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Our cats have been acting up. They didn't like us going on honeymoon and Puck started spraying to mark his territory again, and got really anxious. Loki (according to the vet) got confused by this signal and last night they had the worst fight I've ever witnessed between cats. They drew blood from each other (and from me when I tried to separate them) and we had to shut Puck up in the study overnight so Loki couldn't get to him.

Today we took them to the vet (cause, y'know, we've got so much spare time at the moment...) and Kathy checked them over. Puck is back on Clovicalm (kitty valium) and we have two Feliway diffusers going, one upstairs and one down. We're to watch Loki and if he continues to attack Puck in a really violent way (they're similarly aged cats of the same sex living in a relatively small space- they fight all the time, never before like this though) Loki will have to be put on Prozac. Also if we are out we have to separate them for the next few weeks, so at least one of them will have to be in the study a LOT over the next few days while we are at Seamus' father's funeral and with family. We'll rotate them of course. But it will still suck.

Kathy says it's possible Puck will always have to be on Clovicalm if this is his reaction to a change in lifestyle, especially such a minor one (it's not like we boarded them at a cattery while we went away, Anna very graciously agreed to move in to our house while we were away- they know and like her, they never even missed a meal). This will be a bugger, because he didn't react that well to it side effects-wise, he got very fat and quite anxious about food, as well as being (even more) lazy. However it will be better to have a fat happy cat who has the munchies than a scared unhappy cat at a healthy weight. We will definitely have to put BOTH of them on Clovicalm for at least a month before we move house (which will happen some time in the next two years) and have Feliway saturating the new house, and probably we'll have to knock them out for the journey...

Diffucult, difficult little boyos.
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I awoke abruptly this morning when Loki decided to jump from the shelf over the bed head, at least a metre above where we sleep, directly onto my back. Thanks puss, you twerp.

Went to Pump for the first time in a week and aquitted myself without too much embarassment (though because of my feet the amount of weight I can do on the shoulder tracks is pitiful, pitiful!) It was fun to have a posse, I was there with [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] _audhumla_, I hope we can do that more often.

I spent the rest of the middle of the day on domestic duties; supermarket shopping, cooking and replanting leeks. I changed the kitty litter but determinidley ignored the dishes.

I have discovered that the organic skincare I won at the expo last week is quite divine. This is how they get you, they entice you with freebies then get you hooked! so I'm thinking maybe the money I was saving up for a dayspa can instead be spent on their other products which I can use at home... By the way, if interested the website for the skincare stuff is here.

Am now at work, and it's shaping up to be one of those nights...
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I was getting dressed for work this afternoon and had just pulled on my jeans but not done up the fly. Puck reared up on his hind legs and, purring like a maniac, dug his claws into the waistband. He seemed surprised when they came down.

"Oi" said I and picked up the still madly purring bundle, "I'm trying to get ready" I was facing the mirror in our bedroom and thought I saw a pimple on my cheek, so moved closer to the mirror to inspect. I was happily mistaken, no pimple in sight. I looked down at the cat in my arms. Puck had ceased purring and was staring into his own reflection, making a noise somewhere between a growl and a yelp. I put him down "It's you, you dolt" Puck moved forward slowly- so did his reflection. He really did yelp when he saw the "other cat" advancing and scarpered, hiding on the other side of the bed, where he stayed until I'd dressed and was leaving the room.

Clever cat.
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Loki had to go back to the vet again. Poor little dude. He is okay, but I was warned quite gently that he may not be a terrifically long lived cat. He may only be around for a few years (if anything else goes wrong with him they can't operate again- too much scar tissue and trauma ad so forth)

But on the bright side he right now he is happy and healthy and purring on my lap. :-)

Now how'm I going to get up and cook with this little guy wanting attention?:

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This is the story of how I got a $140 jacket for $20.

I went inot ISKA yesterday, the highpoint store. I went to Highpoint as I have noticed that the Highpoint store often has mach better sales and much better items in their sales than the Carlton store- probably not too surprising considering the different socio-economic factors. Also I needed teaspoons and there is a Big W in Highpoint, there is not a Big W on Lygon St.

