiet tonight, or at least if not quiet straightforward with nothing out of the ordinary so I can work on autopilot if necessary.
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