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This is the first chance I've had today to relax a bit, it's been quite busy at work.

Yesterday [profile] mc_shamo and I took his mother to visit his father's grave and then to the Collingwood Children's farm for the farmer's market, which provided a nice contrast. There were kids! As in, baby goats! They were very cute and it was obvious after a little while why we nickname small children with the same name.

We got home, packed away the shopping and then headed over to [profile] impostinator's house with a picnic basket, combined it with her picnic basket and she, Oscar, Seamus and I went to the St Vincents Gardens for a lovely picnic, then wandered up to Jock's Ice Creamery where I got a chocolate milkshake with gingerbread flavoured ice cream. Yum yum yum.

In the evening [profile] mc_shamo and I walked to [profile] jpom40's house via Cafe Legender for awesome bbq pork bao and spent a relaxing half hour with James and his wife Katie chatting and eating spanokopita before everyone else rocked up (everyone else being [profile] vivienne_aster, [personal profile] clappamungus, [profile] cows_might_fly, [profile] _audhumla_ and [profile] rage_dc) to make4 it a proper pub gathering. Unfortunately we were the first to leave as I started work early this morning.

So, an unremarkable day, but one full of sun, friends and food. Very nice.
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Today Seamus found he unexpectadley had the day off. We celebrated by having haloumi on toast with marmalade for breakfast, I went out to buy it while he did the vacuuming. After a lovely prolonged breakfast we headed off to the post office so he could submit his uni application and I could send some mail I've been meaning to send for a while. We then went into a little homewares shop and bought ourselves a few things we needed plus a present for friends who are engaged (and I think we've picked something original and- I hope- useful.) Last shop was a junk shop where we bought cd folders galore.

Upon arriving home we went upstairs and put cds and their booklets in the folders. This took a while, but now we no longer have a pile of cds in the study and all the pirated cds and dvds are hidden away. Win! Also, I looked through dvds Seamus had pirated before we lived together and discovered a few I really wanted to watch. Consequently when we sat down to lunch we did so in front of Shrek 2, and I still think that human Shrek looks just like Seamus :-)

After the film we decided to wander down to Verb and grab coffee and just relax in each other's company, it was really nice. Then we got home with enough time for me to check the mail (and discover two Book Depository books!), collect the cd cases into a box to be op-shopped (I was going to just put them out to be recycled, but apparently people pay money for cd cases, so I figure the op shop can have them, unless anyone here is interested?) grab some dinner and had in to work.

And considering the shift so far, I'm glad I got the nice relaxing day before!

Day off tomorrow! No Seamus unfortunately during the day, but looking forward to partying the night away!
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I am:
Well rested,
In my only pair of and rarely worn trackie daks (link for the non-Australians on my flist),
Having a day off

I have:
Non-arduous household chores,
Yoga instructions,

I'm going to enjoy this.


Jan. 20th, 2010 09:45 am
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Due to my roster, my wish to see the Guild Leage and other things I am in the unenviable position of working four days straight, having one day off and then working another four days straight (including Australia Day- public holiday pay FTW!) To make up for this my Friday, my one day off? It will be LUDICROUSLY RELAXING AND INDULGENT. And involve a lot of petrol use unfortunately, but as my bike is going in for a service tomorrow it cannot be helped.

The Plan:
Sleep In
9am: Wake up, have breakfast, shower, wear comfy yet nice clothes.
10am: Drive to Toorak
10:30: Attend oesteo apointment with the lovely Raya
11:15: Drive to Abbotsford Convent
11:30: Go for a wander around the convent, maybe also duck in to the Collingwood Children's Farm
12noon: Eat lunch at Lentil as Anything or the other little cafe at the convent, taking my time and reading the new book I will have purchased the day before.
1:15pm: Drive to Northcote
1:30: Meet up with cousin for a cup of tea and a chat
3:15: Drive to Williamstown
4pm: Have a massage, footbath and facial at Endota Spa and revel in the relaxation
5:30: Drive Home
6:30: Change clothes, possibly go out for dinner somewhere.
8pm: Be at Northcote Social Club to see the Guild League
After: Go for a drink/coffe somewhere then go home for (hopefully) a good night's sleep before starting work again the next day.

