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I missed a few Gratitude days, the be honest Monday and Tuesday were kind of downer days, mainly because of work. I think once Seamus is working full time as a teacher I will start looking for the sort of job that doesn't expect you to have no sleeping pattern.

It is my birthday today, I am 27 years old. 27 seems a very respectable number. So far being 27 has involved being picked up from work just after midnight by [profile] mc_shamo, and receiving from him:

1. A bottle of pear cider, or perry
2. A box of chocolates from Koko black, my favourite
3. A very lovely card with
4. A picture of my real present (that will be ready next week) which is MY OWN SET OF ICE SKATES!!!
5. A (few) kisses and a ride home

Then we sat up talking until 1am when I remembered that although I have today off Seamus did not, and had a 7:45 start time, so I declared it to be bed time and have only just woken up.

Now my plan is a stroll along Smith St, then lunch, then deciding where of the many options Seamus has given me to go for dinner. Desert, apparently, will be back at Koko Black as Seamus noticed they had several of my favourite things on the seasonal menu. Creme Brule, lemon meringue pie, blood orange sorbet...yum...
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It's my birthday!

I got up this morning at 5:30 and went for a walk with Seamus along the walking track to the river, we met cats, ducks and birds along the way. Then I got ready for work. I am thinking of hitting the gym on the way home if exhaustion doesn't get me first, anyone interested in a 4:30pm gym session?

Really enjoyed the beach last night, and the crepes afterwards!


Mar. 22nd, 2009 12:40 pm
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Hosted a Buck's night on Friday that kicked on til 6am Saturday.

Woke up at 11am, was provided with Berrocca in Bed by my adorable boyfriend.

Had brunch at 1pm on Racecourse Road with the usual suspects.

Lay in bed and moaned to the cat about my hangover for a few hours.

Had dinner in South Melbourne with my family and [ profile] mc_shamo to celebrate my brother's birthday.

Went from South Melbourne to Northcote and saw the Lucksmiths who played very well and had an awesome set, even if it didn't include T-shirt Weather. I am glad the audience was pumped and receptive (and young! lots of under 20s) because apparently they'd had a bad gig in Sydney the night before that had left them demoralised. This proves Melbourne is superior.

[ profile] fnoo and I nearly had heart attacks when it appeared his car had been vandalised- turns out it was another car the same make, model, year and colour, parked about ten metres from [ profile] fnoo's car.

Got home at 1am.

Got up this morning at 5:50am.

Have been at work since 7am.

Need sleep.

Will be home by 7pm at the latest I think, and sleep shall happen. Possible after some take-away food of some sort.
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There is a puppy crying and crying in a backyard near me. It's loud enough I can hear it from the study. The puppy's owners must be out, either that or they're pricks to keep the puppy out in this weather. Wish i could go find it, I'd just put it in the garage.

In nicer news, I picked up the boots [ profile] mc_shamo got me for my birthday:



Nov. 21st, 2008 07:22 am
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Last night, a whole ten days after my birthday (so I was lulled into a false sense of security) there was a knock at the door. When I opened it I beheld [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] clappamungus, [ profile] cows_might_fly, [ profile] fnoo and [ profile] visible_fred all grinning shiftily. They came inside in a clump and then presented me with

this! )

Isn't it awesome?! I sat and played with it the rest of the night.

Thanks guys, I'm still really wowed and amazed and incredibly touched. You're all fantastic and I don't deserve you (but I'm glad to have you all the same!)
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It’s my birthday! Yaaaaay!

I woke up early so had plenty of time to get ready for work. [ profile] mc_shamo gave me a card and a present; I can go to Vegan Wares and have pretty much any boots made up that I want! Win! I can’t wait to go in on Saturday and look at all the pretties.

Work has been alright today, am hanging out for lunch when I can go sit on South Lawn with friends for a blessed half hour. I still have pad tai from last night to eat, yuuuum.

I've started bidding on a djembe on Ebay, I know some of my friends can play them, if I win is there anyone willing to give me a crash course?

Tonight I will go home, get changed and go out with Seamus to the 100 Mile Café in the city. I’ve never been there but have heard good things.

So, sleepy but happy, generally content with where my life is now and where it’s heading, feeling loved and appreciated by many wonderful people.

This has possibly been the best birthday yet. :-)
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I am home alone today, [ profile] mc_shamo is off rehearsing and then performing. This means he won't be free to go out with me and anyway, we're going out tomorrow night. I have a significant clean-up on my hands after last night's drinks, which were AWESOME! And I don't mind cleaning up a bit, just going to chuck some music on and away I go. However this does rather scuttle any idea of going out for dinner, not that I had that idea in the first place, but it's my birthday weekend (as I have dubbed it) and I'm craving Thai...

Oh dear, this is getting rather bogged down. My point is, does anyone know of a good Thai place in the Flemington/Kensington/Ascot Vale area that will deliver an order of around $20?

I know there is one in Moonee Ponds, but I don't know what their minimum spend is or if they'll deliver the Kensington. It's hard enough to get anyone to deliver to our house since the actual address is a garage and you have to walk around what should logically be the "back" of the house to get to a door.

My plan is to continue flopping about for another hour or so, then deal with the clothes washing, then attack the party detritus. When I get bored/hungry enough Thai food will MAGICALLY APPEAR and I will pop on a dvd (I have borrowed Bride and Prejudice from the library because it looked colourful and cheerful) and consume said food, then continue to clean until the house is in it's normal state of "artistic muddle" rather than "well... obviously a good night!"

