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Beloved man, beloved tomb
Beloved one we buried
Aidonaios, bring him up,
raise him, Aidonaios
the undead lord Darius


It's a fun play.

No matter how many times I do this stuff, I never know how it is I remember lines. I don't know any tricks, and I'm bad at learning them by route. it just seems that one day they're not there, and the next they are.

Unfortunately I've missed rehearsals through being ill and can't afford to wait for the magic moment this time, so am learning by route. I'm glad I've been left alone at work so I can at least say the lines out loud.

I've started a new fun project by the way, which I hope will really take off in earnest after this performance. I've decided to finally sit down and watch a bunch of movies that i feel I should have seen by now, me being me, but either haven't or saw them when I was too young to "get" them. I am also incorperating into this films that are on now. I started this a few days ago and plan to just make a note of what I've seen occasionally to keep track. Anyone who wants to reccommend something please feel free, also I may be putting stuff here more often about seeing films, so anyone who wants to join me in my endeavour is more than welcome!

Kung-fu Hussle (Funny, and awesome cartoonish violence)
Låt den rätte komma in (Let the Right One In) (LOVED it! If you've not seen it and you love a good horror go see it on the big screen)
Meet Me In St Louis (Not much happens, but it's pretty and colourful and has Judy Garland in it singling the trolley song)

I've got a bunch of dvds at home which I hope to make my way through in the next week, then more coming after that. I like this project, I think it will be fun!
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Still on for tonight, as Loki is recovering well (and could probably do with being left alone).

See y'all there!
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I need to leave for work at 1:20pm or so (I am REALLY hoping I get my license next week, it will mean I'll have to leave at 2:30 from now on!) and Things Must Be Done before this:

-dishes Though having just cooked there are now more dishes to do...
-make stew with remaining vegetables in order to a. have room for the veggies coming this afternoon b. not be wasteful c. continue to feel thrifty and virtuous and d. have something to eat
-clear out bottom of wardrobe and organise clothes (MAMMOTH task!)
-cancel the Ge Care credit card will Loki's vet bill on it as is all paid off CANCELLED! HELL YEAH!!
-Deal with the cats' litter
-Ring a certain agency and inquire about the work they do Am waiting on a call back from the correct person who is currently in a meeting
-attempt to borrow a book from Flemington Library for uni


So, I was thinking, I have a doctor's appointment at 5pm on Friday at Lygon Court. After that I'd like to see Let The right one in at Nova. They don't have session times yet so I'll update this evening with exact timing. I thought depending on when the movie is on I'd have dinner before or after the movie with anyone who was interested, probably just as Papa Ginos or somewhere equally inexpensive. So, let me know if you'd like to go to the film and/or to dinner. It'd be fun to catch up with people.

Right-o, time for a shower!

Health update: Still not sure what is going on. Cats do NOT appear to make things worse, however their litter does, as does dust, as possible does something I eat. Have now paid for air purifier and should receive it by May. Also am on prednisolone which while not being the wonder steroid it usually is still pumps me so full of energy that I feel like someone has just injected extra concentrated caffeine straight into my veins.

[Edit] Got a respectable amount of that done with three mins to spare. Go me! Off to work now.
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It made me happy.
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[ profile] mc_shamo is out tonight, I am still recovering from illness. I decided on the way home to browse at the library and see if I could find some entertainment.

I came across a DVD of 16 Candles. I've never seen this film. I liked The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink so I figured it was a good film to watch while on my own and able to indulge in 80's teen nostalgia.

Oh my God it was crap.

No, really crap.

Not the "crap so it's funny crap".

Just Crap.

For the record, the following things I do not find funny:

-Racial stereotyping
-A Person of colour being considered funny only because they are a person of colour
-Being given a girl character to hate for no reason other than she is going out with the main char's crush and is pretty and blonde (c'mon, it at least helps to have her sneer or kick a puppy)
-A guy having sex with a girl who is too drunk to consent and thinks he is someone else, that is rape

I want my 90 minutes back.
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I want to see this movie as soon as possible. i know I'll probably be dissappointed, I know I'll probably come out wating my money back and feeling like they've attacked my childhood- I don't care, I'm going.

I've decided that if five of the following seven lines are included, I have to at least be content:

Max: Good thinking 99

Max: Sorry about that cheif

Max: Don't tell me the something something something
99: Something something something!
Max: 99, I asked you not to tell me that!

Max: Missed it by that much

Max: Cheif, I demand the cone of silence! (This is MANDATORY!)

Max: *Makes grandiose claim*
Bad Guy: I don't believe you
Max: Really? Well, would you believe *makes slightly less grandiose claim?
Bad Guy: No
Max: How about *not grandiose at all, but usually still not true claim*

Max: Say there buddy, I hope I wasn't out of line with that crack about *whatever insult he used before overpowered*

Hopefully I get a chance to see this movie on the weekend, maybe Sunday night...
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On Wednesday I saw Sweeney Todd with [ profile] fin. I enjoyed it a lot. We then went and had a drink and got some food, also much fun.

On Thursday [ profile] mc_shamo and I had dinner on Degraves st then met [ profile] fin and went to The Butterfly Club which was AWESOME. ([ profile] thekit, I'm really sorry you were too sick to come too!)

