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This morning I got to sleep in until 9am. Seamus and I both had the day off. We breakfasted together and then hit the garden. We recently bought a bulk lot of mixed vegetable seedlings, so this morning we planted most of them out in containers while listening to the whirring of helicopters overheard and highlights from Mozart's operas playing on our stereo. We now have tomatoes, capsicums, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, butter beans, chillis, basil, lettuce, carrots, silverbeet and onion in the back yard. We're very raw beginners, but I'm sure out of that we'll manage to grow SOMETHING!

Planting out took a few hours and we got quite dirty as we were using a mixture of cheap potting mix, very expensive potting mix and the compost in the bottom tray of our worm farm. Our timing was great, just as we finished the last of the fiddly jobs the rain that had been spitting on and off turned into a downpour, so we ran inside and watched with glee as our seedlings got a soaking.

We washed our hands thoroughly and I got on with baking our bread for the week while Seamus prepared lunch. We had a "couch picnic" which included pate, goat's cheese, crackers, olives and the mulled wine jelly I made a few weeks ago. After lunch we sat at the table and talked about anything and everything while we prepared the box of artichokes we'd bout at the Farmer's Market for pickling and cut up old fruit for the food dehydrator (which is the best toy EVER.)

After that we went upstairs for a few hours and ended up falling asleep. We woke at 6:30pm and I got dinner together while Seamus attacked the weeds in the front yard. I'm rather proud of the meal I made; baked salmon on a bed of pureed potato, parsnip, pumpkin and garlic, with a small green side salad. We decided we'd had such a lovely day it warranted champagne and got out the last of the bottles we were given for our engagement, a 2003 Chandon blanc de blanc, yum.

Now I'm still sipping said champagne while Seamus does the dishes, then we'll either play some chess or watch Love's Labours Lost in which case I'll make popcorn.

Yay! Seamus just voted for Shakespeare, so popcorn it is!

All in all, I have to say:

12. I'm grateful for the best Cup Day I've ever had.


Oct. 3rd, 2010 01:11 pm
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Behold my first attempt at making bread all by myself!


Smells great, looks great, slightly less raised then I'd hoped, but I think that has to do with not having a big enough loaf tin and using wholemeal flour. I'm quite proud of them as a first attempt.

Now the best bit, I'm going to tear a hunk off the plait and eat it with Penny's strawberry jam while relaxing on the couch and reading a novel.
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Today I made mince pies. 46 of them. My god they were fiddly. Fun though!

That pretty much took up my whole day until I left for work.

Yup, excitement.

My Weekend

Jul. 19th, 2010 07:43 am
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-Sleep in,
-Baked cake,
-Light housework,
-Played with cats,
-wrote in card,
-"wrapped" present (tied a ribbon round it),
-Made dinner,
-car pooled with [ profile] vivienne_aster who has been away, yay!
-Will and Rose's engagement party
-"Twistmas in July" dancing at Trades Hall (WAY too crowded, but still fun for a little while)

-Sleep in,
-Queen Vic Market,
-Jam doughnuts for breakfast,
-Early afternoon nap,
-Made dinner,
-Iced cake,
-relaxed with a book while Seamus mopped and vacuumed
-Made wasabi bread (like garlic bread but with wasabi butter)
-Parents and brother came over, nice dinner,
-Cleaned up and reassembled table after dinner, then relaxed with book and cup of tea and jazz cds
-Worked overnight, did two hours of paperwork but didn't receive a call

Friends, family, baked goods, nice house, not-much-work= pretty darn perect weekend.
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Today Seamus found he unexpectadley had the day off. We celebrated by having haloumi on toast with marmalade for breakfast, I went out to buy it while he did the vacuuming. After a lovely prolonged breakfast we headed off to the post office so he could submit his uni application and I could send some mail I've been meaning to send for a while. We then went into a little homewares shop and bought ourselves a few things we needed plus a present for friends who are engaged (and I think we've picked something original and- I hope- useful.) Last shop was a junk shop where we bought cd folders galore.

