My Weekend

Jul. 19th, 2010 07:43 am
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-Sleep in,
-Baked cake,
-Light housework,
-Played with cats,
-wrote in card,
-"wrapped" present (tied a ribbon round it),
-Made dinner,
-car pooled with [ profile] vivienne_aster who has been away, yay!
-Will and Rose's engagement party
-"Twistmas in July" dancing at Trades Hall (WAY too crowded, but still fun for a little while)

-Sleep in,
-Queen Vic Market,
-Jam doughnuts for breakfast,
-Early afternoon nap,
-Made dinner,
-Iced cake,
-relaxed with a book while Seamus mopped and vacuumed
-Made wasabi bread (like garlic bread but with wasabi butter)
-Parents and brother came over, nice dinner,
-Cleaned up and reassembled table after dinner, then relaxed with book and cup of tea and jazz cds
-Worked overnight, did two hours of paperwork but didn't receive a call

Friends, family, baked goods, nice house, not-much-work= pretty darn perect weekend.
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I spent most of yesterday unconscious and in bed, when I wasn’t unconscious I was buoyed up by pillows, entertained by Youtube and surrounded by snotty tissues, queen of all I surveyed.

The most entertaining moment, albeit not the least stressful moment, was when I had selected an old AbFab episode to watch and settled down, glanced at my left hand and saw… just that, my left hand and and only my left hand, no sheen of gold, no sparkly diamond, just an expanse of pink skin.

“SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!” screamed the easily panicked side of my brain as I tossed pillows and sheets with gay abandon, “How long has it been missing? Where is it? What if it’s been gone for ages and I’ve not noticed? Seamus will kill me and I will cry a LOT and he won’t want to be with me anymore because I didn’t take care of it and everything is going to CRASH AND BURN!” “Calm the fuck down” soothed the slightly more reasonable side of my brain, “you’ve not left the house in 24 hours, you were definitely wearing it last night, on the infinitesimally small chance you have lost it Seamus will NOT hate you, he just may be understandably upset. Finally to quote the great Homer Simpson ‘It can’t go far, it has no arms’”

Within two minutes I had located the missing item at the bottom of my handbag, I’d scrabbled around in it in the vain hope of finding a Strepsil about an hour earlier, it must have slipped off then. I was so relieved I had a nap to celebrate.

I really hope that incident is never repeated, it was quite enough excitement for one engagement!
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Friday night we crammed as many people as possible into our house, then crammed in as many people as weren't possible and had a party to celebrate our engagement. It was a lot of fun. Thank you to all who came, in particular to Mark who made a surprise visit having come down all the way from Canberra, to Anna the awesome who came despite being in the middle of hideous sounding Law exams, and to ex-housemate-Penelope who came despite having had a major operation. I had a wonderful night, was left at the end with a vague feeling of disappointment and guilt because I'd not managed to spend quality time with everyone (actually, with anyone) but I think that is the nature of hosting a large party, and I imagine the wedding will be even worse. All in all a fantabolous night, and one from which I had a milder form of hangover having stuck to mulled wine most of the evening and only derivating the once with a glass of champagne. I think my highlight of the night was when Seamus asked Ed, Dave and Shayne to be groomsmen- they all seemed quite chuffed.

Saturday we had a hangover breakfast with the more or less usual suspects then came home for a snoze before I went to work. Weirdly that was when the worst of my hangover actually hit, it was like it had a delayed onset or something. Still, it wasn't too bad, and I got through my shift with relative ease.

Sunday was awesome. We took a train into the city, got off at Spencer st and checked in to The Grand Hotel. It was a very nice room with a fantastic use of space. We dumped our overnight bag and headed out to catch the 3pm matinee of Avenue Q!