My original idea was to purchase a long winter skirt, alas these appear not to exist this season (mid calf my arse, I want the hem to brush the toes of my docs!) I then saw this really lovely high collared black jacket, handmade and fitted. More to the point, fitted for someone like me with broad shoulders and a small waist. It was marked down from $140 to $50, and I had the $30 gift voucher [ profile] vivienne_aster had very kindly gifted me. There for i paid $20 for a very lovely jacket that I'm sure I will practically live in this winter.

And for those of you not at all interested in clothes or bargains, here is a kitten:

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Today I was having a nap before heading to work, Loki decided he wanted to cuddle, which was fine excpet he kept putting his paw over my face and waking me up. I kept moving the paw. On about the fifth time I sighed and said "Hildegard, stop it" Then I woke up properly as I realised what I'd said, Loki was giving me a confused look.

I still miss her.
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Three minutes after this was taken for no reason at all he extended claws, slashed my thigh, panicked at my yelp and ran upstairs. Bless.

At least it means I can concentrate on the essay.
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If you live even remotely near my area and have a pet I could not possibly reccomend Kensington Vetinary Clinic more highly. I know their website is a bit dodge, but they are the best vets I've come across ever.

Yesterday we took Loki in, who was floppy and uninterested and behaving like he wasn't well, with a possible obstruction in his intestines (stupid bugger ripped up and swallowed a "Make Poverty History" charity wristband). The vet, Kathy, looked him over and kept him for a few hours to X-ray. As soon as he'd been through she rang me to tell me what the x-rays showed; nothing in his tummy or intestines, but a problem with his lungs which was probably why he was running a fever and unwell (he was actually hot to touch, poor little mite). When I went in to collect him about 20 minutes later they brought him straight out to me then asked if I'd wait to speak to Kathy. Kathy took me into the consulting room and actually showed me the x-rays and explained them, and admitted she was a bit stumped as to what was causeing the problem (problem being a solidified something-or-other). She suggested a course of anti-biotics and said to bring him back in a week for more x-rays.

She just rang me then, so just less than 24 hours later, because she said she' been up last night thinking about Loki and worrying and just wanted to find out how he was going. She seemed very glad to be told the anit-biotics seem to be helping (he was alert this morning and interested in breakfast, yay!) We then had a bit of a chat about Loki and about Puck (by the way, Puck came from that vet, and they've given us over $300 of free vet care and medicines for him during the last six months, just because he was one of "their" kitties) and then she double checked timing for Friday and rang off.

All this makes me feel very good indeed about the care my boys are getting there. Loki will be in good hands on Friday :-) So yes, if you have a pet and are living in the inner north-west of Melbourne, Kensington Vets are awesome!
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I'm at work, in the comfy chair, full of pasta and milo. Apart from taking three calls in two minutes (and don't people get snippy when they've called an emergency service and get put on hold?) I've not done terribly much. Currently I have Mary Poppins on the flatscrren in the office- best of a bad bunch tonight I'm afraid, and they're nearly up to the chimney-sweep bit.

Yesterday I went to the wedding of [ profile] nearlyalegume and [ profile] directorratbag. It was fun, and lovely and very them :-) I particularley enjoyed the piniata in the shape of a wedding cake, and So Long and Thanks For All The Fish, and catching up with people I get to see less and less. It was also nice to see St Mary's church again, my father did some of his training there about 15 years ago. The priest remembered me (though didn't recognise me til I introduced myself) and it turns out Dad knows some of [ profile] nearlyalegume's relatives.

Today I took Loki to the vet as he still seemed unwell. There is something wrong with his lung, vet in unsure what it means, but he had lots of X-rays today and has anti-biotics (that [ profile] mc_shamo says are huge) and will have to go back on Friday for more X-rays. Possible pneumonia, possible asthma, definite chest infection, possible something else. Poor little kitty :-(

I keep forgetting to ring the doctor and make an appointment for myself. Must do that. Actually, I keep forgetting a lot of stuff right now.