Upon arriving home we went upstairs and put cds and their booklets in the folders. This took a while, but now we no longer have a pile of cds in the study and all the pirated cds and dvds are hidden away. Win! Also, I looked through dvds Seamus had pirated before we lived together and discovered a few I really wanted to watch. Consequently when we sat down to lunch we did so in front of Shrek 2, and I still think that human Shrek looks just like Seamus :-)

After the film we decided to wander down to Verb and grab coffee and just relax in each other's company, it was really nice. Then we got home with enough time for me to check the mail (and discover two Book Depository books!), collect the cd cases into a box to be op-shopped (I was going to just put them out to be recycled, but apparently people pay money for cd cases, so I figure the op shop can have them, unless anyone here is interested?) grab some dinner and had in to work.

And considering the shift so far, I'm glad I got the nice relaxing day before!

Day off tomorrow! No Seamus unfortunately during the day, but looking forward to partying the night away!
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Yesterday I had a full day off, all to myself! I decided to catch up on things around the house, the main one being cooking.

I set myself a budget of $50, which I exceeded but only by about $7. I bought mainly vegetables from the local green grocer, then two lamb shanks, 500gms of lean mince and a bacon bone from the butcher, a loaf of bread and 4 small dinner rolls from the bakery and some coconut milk and lemongrass from the asian supermarket.

On reaching home I immediately turned on the slowcooker and made a lamb shank stew, main ingrediants lamb shanks, onion, lentils, potatoes, pumkin, carrots, beans, red wine, canned tomatoes, assorted herbs and spices.

I then set the largest pot we have up half full with water and put it on the stove over a low heat. I threw in the bacon bone, some pearl barley and dehydrated beans and put the lid on. I got out the second largest pot and only filled it about two inces deep with water, then put in lemongrass, ginger, galangal, lime leaves, garlic and chilli. I put that over a low heat with the lid off and kept an eye on it till it reduced by an inch, at which point I turned off the heat.

I made up a bolognese sauce in a third pot and left it to simmer for about an hour, then let it cool.

I cut into large chunks onion, garlic, potato, pumkin, carrots, zucchini, green beans and red capsicum and threw them in with the bacon bone along with a can of tomatoes and some herbs, then I left it to get on with becoming soup on it's own.

I cut up quite a lot of veggies for a stirfry, then put them all in one of my bigger freezable plastic boxes. I poured the reduced thai herb mix over them and sprinkled fresh coriander over that then put the lot in the freezer. When we defrost it we'll just have to throw it tin the wok with coconut milk and be done!

Once the bolognese was cool I made up two lasagnes like dishes. One was a normal straight lasagne, the other differed in that instead of pasta I put in a layer of eggplant, then of sweet potato, then zucchini with mushrooms scattered through. Both of these went into the freezer.

Lastly I made a veggie curry with whatever veggies were left and some lentils, then waited for that to cool and froze it in one-person sized portions, on it's own it will be a good lunch and with rice it would be substancial enough for dinner.

The above took me about four hours, not a bad way to spend a stormy afternoon.

Once I'd cleaned up the kitchen I headed upstairs and started on the bookshelf in the study. Both Seamus and I had kept all of our uni readers, but we did pretty much the same subjects (just three years apart) so I got rid of the doubles (mine- because I wouldn't throw out seamus' stuff without permission) and voila! We have shelf room! I then did a quick ransack for anything op shoppable. We'd only done that a few months ago so there wasn't much, but I still found a few that missed the last cull. I then gathered everything that I could see that needed to be recycled in a pile on the floor. Once the pile reached my chin I started carrying it downstairs to the recycle bin, swearing at the cats along the way who were hyperactive and trying to trip me on the stairs.

I did not quite finish taking the pile out before having to leave the house, so some of it is still on the floor of the study ([Unknown site tag]? It's the pile on the floor behind the computer chair if you have time).

I headed out into the storm to collect Eva and we had a rollicking good time at Go Go dancing. Dancing definitely improvess my mood and I think it will be incorperated into all future plans to fight winter blues. We swung by Fitzroy to pick up Seamus from work then dropped Eva home and gorged ourselves on lamb shank stew and apple pies.

Today I visited my cousin for tea and cake, then when I came home I finished fiddling with the bookshelf. Most books are now grouped by author and also vaguely by genre, and the pile'o'crap at hand level when sitting at the computer has been obliterated. Also dusted the damn thing and gave myself an asthma attack, but hey, that's what ventilon is for, right?