This is a nice plan, I like my plan.

By the way, anyone who wants to join me at the convent is more than welcome!
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I worked a lot last week, and as a consequence have the two days before Christmas off!

I've done all my Christmas shopping already, but it will be good to have time to wrap and label properly and get a few other things done.

Plan for tomorrow:

Load car with stuff for charity bin
Drive to gym and dump stuff in their charity bin
Do some sort of gym thing, maybe swimming
Drive to Coles
Pick up the last of the shopping (forgot the kitty litter again!)
Do a tidy up upstairs and clean out the cat's tray
Do a rather more vigourous clean up downstairs
Possibly do some cooking for the next few days if it's not too hot.
Put feet up and read a book
Make a tasty and healthy dinner
Curl up with boy (and optional cats) on couch and have egg nog and mince pies

I am looking forward to this a LOT.
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Yesterday was awesome.

Woke up earlyish for a non-work day, hit the shower, shovelled some bircher museli down the gullet and walked down Macaulay Road to meet the lovely [ profile] vivienne_aster for coffee at Elevenses.

These days when I say I'm meeting someone for coffee what I actually mean is "generic non-alcoholic beverage- usually warm" becaue for some reason coffe these days makes me feel ill. So I sat with my pot of tea and Kate had her coffee and we chatted for an hour or so until [ profile] mc_shamo came down and picked me up. We made a quick stop for supplies at SAfeway then headed to the zoo.

The last time I went to Melbourne Zoo the animals were still in the little cages. I was really really glad to see them in proper sized enclosures that mimicked their habitats in the wild. I think my favourites were the orang-utans, though the gorillas were also pretty cool. Since it was such a warm day most of the animals were keeping cool by sleeping in the shade. The Canadian brown bear looked like he was having a good time. He'd got into the water in his enclosure and was swimming about, throwing himself on his back over and over. Oh! And a meer cat tried to dig his way to freedom, but was stopped by concrete once he hit the side on his enclosure. We picnicked near the carosul and watched the penguins playing.

We had a look at the zoo's Sustainability information and discovered you can actually buy... well... they've politely called it "Zoo-Gro" but I think it's probably better known by the name we gave it of "Zoo Poo." We bought a large bag of it for a our front lawn, soil enriched with pygmy hippo and monkey poo here we come, exotic!

When we left I still had a bit over an hour before I had to be anywhere, and we were both flagging a bit, so we decided to continue with the animal theme and have coffee at Animal Orchestra near uni, then we walked to Lygon court so I could check out the new EcoWear shop. I was very restrained (mainly cos I'm broke) and walked out only with a pair of fisherman's pants and a cotton bag to put them in. Definitely saw somethings I want when I'm more flush with cash though!

Seamus dropped me off in the city where I met up with [ profile] cows_might_fly to do some of the last minute shopping for her wedding and generally catch up, which was stacks of fun. We caught the tram together and then I walked the rest of the way home. Seamus texted to ask if I was still in the city since he and [ profile] rin_tin_tin_ were there for rock climbing and wanted to say hi, but as I was ten minutes from home I declined.

Since he is awesome Seamus had set dinner marinating before he'd left in the morning, so all I had to do was bung it in the oven and collapse infront of the television for an hour (Glee- I'm hardly ever home when it's on, but if I am it's enjoyable trash). I decided to have a bath to soothe my muscles (the day before I'd done spin and balance at the gym, then I'd walked about 6 hours all up including the zoo and the city) with lavender and bath salts. Yum.

Seamus came home while I was in the bath, ate his dinner, then suggested we go out and get some Mountain Goat and drink it in the backyard since the weather was so nice. I thought this sounded great, so put off gaoing to bed in order to do it.

