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Today Seamus found he unexpectadley had the day off. We celebrated by having haloumi on toast with marmalade for breakfast, I went out to buy it while he did the vacuuming. After a lovely prolonged breakfast we headed off to the post office so he could submit his uni application and I could send some mail I've been meaning to send for a while. We then went into a little homewares shop and bought ourselves a few things we needed plus a present for friends who are engaged (and I think we've picked something original and- I hope- useful.) Last shop was a junk shop where we bought cd folders galore.

Upon arriving home we went upstairs and put cds and their booklets in the folders. This took a while, but now we no longer have a pile of cds in the study and all the pirated cds and dvds are hidden away. Win! Also, I looked through dvds Seamus had pirated before we lived together and discovered a few I really wanted to watch. Consequently when we sat down to lunch we did so in front of Shrek 2, and I still think that human Shrek looks just like Seamus :-)

After the film we decided to wander down to Verb and grab coffee and just relax in each other's company, it was really nice. Then we got home with enough time for me to check the mail (and discover two Book Depository books!), collect the cd cases into a box to be op-shopped (I was going to just put them out to be recycled, but apparently people pay money for cd cases, so I figure the op shop can have them, unless anyone here is interested?) grab some dinner and had in to work.

And considering the shift so far, I'm glad I got the nice relaxing day before!

Day off tomorrow! No Seamus unfortunately during the day, but looking forward to partying the night away!
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I awoke abruptly this morning when Loki decided to jump from the shelf over the bed head, at least a metre above where we sleep, directly onto my back. Thanks puss, you twerp.

Went to Pump for the first time in a week and aquitted myself without too much embarassment (though because of my feet the amount of weight I can do on the shoulder tracks is pitiful, pitiful!) It was fun to have a posse, I was there with [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] _audhumla_, I hope we can do that more often.

I spent the rest of the middle of the day on domestic duties; supermarket shopping, cooking and replanting leeks. I changed the kitty litter but determinidley ignored the dishes.

I have discovered that the organic skincare I won at the expo last week is quite divine. This is how they get you, they entice you with freebies then get you hooked! so I'm thinking maybe the money I was saving up for a dayspa can instead be spent on their other products which I can use at home... By the way, if interested the website for the skincare stuff is here.

Am now at work, and it's shaping up to be one of those nights...
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Today I:

-went to the nursery to get another pot to transplant mint and bought some french Lavender (even I can't kill that again, I hope, and I want to build my confidence with hard to kill plants before being too adventurous)

-went to uni and spoke to UHT, then went downstairs to the info desk and signed Trackers up for the Union House Box Office ticketing system

-went into Aussie disposals to enquire about borrowing a tent for Trackers, should be doable, manager to get back to me within the week, yay!

-went to priceline to replace some make up

-met my cousin for lunch near her work

-went to DFO and bought a new sheet and qult set made from 100% natural cotton in the hopes that it will feel nicer on my skin and be all round more comfy

-went to the fruit shop on Racecourse rd and bought zucchini and rhubarb and releived them of two of their styrofoam boxes. which I plan to fill with potting mix and plant veggies in

-went to the supermarket and bought string and garden rubbish bags

-walked home with all this stuff in the rain

-tidied our bedroom, which took over an hour because we are not the tidiest couple in the world

-put new sheets and quilt set on bed

-organised internet banking stuff

-posted to lj

Still to do:

-reply to [ profile] nealyalegume's comment

-re-pot mint

-fertilise plants

-bag some of the garden waste

-meet up with Helen and go through the Omniprop store (which is in our garage, so not too hard to get to!)

-Make dinner

-Get an early night

-spend tomorrow relaxing

Day off!

Jul. 24th, 2009 06:42 pm
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Today I finished work at 7am. I came home and collapsed into bed until 11am. Luckily [ profile] mc_shamo had the day off too! We had french toast for breakfast while I wrote out a massive shopping list an then we went out for errands.

We bought a herb garden! We went to the nursery on Macaulay rd and bought Italian parsley, mint, thyme, coriander, lemongrass, rosemary, oregano and chives. These are the herbs we cook with the most apart from basil which does not seem to be in season. We also bought two wide shallow bowl-like pots and some potting mix so out garden will be portable.

From the nursery we went to the Queen Vic market for meat and fruit and veggies, which was fun. Then we went to the supermarket for the non-fresh items we needed. We came home, packed the shopping away and divided tasks: Seamus made a beautiful soup while I planted the herb garden and tackled the Mountain o' Dishes.

After lunch (which we had at 4pm) my night at work was catching up with me so I went upstairs to sleep. Which is kinda what I've been doing ever since (and reading in bed during the day- one of my favourite guilty pleasures!)

Now Seamus is downstairs feeding the kittens and I'm planning on taking a nice relaxing bath before eating dinner and getting ready to go our with good friends.

Such a lovely day, I'm so glad I swapped my shifts around.
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This is to remind me to do stuff when I get home from the market.

1. Call Raya's office and make an appointment.

2. Call various charities to which I donate and ask for some sort of receipt for last financial year.

3. Charge phone
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I need to leave for work at 1:20pm or so (I am REALLY hoping I get my license next week, it will mean I'll have to leave at 2:30 from now on!) and Things Must Be Done before this:

-dishes Though having just cooked there are now more dishes to do...
-make stew with remaining vegetables in order to a. have room for the veggies coming this afternoon b. not be wasteful c. continue to feel thrifty and virtuous and d. have something to eat
-clear out bottom of wardrobe and organise clothes (MAMMOTH task!)
-cancel the Ge Care credit card will Loki's vet bill on it as is all paid off CANCELLED! HELL YEAH!!
-Deal with the cats' litter
-Ring a certain agency and inquire about the work they do Am waiting on a call back from the correct person who is currently in a meeting
-attempt to borrow a book from Flemington Library for uni


So, I was thinking, I have a doctor's appointment at 5pm on Friday at Lygon Court. After that I'd like to see Let The right one in at Nova. They don't have session times yet so I'll update this evening with exact timing. I thought depending on when the movie is on I'd have dinner before or after the movie with anyone who was interested, probably just as Papa Ginos or somewhere equally inexpensive. So, let me know if you'd like to go to the film and/or to dinner. It'd be fun to catch up with people.

Right-o, time for a shower!

Health update: Still not sure what is going on. Cats do NOT appear to make things worse, however their litter does, as does dust, as possible does something I eat. Have now paid for air purifier and should receive it by May. Also am on prednisolone which while not being the wonder steroid it usually is still pumps me so full of energy that I feel like someone has just injected extra concentrated caffeine straight into my veins.

[Edit] Got a respectable amount of that done with three mins to spare. Go me! Off to work now.
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Am less grumpy now.

Will head into the city and run errands, then be back here by three to play with the face of the lovely [ profile] princesslaurene.

I have not mentioned it enough recently, but I have a boyfriend who rocks, the night before last I stumbled in after rehearsal (and after a very stressful 15 hour day) to find a wonderfully tasty dinner waiting on the bench for me. When I had consumed said dinner I was presented with a bowl of ice-cream and lychees. I was allowed to relax, talk play stuff, be cuddled and then go to bed (where I found I couldn't sleep and lay saring at the celing for an hour, but that is not his fault). Next morning i still felt exhausted, so he brought me my breakfast in bed. Yay. I can't believe how spolied I am by him, especially considering we're no longer in the beggining stages. I am lucky.

[Edit: Fuck the errands. I'm going to go grab lunch but that is it. Just worked out ow much there is for me to do here]


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