Now I'm back at work today and tomorrow, and already looking forward to saturday as my next day off!
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Thanks to KFL supermarket on Racecourse rd and my Coordinating doc's lovely wife my meals at work today have looked like this:

Breakfast: Mee Goreng

Morning snack: Orange cake (made by the afore-mentioned Mrs Wenzel)

Lunch: Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce
Flat noodles with prawns

Afternoon snack: Pork Bao

How very civilized!
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I finished work yesterday at 8am. I was feeling quite awake and hungry, and I knew [ profile] mc_shamo had the day off, so I rang him and arranged to meet him at Verb (our local awesome cafe) for breakfast. I was slightly late, due to coming out to the carpark to find our car completely iced over. Good Lord it was cold!

After a very yummy breakfast and a long nap we headed out grocery shopping. I had a craving for Tom Kha and chicken satay, so we hit KFL on Racecourse road, a big Asian supermarket. Unfortunately they were fresh out of fake chicken (I refuse to buy non-freerange chicken but alas can not often afford it- so fake chicken is the go) so we wandered over to Safeway where we ran in to [ profile] mousebane and Will and were able to point them in the direction of KFL, which they had not known was there. We also got fake chicken, woot!

Once home I chucked the stock, water, lemongrass, chilli, lime leaves, garlic, ginger and galangal in a pot and let it boil up to make the tom kha broth while I curled up with Nemesis, the new Lindsay Davis noval (I finished it this morning, unlike the last two it's actually very good but very dark).

After soup we headed out to the Incinerator Art Complex to see a play called Black Face White Mask, it was an amazing experience. Written by an Englishman and a Vietnamese man working very closely for over a year with a group of about a dozen local youths, mostly African, one white, one Afgani, and one I think Italian or Greek. It was about growing up black in Australia, Melbourne in particular (most of the action was set around the Flemington flats). It was well written, though it did kind of peter out at the end. It was also incredibly funny, and the young people in it were obviously very invested in it. I really hope they get a chance to put it on again. I think with a bit of polishing it would make a great Fringe show.

We got home, had the satay and polished of an amazing chocolate tart of awesome each, then after a day of not-much I was so exhausted I went straight to bed and slept through until 7:30am this morning.

This morning I was treated to pancakes a la [ profile] mc_shamo before he had to go to work. I then attacked the pile of detritus that is our computer desk. It took a very long time, some impromptu filing, a hunt through the recycling for tin cans able to become pen holders, some serious dusting and scrubbing and two episodes of Miss Marple on youtube (so conveniant when working on the computer desk!) and we now have a desk so clean and clear you could eat off it if you were so inclined. I finished up with a satisfied sigh, looked at the time and swore likea trooper as I hurled myself in the shower, through the bedroom for clothes and kitchen for food and out the door to get to work.

So far tonight has been pretty quite, the strong wind means we can only fly south, and as Melbourne is basically at the southern edge of mainland Australia this is not terribly helpful. However, apparently if we did have to go to Tasmania we'd get there really really fast.

So, all you Victorians on my flist, take care of yourself tonight!
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*Yawn* *Stretch*

Today I was awake by noon, and found a text from [ profile] _audhumla_ asking if I was home and if she could pick up her mail ([ profile] mc_shamo had been collecting it while she and [ profile] ragedc were in Vietnam). [ profile] _audhumla_ and I ended up on a joint trip first to the op-shop to drop things off (and she agreed that is does feel really good and cleansing getting rid of things!) then to Aldi for groceries. It was fun, and great to hang out.

Speaking of op-shops and recycled clothes places, can any of my Melbourne friends reccommend a place to take really good vintage stuff? I have a bunch of things from when I was about 18 that no longer fit, but I'd hate for them to go to a common or garden Vinnies where they will sell them for $3 (no kidding- that is what one of the dresses cost me, and it's a Jean Paul Gautier). I don't particularly care about making money off the clothes, I'd just like to make sure they go somewhere where they'll be appreciated.

When I got back from Aldi I started dinner. I was very proud of this dinner because it worked quite well, so I will record it for posterity here. First I put a tablespoon of bush tomato infused olive oil into a saucepan with a teaspoon of crushed garlic. Once sizziling I added 500gms of lean beef. Once beef was browned I added a can of diced tomatoes and about a teaspoon each of powdered cinnamon, cloves and basil, and half a teaspoon of chilli powder. Last I stirred in a few nuggets of frozen spinach and let that melt, then put the lot in the fridge to cool down.