When we'd sat ourselves down in the backyard we heard plaintative whinging mewing from inside. So I got up, got Loki's harness and leash and let him come out for an explore. Puck hates the harness and freaks out when it's put on him, so he doesn't come outside at all, but Loki doesn't mind it, I think his curiosity overrides any discomfort!

It was such a nice, relaxing day, without being a bludge day physically. The original plan was to go to Healesville Sanctuary, then I wrecked the car and we had to opt for a slightly more frugal microbreak, but I don't think the day could have been any more perfect any other way.
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Yesterday was pretty awesometastic.

I woke up at about 8:15am, nicely rested. Seamus and I got up, dressed and were out of the house by 9am. We went to Ceres and woke up properly over coffee and orange juice, then a big breakfast each. My God, the beetroot relish was heaven. I love early morning breakfast as Ceres, it's fun to watch the kids running round and the dogs playing :-)

We made out way up to their farm market and bought our fruit and veggies for the week, and ducked into the organic shop for honey and yoghurt. It was fun waiting in line for the fruit and veggies, I watched the chickens and goats and sheep milling around in their enclosure and smelled the wonderful food being cooked nearby.

I had a quick look around the not-food market and bought a second had shirt (because clearly I don't have enough clothes) then joined Seamus in the nursery where we umm-ed and ahh-ed over two different tomato plants and then decided to get both.

By this stage it was nearly half past eleven, so we hopped in the car and drove to East Melbourne so Seamus could go to work. I had a chat with the librarian who reccomended a new (to me) author's books after I told her what I liked and so far I'm very impressed (Donna Leon Suffer the Little Children) If anyone is interested these days my relaxing reading is gory crime novels by middle-aged female British ex-public servants. It's a bigger field than you'd suspect, including Minette Walters, Val McDermid and Lindsey DAvis who is the least gory but the most funny, and she writes books set in Flavian Rome that are by and large historically accurate- what's not to love?

I bid Seamus farewell and drove home, unloaded the shopping and the books, decided that before I hit the housework I'd lie down with a book and... fell asleep for three hours. Ooops! So, gym kinda didn't happen, instead I raced through the housework and went down to Tonik to confirm my booking for my birthday and pay the deposit. When I came out who should I run into but Seamus on his way home from work. We went to the supermarket to pick up supplies for dinner, then came home. I made up some vanilla and berry puddings for dessert and Seamus set himself up for making Moussaka.

Eva and Shayne came over at about 7:30pm for dinner, which was lots of fun. Oysters and lemonade and wine and Moussaka (which was AWESOME!) and pudding and good friends and conversation, perfect! Then we all piled in the car and headed over to Lisa's for the last ever Kent st pub.

Kent st was the last sharehouse I lived in and the last of the MUCAAS sharehouses, so it was a little sad to know it was going to stop being a MUCAAS house. I slipped out the back to the veggie patch to talk to my kitten, Menelaus, who is buried there, and I was surprised that I started crying. I am still upset about his death and wish I could have prevented it, but it's impossible to keep a cat inside that house with the windows the way they are he was always going to get out, and he had a good eleven months, and his death was quick.

Seamus came out and stood with me, and told me not to be silly when I said I was embarrassed to go back inside. he brought me tissues to wipe my eyes and blow my nose and we went back in. I'm glad I talked to him one last time and said goodbye. I just wanted him to know that I couldn't come by anymore but that I'll still think of him and love him.

The rest of the night was great, people were talking and laughing and having fun. It was a smallish gathering, but very very nice. I drove Eva home and got to play with Jezebel and Albert the dogs before heading back.

Today involved sleeping in, wandering down the street for tea, getting a few supplies we forgot yesterday and then coming to work. So far this shift is going alright.

I think I might go have another cup of tea...


Oct. 23rd, 2009 07:49 pm
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I have a Saturday off tomorrow, without having pulled a double the day before (well, I'm working 11 hours today straight but shush), without having an essay due next week, without a major house/family thing to do. I am looking forward to it immeansley.

