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From Monay to Friday this week [profile] mc_shamo and I escaped the city and drove down to Shorem, a very small town on the Mornington Penninsula (on the other side from Dromana and Rye, facing Western Port) It was awesome. Unfortunately we forgot the camera :-(


-Rescuing a tiny native fruit bat that had got itself trapped in the house. (Well, Seamus rescued it, I screamed a lot, and then rang the wildlife people for advice.) (In my defence it had been all curled up and hanging from the blind near the ceiling, we thought it was a. either a spider or moth and b. very dead, so discovering when we turned the blind that we had disturbed an alive bat was a bit of a shock!)

-Discovering that Seamus' uncle's house (in which we were staying) had an extensive veggie patch and small orchard with a BLOOD PLUM TREE!!!

-Eating lots and lots of cheese at Main Ridge Dairy and Red Hill Dairy.

-A really excellent lunch at the Red Hill brewery (excellent beer too)

-Shepherding ANOTHER bat out of our room at 3am- no idea how it got in. This bat was not as sick as the first one and was much more fiesty and terrifying (it flew at me while I was in bed, it was in ARM's REACH and ANGRY!)

-Amazing chocolates from Flinders

-Feeding and cuddling animals at the Moonlight Sanctuary and running into JayJay and Evil Sarah from choir who were working there.

-Visiting lots of farm gates for apples, cider, strawberry drinks, ice-cream and occasional friendly dogs.

-A relaxing evening at Penninsula Hot Springs, soaking and enjoying their version of Turkish Baths

-Having to come to a rather quick halt while driving to allow a mother duck and her ducklings to cross the road unharmed. VERY cute.

-Making pizza in the kitchen while looking out the big bay windows and watching the rabbits play in the garden (Disclaimer: Yes, I know, they are pests and vermin and probably the very worst thing to ever be introduced to Australia environmentally speaking. The garden at Seamus' uncle's place looks really British, has a rolling hill behind it with an English style wood and actually has the Irish flag flying, so they didn't look like pests in Australia, more like cute little furry things that went hoppity hoppity over the grass and most importantly WERE NOT BATS. I know, I know, they're horrible environmental disasters, they're just darned cute ones.)

-A fabulous lunch (I sense a theme here) at Heronwood, the property owned by the Diggers Club (an Heirloom fruits/veggies/plants gardening club), followed by a walk around the property and finally joining up as members as we've meant to do for over a year.

-A refreshing dip at Dromana beach just before heading back to Melbourne (the one day it was actually warm enough to swim on our so-called beach holiday- but I think we filled the rest of our time very well anyway!)

I'm so glad we did that. Thanks to the Magee family for lending us the house and thank you [personal profile] rin_tin_tin and Cat for minding our house and garden and cats so we could get away.

I want more of those chocolates...
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