Nov. 1st, 2010 10:48 am
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Really good posts on modern domestic work splits:

On the same topic, I cannot reccommend Chorebuster enough for making sure housework a. gets done and b. is done by everyone evenly. I've been using it off and on since 2006 and always find the house runs better and the people in it are happier while using it.
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9. I'm grateful for cosy conversations with good friends

10. I'm grateful for the rain watering my garden

11. (About some politics at work) I'm grateful I'm well out of it!
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8. I'm grateful I have the next two days off work!
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7. I'm grateful for friendship-produced acts of kindness
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7. I'm grateful that in the past two days I've had at least 24 hour's sleep and seem to hve recovered my sleep debt!
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6. I'm grateful that while reducing and coming off my medication the only side effects so far have been physical and manageable, no paranoia, anxiety or deppression.
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5. I'm grateful for simple tastes. Last night we had home made chips with soft boiled egg for dinner and today for brunch we had an omlette with bacon, potato, sun dried tomato, feta, spinach and herbs from the garden. I'm glad we've stopped eating in front of the television and enjoy the connection and conversation while we eat.
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4. I'm grateful for my aunt Diana, who upon following my facebook sent me books on self sufficiency by John Seymour and Jackie French. I'm grateful she is so thoughtful.
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I've been thinking recently about the idea that everyone has something to teach, or that I can learn something from everyone. I started thinking about it because I was brooding about Eliza (it's her birthday on Wednesday, drat her, and I can't seem to forget the date, which means I think about her every time I look at next week's roster) Two years ago I wrote a post in which I mentioned the things she taught me (mainly- not to be her.) While the lesson she taught me was hard, and was not taught by her willingly (or not with my benefit in mind) I started thinking about all the things friends have taught me that were lessons given willingly and happily for my benefit, whether they were knowingly giving a lesson or not.

This list is not conclusive, and I'll probably come back and add to it many times over the next week.

Things my friends have taught me

Seamus: To love and be loved without fear and with total trust
Andrea: To make bread
Elena: To sing "Sweet Kate" and not be afraid to sing properly in front of a friend
Lisa: To make marmalade
Kitty: To play with harmonies
Helen: To act, to get the very best out of my acting
Shayne: That strong friendships can be formed in a few in depth conversations topped up with ten minute chats
Sarah: To not underestimate my own strength
Eva: That nurture and love and kindness make you shine and are the strongest antideppressants I know
Kate: That conflict can be healthy and even if it's scary it's good to disagree with your partner/family/friend sometimes
Anna (J): To felt and craft with abandon
Erica: That "all that Roman stuff" that comes after the 5th century BC is actually interesting
James: To play beach cricket, even when hungover
Lauren: That survival of evil is not just possible- it's pleasurable
Mark: That route learning has it's place (First declension! Second declension!)
Liam: To eat the skin on kiwi fruits
Hannah: To make potato rounds with eggs for dinner when feeling financially poor and needing comfort food
Michael: To listen and remain calm
Andy: The cryptic crossword is not to be feared
Penny: To make mint jelly and strawberry jam
Penelope: The wonders of tapestry
Molly: That I can think laterally in an emergency (eg. finding an English-speaking chiropractor who makes house calls on a Sunday in Rome? No problem!)
Andrew (Fin): To sign off emails that are between formal and informal "Cheers"
Anna (A-C): To cook 2 minute noodles in a microwave
Rachael: To be more thoughtful and considerate
Daniel (Yeowie): To turn while ice-skating and not fear falling over

No where near finished, but it'll do for present.
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I can't work out how to get that little line at the bottom of my entries saying they were originally posted at Dreamwidth. Fellow Dreamwidth users, can you help?

I am one hour in to a 16 hour shift. So far it's all veeeeery quiet, please send me good vibes so it remains so!

Today I made paneer cheese. The bit I nibbled off the corner tasted good, the rest has gone into a curry, so I guess I'll have to wait until dinner for the final verdict.

Does anyone who reads this know much about Freegans and so forth? I'm intruiged and would like to find out more, particularly from locals.
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After all my good intentions I missed day number 2!

I realised just as I was drifting off to sleep and decided that I'd put it in this morning. And now I have two things to go in at once:

2. I'm grateful for beautiful sunny days when I have a day off
3. I'm grateful that my husband, upon finding out I'd woken with a bad headache, went downstairs and made me a cooked breakfast and tea the way I like it then served them to me in bed.


Oct. 21st, 2010 06:12 pm
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I'm going to attempt to post one thing a day that I am grateful for or makes me happy. I'm pretty sure this has been done before (and a google search brought up some alarming examples linked to "The Secret") but I figure as long as I steer clear of thinking that doing this will produce a magical flying pony just cos I want one I'll be okay.