Hee! Chim-chiminy chim-chiminy chim-chim-cheree! Oh Dick Van Dyke, you can't do a cockny accent to save your life. :-)

[Edit]My auntie was right, watching this movie as an adult it's incredibly disturbing how little contact these children get with their parents.
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Blah, tired. But I'm glad I did the stuff I did on the weekend!

Friday night I went to the gym on my own, on the downside it was a little lonely and there was no one to chat with, but on the upside I was able to keep really focussed and/or drift off inot my own world. Then [ profile] _audhumla_, [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] clappamungus came over and watched Press Gang with me. I think we're just into the third season now.

Saturday I went to a pro-choice rally, which was fun, and interesting. I don't think I'm a socialist, but I find myself on the same side of the fence as them quite often these days. I picket up a copy of a radical feminist magazine, which I'm sure I'll get around to reading soon.

Afterwards I had lunch and hung out in the city with [ profile] greenpea33 who came to the rally with me, and [ profile] mc_shamo rocked up.

At about 4pm I said goodbye to [ profile] mc_shamo who was goingt o check out our theatre space at Trades Hall. I headed off to Port Melbourne, met up with [ profile] impostinator and went to her place via an awesome organic/health shop of serious awesome, where I spent far too much money on tea and chocolate. I'm glad I don't live as near it as [ profile] impostinator does, I'd be permanently broke! However, I'm glad it's near her place so I can pop in whenever I'm around :-)

We had dinner with [ profile] impostinator's dad and [ profile] mc_shamo at a cosy little Japanese place. Tempura, yuuum!

Sunday was a bit of a scramble. Puck wet our bed (again... sigh) so I fished my sleep on the couch. Seamus had a shower as Puck had been on his side of the bed. I woke up when he went out to meet his dad, and I spent the morning dealing with laundry, trying to get as much of it done as possible (particularley the bedding, since thanks to Puck we'd completely run out) and doing housework until Andrea came over with some props for Lysistrata. These props are long, red, latex and, well, alright yes, they're strap-ons. They look hilarious! If she ever reads this, Andrea, you did a fantastic job making them!

[ profile] mc_shamo sister kindly drove us to the city and we got to go into the Arts Centre and rehearse. Omniprop in the Arts Centre! Wow! We did our first full run of the play. I hate first full runs of plays, but that's ok, because everybody hates them, they have to be done!

After rehearsal I was meant to meet up with my parents but they piked, so I convinced [ profile] vivienne_aster that a trip to the gym would be a good thing to do with our Sunday night (mind you, I really had to twist Kate's arm on that one...) and came home afterwards pleasantly exhausted, flopped on the couch, complained loudly and often to [ profile] mc_shamo about my sore throat and cuddled up to him to watch Midsomer Murders before bed.

About the sore throat, my body is under strict orders not to sucumb to sickness this week, next week there is a strong chance I'll be unemployed, at least for a few days, so it can get sick all it wants then.


Aug. 21st, 2008 12:30 pm
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I'm bored and I can't breathe, but this is damn cute.

Photos of Cats, taken with mobile phone, therefore of questionable quality )
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Unfortunately, my body seems to be having some issues in the breathing department, brought on by a combination of asthma, allergies and coughing up random yuck from my lungs.

So today I am at home.

Still planning on rehearsal tonight, as not much can keep me from strutting my funky stuff.

Looking out the window, I guess my body picked a good day to pack it in, I'm going to hunker down with the heater, kittens, dvds, my Lysistrata script and some macaroni cheese.

Oh yeah Cat Update:

They're fighting constantly, but do not seem to be actually doing each other any harm, nor do they seem to be trying to. Seamus thinks it makes sense if you think of humans at the equivalent stage of development. Basically, what we've got is two 16 year old boys.

Puck had an accident on our bed, which was annoying, but is starting to become more affectionate, and easier to cuddle. He seems ok with being approached in the study or bedroom, but still is very skittish anywhere downstairs. I'm sure once the whole house feels like it's his he'll be just fine.


Nov. 8th, 2007 09:14 pm
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A kitten just wandered into [ profile] mc_shamo's loungeroom randomly. She is very cute. She let me pet her. Now she is outside with Seamus and seems quite content.


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