Here is what I plan to do with my day:

Sleep in til at least 8:30am
Go out for breakfast at Ceres
Go food shopping, maybe at the market at Ceres!
Catch up on the housework I missed today
Potter in the garden
Go to a Pump class at the gym
Eat a marvellous moussaka for dinner prepared by my fiance
Go to the last ever Kent st pub

Okay, it's not the most exciting day in the world, but it sounds like bliss to me!
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Tomorrow I have a Day Off!

I plan to:

-sleep in
-make a nice breakfast
-catch up with people if and when possible
-have a picnic in the park, or just eat my lunch outside
-attempt to get my classes changed to what they are meant to be this semester
-price textbooks
-have a beer on campus to recover from price of textbooks and to wallow in nostalgia (anyone want to join?)
-have a nice dinner with my boy
-possibly go rock-climbing, but probably not as feet are still stuffed
-probably go to the gym

This is a happy list.
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Sure I could be doing the dishes. I could be cooking dinner. I could have cleaned the lounge room.

But playing with this, and this, and this and finally this...

is a lot more fun!
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Today I:

-went to the nursery to get another pot to transplant mint and bought some french Lavender (even I can't kill that again, I hope, and I want to build my confidence with hard to kill plants before being too adventurous)

-went to uni and spoke to UHT, then went downstairs to the info desk and signed Trackers up for the Union House Box Office ticketing system

-went into Aussie disposals to enquire about borrowing a tent for Trackers, should be doable, manager to get back to me within the week, yay!

-went to priceline to replace some make up

-met my cousin for lunch near her work

-went to DFO and bought a new sheet and qult set made from 100% natural cotton in the hopes that it will feel nicer on my skin and be all round more comfy

-went to the fruit shop on Racecourse rd and bought zucchini and rhubarb and releived them of two of their styrofoam boxes. which I plan to fill with potting mix and plant veggies in

-went to the supermarket and bought string and garden rubbish bags

-walked home with all this stuff in the rain

-tidied our bedroom, which took over an hour because we are not the tidiest couple in the world

-put new sheets and quilt set on bed

-organised internet banking stuff

-posted to lj

Still to do:

-reply to [ profile] nealyalegume's comment

-re-pot mint

-fertilise plants

-bag some of the garden waste

-meet up with Helen and go through the Omniprop store (which is in our garage, so not too hard to get to!)

-Make dinner

-Get an early night

-spend tomorrow relaxing

Day off!

Jul. 24th, 2009 06:42 pm
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Today I finished work at 7am. I came home and collapsed into bed until 11am. Luckily [ profile] mc_shamo had the day off too! We had french toast for breakfast while I wrote out a massive shopping list an then we went out for errands.

We bought a herb garden! We went to the nursery on Macaulay rd and bought Italian parsley, mint, thyme, coriander, lemongrass, rosemary, oregano and chives. These are the herbs we cook with the most apart from basil which does not seem to be in season. We also bought two wide shallow bowl-like pots and some potting mix so out garden will be portable.

From the nursery we went to the Queen Vic market for meat and fruit and veggies, which was fun. Then we went to the supermarket for the non-fresh items we needed. We came home, packed the shopping away and divided tasks: Seamus made a beautiful soup while I planted the herb garden and tackled the Mountain o' Dishes.

After lunch (which we had at 4pm) my night at work was catching up with me so I went upstairs to sleep. Which is kinda what I've been doing ever since (and reading in bed during the day- one of my favourite guilty pleasures!)

Now Seamus is downstairs feeding the kittens and I'm planning on taking a nice relaxing bath before eating dinner and getting ready to go our with good friends.

Such a lovely day, I'm so glad I swapped my shifts around.
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This is to remind me to do stuff when I get home from the market.

1. Call Raya's office and make an appointment.

2. Call various charities to which I donate and ask for some sort of receipt for last financial year.

3. Charge phone


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