While the meat was cooling I grated a large handful of tasty cheese and a large handful of parmesan and added this to about 200ml of cooking cream and a dash of milk, then I added about a teaspoon of lemon rind to the mix as well.

Once the meat was cool I got out a deep baking tray, sprayed it with oil, cut up a sweet potatoe into 1cm rounds and spread them on the bottom. I then scattered sliced mushrooms and oregano to make another layer, I ended up with 1 layer sweet potato, three layers mushrooms, two of meat, two of the cheesy sauce, one of eggplant and one of capsicum, then topped the tray with any leftover veggies (mainly sweet potato and eggplant). Just before I left the house in the evening I put it in the oven any turned it to about 160 C for two hours.

I also poured a bottle of wine into the slow cooker, turned it to "Warm" (which is not actually meant to be a cooking temperature, it just keeps already cooked stuff warm) halved an orange, studded it with cloves and bunged it in along with some cinnamon sticks and star anise. I then melted half a jar of honey in the microwave and pured that in too. I left it on "Warm" for about four hours and it came out great.

Before dinner [ profile] mc_shamo, [ profile] cows_might_fly, [ profile] clappamungus and myself all went dancing again. This week we learned the Charleston, which was awesome fun, and I think a little easier than the Lindy Hop. I've noticed a definite lift in my mood after dancing class, so thing they will become part of my strategy to defeat the winter blues.

[ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] clappamungus came over for dinner after dancing and seemed to enjoy my concoction, then [ profile] mc_shamo and I cudddled on the couch and discussed travel plans before I had to leave for work, and here I am!

A good day in all, here's hoping for a quiet night!
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I've started making my own yoghurt.

It's pretty good! And this time I'm trying flavoured yoghurt for the first time- I threw some berries in to two of the little jars. I hope it works.

One of the guys called in sick for the overnight, I was the only one able to take the shift. Luckily I only got two calls, so for the last five hours I got paid overtime to sleep. :-)
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I have to write this down juuuuust in case I forget. If anyone else likes the sound of it they're more than welcome to give it a go!

The thing I often crave in times of stress is a hot jam doughnut. This goes back to my childhood, when my cousin Emily and I would spend hours on summer afternoons at the beach, in the water, usually on our boogie boards. When my aunt Judith finally managed to tear us away it was almost always with the promise that we could have a (few) jam doughnuts from the caravan that sold them at the park just up from the beach. These were, if not made to order, so popular that the rate at which they turned them out made them feel made to order. Piping hot rings covered in a cinnamon sugar that had a similar texture to the sand still around our mouths, punctured in three of four places by a sauce bottle filled with red jam. I have tried recreating this, and when desperate have even gone to the service station, gotten one of their jam doughnuts and heated it up at home in the microwave (So. Not. The. Same.) Tonight I managed to find a way to recreate it in the comfort of my own home, and as it's baked possibly more healthily (though I would not call the following "healthy"- more like the lesser evil)

Hot Jam Doughnut Pudding

Serves 2

100 gms softened butter or butter substitute (I used olive table spread)
100 gms self raising flour
100 gms caster sugar
1 egg
1 tbsp milk

3/4 cup frozen raspberries
1/8 cup jam sugar
2 tbsp water
2 tsp berry based jam (I used the end of a jar of fruits of the forest that was crystallizing just to get rid of it, you could probably leave this out)

White sugar and powdered cinnamon to dust

Pre-heat oven 200 C

Place butter, flour, caster sugar and egg in a bowl and mix briskly with a wooden spoon until combined, mix in milk.

Pour batter into two ramekins, place these on a middle shelf in the oven and cook for around 45 minutes, though I must admit I wasn't really paying attention to how long it took. Maybe after half an hour start testing, puddings are done when a cake tester comes out clean and the top is golden brown.

While puddings are baking place raspberries, jam, jam sugar and water into a saucepan and stir over high heat. Switch off once all the raspberries are disintegrated and allow to cool slightly, though if it gets too cold before the puddings are done you can simply heat gently while they are cooling.

Allow the puddings to cool outside the oven for about 5 minutes, then with a sharp knife cut a circle in the middle (as if you are cutting the hole in a doughnut) This circle should be about half as deep as the pudding.