So, without further ado:

1. I'm grateful for my parents' love.

Glass jars

Oct. 21st, 2010 09:18 am
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Hi everyone,

I'm running low on glass jars again and I'd love it if you'd keep yours for me if you are seeing me soon. All sizes and shapes gratefully received (including jars with plastic lids) as long as the jars themselves are glass.

Thank you!

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Still in Adelaide.

The weather today is not good, so I think today will be an inside day. Yesterday I took Mia for a walk around the neighbourhood and Lucien and I made pizza for dinner, and apart from that I read, played with the baby, chatted with Hannah and that was really it. It's nice to be able to relax and have nothing to worry about except whether to do a puzzle with Lu or watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with him, or sit and amuse Mia with blocks and cars.

Hannah has the sweetest little kitten called Charlotte. Mia loves her, and Charlotte while probably not loving Mia quite so much puts up with Mia-bella's love with good humour. Makes me miss my boys, and of course I miss Seamus a lot, it's the longest we've been apart in three and a half years.

Alright, I'm off to vege with one of Hannah's cookbooks.
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I'm in Adelaide.

I have a gorgeous baby crawling around my feet, Hannah just got back from taken Lu to school.

Everything is very chilled and very relaxed. It is Good.


Oct. 11th, 2010 01:23 am
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I'm not that tech savvy obviously.

Is there a way that I can look at all the blogs I read on one page? And if so, how do I acheive this?
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I've been trying to avoid this topic in the news since it makes me feel so helplessly angry, but it's built up to the point that it is impossible.

For the non-Victorians on my list, after the 2010 AFL Grand Final party for the Collingwood Football Club (The premiers) a woman has come forward alleging she was sexually assaulted.

This has produced the predictable media circus with all the usual suspects mouthing off. As previously stated, I've been trying to avoid it, but one particular comment by ex-footballer "Spida" Everett really got to me: "Girls!! When will you learn! At 3am when you are blind drunk & you decide to go home with a guy ITS NOT FOR A CUP OF MILO!"

OK, this upsets me on many levels. The non-obvious level that really gets to me is this; Where is the scope for friendship between men and women? I know that I personally in my early 20s have been blind drunk at 3am and have taken a guy back to my place (usually it was my place because I was the one who lived in the inner suburbs)and guess what? IT WAS FOR A CUP OF MILO! Or possibly another beer while we sat on my bedroom floor and discussed vast philosophical topics such as Life, Love and whether that spot on my bedroom wall looked more like a flower or a cloud. We watched television, we sat outside and looked at the stars, we decided to load up my music player with songs from the early 90s and sung embarrassingly until my housemate(s) told us to shut up or joined in. And after all that guess what? When I went to bed, they either stretched out on the floor of my bedroom or if still able to they stumbled onto the couch in the lounge. Very occasionally they would make a move, and when rebuffed would take it with good grace, if a little embarrassed, and would trundle off to said floor or couch. If they didn't accept the rebuff with good grace I never invited them back again or dropped the acquaintance entirely, depending on the circumstances.

What shits me is, if ever I made a huge mistake in judgment and one of these encounters had gone very very wrong according to the media beat up it would be my fault for having them in my house. The fact I'd done the same dozens of times with other guys with nothing happening would not prove that this one guy out of many was a dickhead, instead it would prove that I'd let myself in for danger time and time again, and I was just lucky it had only happened this once. Cue side rant about rape protection always being the onus of women and women getting grief for both assuming every man will rape her and for not assuming every man will rape her.

And to all you guys who ever came back to my place for the equivalent of "a cup of milo" thanks for being awesome and being a massive part of my early 20s, and for not making me consider it any more dangerous to invite you back than one of our female friends.
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(Is there a name for it when your fingers seem to be dyslexic? I know what I want to type and how I want to spell it, but my fingers sometimes come down in the wrong order and I seem to be unable to stop them.)

I've had a pleasantly quiet few days this week, unfortunately slightly marred by a throat infection. On Tuesday I visited my grandparents for lunch and a read through of my Grandma's cook book. This book is amazing, it was in her glory box growing up, so it's at least 55 years old if not older. I copied out some of the jam and marmalade recipes and a few of the desserts too. Then I went through her own recipe book, which has things she's written down, recipes from friends and recipes she's cut from magazines. I found the magazine recipes fascinating, if only because of the advertisments around them, apparently Fletcher Jones' new season coats were $15 once. She's also promised me the recipe for pickled cucumber soup (I know it sounds revolting, but it's a Lithuanian dish I grew up eating and it tastes like childhood and is actually quite yummy.) The very best thing was getting Grandad's tomato sauce recipe, another thing I grew up with which he hasn't made in years, I'm looking forward to recreating it come tomato season.