I can honestly say that Avenue Q was the first big-budget musical I've seen in my adult life that I've thought was worth the price of the ticket (I realise this may cause some of my friends to jump up and down in outrage but Wicked and Spamalot and that Johnny O'Keefe thing? ALL A RIPOFF! And I'm glad that I didn't pay to see any of them- working at Ticketmaster and having friend into musical theatre helps). Avenue Q was fun, still witty, well acted, well choreographed and the set wasn't just there so people could go "Wow, look at the set, it must have cost a lot" it was actually justifiable in my opinion and intergrated well into the action (Wicked's set i did not feel was justified, I would have preferred a cheaper set and the remaining money to be spent on acting lessons for the cast) I went in expecting to be disappointed as I'd been told by friends who had seen it in the UK that it wasn't that great live and was very pleasantly surprised (it makes me wonder about the UK cast- everyone I know who saw it in the US loved it, Everyone I know who's seen it here loved it, but the four or so people I know who saw it in the UK didn't). So yes, I came out with a big smile on my face, the soundtrack in my handbag and a song in my heart- best not to ask which song :-)

We had a nice earlyish dinner at Tsindos on Lonsdale st which was amazingly yummy, then headed back to the hotel where we indulged in a room service cheese platter and relived our highschool years by watching Nicolodeon on Foxtel- which seems to show nothing late at night but mid to late 90s cartoons.

Woke up this morning in a very comfy bed and had room service breakfast. A tip for anyone else staying at the Grand Hotel- one of their "Grand Breakfast"s will feed two people- in hindsight we should have just got one and an accompaniment and shared. Still, really good food!

We left via the lounge where we had tea and relaxed in the big leather armchairs, then slowly and pleasantly made our way home.

I definitely think I needed that little microbreak, and definitely plan to do something like it again!
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Back on St Patrick's day, or the day of the Left of Crazy gig at the Old Bar (however you best remember it) I woke up feeling breathless and called in sick to work. I then went in the study and checked my emails. [ profile] mc_shamo came inot the study, chatted with me for a bit, then said something about not likeing keeping secrets from me and slipped a ring sizer on my finger. I was somewhat speechless, which as many people know if a very uncommon occurence for me. He then told me that he was getting a ring made for me with a diamond and rubies and rose gold, but it would take some time. We decided to keep it quiet until I had the ring. I'm not very good at keeping happy secrets :-/ That day became one of the happiest I've ever experienced.

Last Friday we went out with my parents to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Before we left I mentioned that I thought it would be nice to tell my parents we were engaged that night. I then found out that Seamus had thought I'd like to do that and though the real engagement ring was (and is) still a few months away the lovely boy had ordered an "interem ring" but unfortunately it had not yet arrived! I thought this was incredibly sweet, and told Seamus the story of my mother's engagement ring (she can't wear it- she's allergic!) and we decided ring or no ring to tell Mum and Dad that night.

My parents were ecstatic, Seamus' Mum was pleased, his sister is excited (and will be doing the photos on the day as a wedding present!) my brother texted half of Werribee before I could stop him by saying that I hadn't told MY friends yet and my cousin cried on the phone. I was reminded of Jane Bennet actually, in the way I felt. The exact line escapes me at the moment, something like "To know what I have to impart will bring such happiness! How can I bear it?" And my parents are pretty much happy for us to do things our way, though as I had predicted to seamus they instantly veto-ed my idea of wearing my docs on my wedding day. :-)

So, later this week you shall probably see me sporting a very pretty diamond ring, and some time later in the year I shall probably very excitedly post about the real ring arriving ;-) I did try to upload the design, but it's not working on the work computer, I may put it up some time tomorrow. It is absolutley gorgeus, it is being hand made, and the jewels were all hand cut over a century ago. It's also being made in the most environmentally friendly way possible. :-D


Very happy.
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...which is no longer a secret!!!!

Check my mood.

:-D :-D :-D
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This post yesterday? It was because two of my closest friends and favourite people in the world are getting married! I knew but it was supposed to be a secret, but now they've decided to let everyone know, so I'm allowed to as well, hurrah!


Congratulations [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] clappamungus!!!!!

Although, you've only been together 10 years, are you absolutely sure you've thought this through? ;-P

Love you both!


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