Yesterday I met up with [ profile] mc_shamo, [ profile] rin_tin_tin_, [ profile] mise_en_abyme, [ profile] _audhumla_, [ profile] rage_dc and [ profile] degsie and we saw the 20/20 cricket match at the MCG. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. :-)

Today I've organised Stuff, spoken to St George Bank and been a bit annoyed, and read a book. I'm about to head out to [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] _audhumla's birthday picnic, hopefully this will cure my annoyance.

Loki was a terror this morning, I am glad he is obviously completely comfortable in this house now, he happily ran all over it, jumped on the bed and attacked our feet before racing out of the bedroom again. Now he is passed out exhausted on the chair in the lounge-room. Cute baby.
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So, here I am, in the study, staying awake! Yup, no falling back asleep for me! I'm going to sit here with my coffee and look at jobs until 9am, when I will start getting dressed and head over to the gym to meet [ profile] vivienne_aster by 9:30 for a work-out. Because I am disciplined, yesiree.


The past few days have been pleasant apart from what I now think was a bout of hayfever yesterday. Sunday I went to the cinema and saw Enchanted which was a lot of fun, I wasn't going to bother with it as I thought it was just another Disney romantic comedy, but then heard good things about it from [ profile] vox_diabolica and [ profile] jpom40 and [ profile] mc_shamo wanted to see it, so I decided to give it a go. I'm glad I did, it was good value. We went Gold Class at Crown, which was awesomely awesome. The cheese platter was great, my coke came in a glass and [ profile] mc_shamo called me short because the seats were so big and comfy my feet didn't touch the ground.

Monday I worked in the morning, then saw my psych in the evening. He commented that I seemed much more relaxed and vibrant, this can only be a good thing!

Tuesday I went to the Queen Vic Markets with [ profile] vivienne_aster and after i'd done the boring fruit and veggie shopping we had fun poking about, looking at clothes and leather stuff and watches. I only bought one top, and it was off the $5 rack, this is pretty good for me at the moment. Due to being a miser all last year, and quite frugal for a few years before that, I had gotten to the point where if I didn't buy new clothes and accessories the ones I had were going to disintergrate. I think I've spent about $300 since Christmas, which is a lot for me. Still, I've bought jeans, sandals, two casual tops, one nice top, a leather wallet, a red leather handbag (which is my current favourite thing), socks, gym shorts and tracksuit pants. My parents also gave me a new set of runners. Hopefully all this means I won't need to buy anything for a while! (Except a skirt, if I can find a mid length skirt that is not full of ugly and would be suitable for work as well as casual wear my wardrobe will be complete!)

Yesterday I spent feeling headachey, generally achey and sleepy :-( I think it may have been hayfever and possibly over-doing it at the gym the night before (I think we stayed for 2&1/2 hours all up). still I feel much better today!

Wish I could hide at home today instead of going out in the heat, but my Dad asked me to have lunch with him in the city. It's been a very long time since he wanted to just see me on my own without my brother, and I don't think I'm allowed to resent being lumped in with my brother all the time if I turn down my first opportunity to see my father on my own that I've had for a year or so, am I?

Besides, afterwards I can go to the lovely air-conditioned DFO at Spencer st and look at skirts...
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I am at work. It was very boring until 9pm when the supervisor left and I was able to crack out my book.

The last few days have been fun, Boxing Day I braved the sales and bought new socks, new jeans, two new tops, new gym shorts ([ profile] fin? Remember those navy shorts you gave me? I've been using them as gym shorts for ages, and as painting short, and wearing around the house shorts, and walking to the cafe shorts...) and new flat leather sandals that are appropriate for work. Since I've been running out of clothes that fit and are not ripped/stained/faded I'm very happy with my purchases. In the evening [ profile] mc_shamo came with me to see The Golden Compass Very quick evaluation, contains Spoilers )

Thursday morning I worked, then went to visit the kittens, who were very very cute for the few seconds during which they stopped hiding under the fridge.

Friday I went with [ profile] mc_shamo, his mum, uncle and grandmother out to Bayswater for their big family Christmas thing. It was fun, his family can cook (funny that). It was nice seeing small children running around at Christmas, with one exception my cousins are now too big, they prefer sitting in the playroom and watching dvds. We didn't get home until after 8pm. I sat and watched American Dad with my brother while [ profile] mc_shamo played Lord of the Rings.

Today we got up early enough to beat the heat (a bit, sort of, as much as possible) and had breakfast at Lomah's (by the way, any of you ever in the Union Rd type area, go to Lomah's, it's pretty cool) we came back and got cracking on some serious lounging. I actually fell asleep with my nose in my book until I was abruptly awoken by [ profile] mc_shamo's phone. After some lunch and more lounging we went to the gym where we met [ profile] vivienne_aster and all felt rather unfit (Damn you, Christmas!). Kate very kidly drove to Newmarket where I got some dinner from the supermarket, then got on a train and came in to work. Where I am now. Typing this. I'm bored.

Tomorrow there shall be yoga, then two meals out as [ profile] mc_shamo's dad has claimed lunch and my parents have claimed dinner. Then Monday I'm working a full day then coming home and helping [ profile] mc_shamo set up for the MUCAAS New Years party, then forgetting everything about being a good host as soon as the first guests arrive and I have a beer in my hand (at least, that is what usually happens when I help with parties). On Tuesday I have a day filled with...nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. No family stuff, no work, no errands or shopping...nothing. I'll probably read, play with the internet, try to get my half of the bedroom into some sort of order, if my brother has it back of my cousin watch Scrubs... it sounds very, very nice. :-D


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