On the frugal front I'm trying to train my hair to need less washing. Right now I've gotten down to once every five days. It looks pretty bad by the last day but it's getting better. I'm hoping to get myself down to once a week and then hopefully after that only doing it once a month or so and whenever it's actually dirty. We have giant bottles of shampoo and conditioner at the minute which we bought from the natural soap place in Castlemaine, but once they run out I'm going to try the bi-carb soda and apple vinegar route.

Another lifestyle change we're trying at the moment is no more veging in front of the television. We've put a throw over the tv to hide it from view. The idea isn't to never watch tv again, but instead to be unable to watch it mindlessly. I actually have to have something in particular to watch in order to go to the effort of pulling the throw off and loading up the dvd player. So far this is actually going amazingly well. I've cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, re-organised the laundry cupboard (which was in desperate need of organisation) made mulled-wine jelly (with partial success), hemmed new work trousers, gone for a walk, read several interesting books, had a nice relaxing bath and have been in bed at a very reasonable hour, all this in the evening hours I usually spend zoned out in front of the television. Now if only I could convince Seamus to get off the laptop as well ;-)

Hmm, what else? I have lemons! One of the Flight Coordinators at work brought me a bag of them, so sometime over the next few days I'll have to make some marmalade. It will have to be done before Tuesday, because on Tuesday I'm flying to Adelaide! Hmm, actually I'll re-state that, I have a ticket to fly to Adelaide on Tuesday with Tiger Air, so I hope I'll be getting to Adelaide on Tuesday!

Oh, one last thing, I'm reducing my medication at the moment, so if there are disruptions to your regularley scheduled Chris I do apologise for the inconveniance and will hopefully be up and running again soon.


Oct. 3rd, 2010 01:11 pm
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Behold my first attempt at making bread all by myself!


Smells great, looks great, slightly less raised then I'd hoped, but I think that has to do with not having a big enough loaf tin and using wholemeal flour. I'm quite proud of them as a first attempt.

Now the best bit, I'm going to tear a hunk off the plait and eat it with Penny's strawberry jam while relaxing on the couch and reading a novel.
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I seem to have fallen behind on my posting.

Life has been very good. [profile] mc_shamo turned 30 last week and we celebrated by spending a night in a suite at the Langham Hotel while gorging ourselves on oysters, champagne, pate, g&t's, scones, cream, pastry and all manner of delights. Then last night we celebrated his birthday again with friends at Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond. There were lots of people, lots of pizza and lots of beer. A wonderful night, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

On the home and hearth front I've been playing with preserves again. A lass from work gave me a bag of lemons from her tree and I used them to make limoncello and lemon cordial. Amusingly, in order to make the limoncello I had to peel the lemons and add the peel to a bottle of strong vodka in a jar. I then had a lot of unpeeled lemons and an empty vodka bottle, so I turned the lemons into cordial and filled the vodka bottle with it. Two weeks later the lemon vodka infusion was ready so I continued making limoncello and poured that into empty soft drink glass bottles. Needless to say I've had to label these very cafefully to avoid mishaps!

I also made my first foray into jelly making after I got a large bunch of mint on special. It turns out that it takes a lot longer than marmalade to set. I thought I'd stuffed it up yesterday morning when it had the consistency of a milkshake, but when I looked at it in the afternoon it was definitely at the mint sauce stage and I was content with that, then this morning I looked again and I had bona fide mint jelly. Tastes really good too.

On Wednesday I went to Andrea's house and she taught me how to make bread. I haven't had a chance to try it on my own yet, but if I wake up and a reasonable hour tomorrow I plan to try it before work.

Last week [profile] cows_might_fly and I went to Penny's gorgeous little place is Hawthorn and helped her shift furniture around to make maximum use of the space and the light. It's a lovely little place and so nice to hear Penny's plans for it, and I can't wait until we own our own home too so we can do that stuff. Penny nicely gave me a jar of strawberry jam she'd made which tasted AMAZING. It was fun to drive there with
Eva too, even if we did get a little lost at the end.

In ten days I'm taking a week off anf going to Adelaide to see
Hannah. I am looking forward to seeing Lucien again as I haven't seen him since he was two, and to meeting Mia, Hannah's baby daughter.

This morning I went to [profile] bar_barra and Kerry Greenwood's book launch in Yarraville and bought more books than I intended, but not more than I wanted. I got to see choir people I'd not seen in ages, some not since 2004. It was awesome to catch up with people and to see so many people I knew happy and smiling and living amazing lives.

Life is very good.


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