By the way, when you read this [ profile] mc_shamo, thank you for giving me such a wonderful night. I know you did heaps both before and during. I love you so very much.

I've had some truly awesome weekends in the past few months, but this is definitely the best yet. I am a very happy and very lucky woman.

25 tomorrow! One more day, one day more!
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I had coffee with [ profile] fin and he gave me a very cute book for my birthday. Andrew, were you perhaps making a point about yourself with it? I could see you identifying with the bear. ;-P

We went to Susie Dee's farewell and I spoke to theatre people and only felt a little out of place, instead of ridiculously out of place. Possibly as I approach my quarter century I am getting better at these things. *shrug*

[ profile] mc_shamo and I took the tram to Richmond and got to Mexicali Rose barely before [ profile] vivienne_aster and [ profile] fnoo. [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] _audhumla_ rocked up and we had an awesome meal. I love mexican food. Especially green mexican!

We went to the Corner and listen to some bands who were... okay. I wouldn't buy their music yet, but they sounded nice. I bought the new Lucksmiths album, and a T-shirt and some fridge magnets. Eva was very nice indeed and when she caught up with him told Tali White (lead singer & drummer, also works with Eva sometimes) it was my birthday and asked him to sign the album for me, which he did. And wrote "Happy Birthday" on it. And I was happy. :-D

The Lucksmiths were awesome again, and it was totally worth being crushed and having my feet trod on (and not much is worth that!). And so far I like the new album just as much as the older stuff. Yay! I want them to have another gig soon! I had one of those wonderful moments while they were playing where I sort of stepped out of myself and saw a very happy young woman, standing between Eva on one side and Seamus on the other, with Michael, Kate and Sarah behind. I was listening to my favourite band, my boyfriend's hands were on my hips which were swaying slightly to the music, and I was catching my friends eyes and grinning periodically. And I thought about how we'd go outside after the music stopped, and say goodbye, and go home, and Seamus and I would be greeted by two hungry cats, we'd feed them then head upstairs and fall into bed together, with the cats warming our feet. And I thought "Man, I have the best life ever."

Today I am cleaning the house and preparing for some drinks tonight. This birthday weekend is going brilliantly so far, and it's not even my birthday 'til Monday!

I think I'm going to like being 25 when it happens.
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This struck a chord:

I was such a soft touch
You solved your problems with a pout
I’ll never forget you
Or let you back inside my house.
You misread me.
The Guild League

I suppose it can’t be helped. I’ll always remember your birthday, because it is exactly two weeks before mine.

What I would give you if I could: a sense of worth (both your own and other people’s), a sense of proportion, a sense of duty, a sense of dignity, a sense of shame, a wish for fulfilment, a wish for help, the ability to ask for the help you actually need as opposed to the help you want, a wish to compensate for the pain you caused, the ability to recognise the pain you caused, the ability to live your actual life as opposed to the fantasy life in your head, courage.

The more I think about life the more I’m convinced that this is it, as far as this plane of consciousness goes. I don’t think there is reincarnation, or if so not in the straightforward form usually thought of, rather more a gathering of conscious into a life, not always exactly the same conscious that may have previously made up a life. Nor do I think we retain this level of consiousness in any afterlife that may exist, I'm not sure whether consiousness increases or decreases or does something completley different, but I can't see how it could stay the same. Anyway, I digress (I’m good at that). My point is, if this is all there is on this level, you are squandering your time. Instead of making this life the most beautiful and exquisite you could for yourself and for your fellow humans you are ripping it down, locking yourself in a cage and watching jealously those with the courage to walk free. Your jealousy means that if it's in your power you try to rip down not only your own life but the lives of those who come in contact with you. Because you refuse to leave your cage you don’t gain what those outside cages gain; the ability to achieve fulfilment. You think it provides protection when it actually locks you into your own personal hell and makes it easier for your nightmares of being alone and unattended and unwanted to get in. You have the ultimate fear of failure that stops you trying so you can say that had you tried you would have succeeded, you fear failing at life.

I hope you’ve quit smoking.
I hope you’ve cut down on drinking.
I hope you’ve stopped eating so much junk food.
I hope you’re getting more exercise.
I hope you’ve faced up to your actions.
I hope you’re currently working to repay at least the financial pain you caused.

While I hope this I can see you in my mind, on your verandah, a cigarette in one hand, a glass of wine in the other, some chips or pies on the table, in a comfortable chair, loudly denouncing me and those I love to whoever it is you’ve currently managed to con. Either that or you’ve moved on to another imaginary crisis you’re using to make your “friend” stay loyal, because deep down you fear that without your imaginary crises you just don’t have the skills any longer to hold someone’s interest in a friendship. They’re probably sitting there quite uncomfortable, and if you’ve had them in your clutches long enough for your initial charm to wear off they’re probably wondering how long they’ll have to stay to keep you happy.

I can’t give you any of the things you truly need, and I never could. Anything you need now has to come from within. It is all in there, I wish you'd manifest the desire to find it.

Through everything, you did bestow on me one true gift, and it was the only gift you didn’t know you gave; I know I never want to be you. I will never let my love of storytelling blow out into slanderous lies. I will never let my need of approval and love become a grim competition with anyone else in the life of my friends or partner. I will never let my partiality for fun and pleasure tip me into a life of complete excess. I will never forget the value of things; whether those things be material like food and clothes, or intangible ideas like love, friendship and trust. I will never again not try because I am scared of failing.

I’ll never forget you.

Or let you back inside my house.

Happy 25th birthday.
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