Use a teaspoon to scoop your doughnut hole out (hopefully in one piece) and put aside, then using a wooden spoon, spoon some of the jam into the cavity and replace the doughnut hole on top. Dust with the sugar and cinnamon, then divide the rest of the jam over the top of each pudding.

Eat. Yum.
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When we came back from honeymoon we turned our kitchen upside down but could not find our slow cooker. Because I can't live without one I was a bit upset, then today Coles were selling perfectly good slow cookers for $20 because they had damaged boxes. As a slow cooker is usually $60+ I grabbed one.

Of course, as soon as I got it home [ profile] mc_shamo discovered our old one lurking at the back of the patry behind the plastic tub we keep onions and potatoes in.

So, anyone out there want to give me $20 and take away a brand new, never-been-used slow cooker? They are lots of fun and dead easy to use, and make cheap meat taste good. :-)
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-Trip to Castlemaine
-Very enjoyable car trip with Seamus
-Purchase of soap, included an encounter with two lovely old Great Danes who seemed permanent fixtures in the shop
-Pleasant browse through antique and book stores
-Awesome lunch and great coffee at a cafe- reassuring us that good coffee now does exist in Castlemaine
-inspection of some houses in what will be our price range in 3 years. All very exciting.

-DaySpa visit
-My aunt and uncle came over for afternoon tea and brought with the them wedding present from that side of the family, which is all the glassware we could ever need. A really useful and lovely present.
-Dropped in at Andrew's housewarming where he very nicely plied me with sangria and tequila jelly shots
-Dropped in at Sarah and Daniel's place for a MUCAAS pub with Mark

-Trip to Olinda
-Originally intended to be in Olinda for breakfast but we gave in to our growling tummies when we past a Pancake Parlour about half way.
-Tea and scones at the Pie restaurant in Olinda
-Browsed the shops in the village and bought lollies, chocolates and hand painted china cats (as you do)
-Checked in to Candlelight cottages, where we stayed for our first anniversary of starting to date two years back.
-Had a spa!
-Had a nap
-Had a hot chocolate curled up in the loungeroom and listened to pretty classical music
-Walked back to the village and had a wonderful dinner at Immerse.
-Walked back and cuddled up together watching Breakfast at Tiffanys

-Wished each other Happy Third Anniversary and Happy 1 Month Until Our Wedding
-Received some very cute red crystal earrings from Seamus which I am wearing right now
-Cooked Breakfast
-Showered, packed and said goodbye to the charming couple who run Candlelight Cottages and their two dogs and one cat
-set off to head back to Melbourne very slowly
-found an antique store and bought a bread bin
-found a chocolate factory and bought chocolates
-lunched at Chateau Yering in Yering which was absolutely AMAZING! I had a heritage tomato salad with goats cheese, Seamus had a duck waldorf salad and then we both had a snapper and wine, and finished with french patries. I got rather giggly from the champagne. We liked it so much we're thinking of coming back next year and staying there a few days as well as at Candlelight cottages, maybe for our first wedding anniversay...
-Got back to Melbourne and met up with our celebrant at the Quiet Man Pub so she could sight legal documents and we could finalise everything.
-Got takeaway Thai from the Asian Kitchen, the best Thai in the area
-Cuddled up on our own couch at home with our cats and watched Roman Holiday

One month left...
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Yesterday was amazing and indulgent and exactly what I needed.

I had my feet and jaw seen to by the lovely Dr Anin (otherwise known as [ profile] dozingquinn's wife Raya), then drove to Abbotsford Convent where despite the heat the shaded paths were cool, calm, fragrant and peaceful. I had lunch at Lentil as Anything then relaxed with a book, a pot of Earl Grey and some astonishingly good jam biscuits in the bakery. I swung by Emily's house and had a good long chat about family and the approaching wedding and our memories of puberty among other things. From there I drove to Williamstown and proceeded to have my first ever dayspa experience. I think I will need to be very careful about becoming hooked. With my wedding as a handy excuse I have booked in a few things over the next two months. I realised it must all be relative when the lady said, "Ok, so that's two facials in the next ten weeks, a "Scrub'n'Glow" session five days before the wedding, and then eyelash tinting, manicure and pedicure the day before?" I was feeling like maybe it was all a bit much and I was being silly, and then she continued, "Wow, you're really down to earth aren't you? Definitely not a bridezilla, and trust me, we've had a few through here!" I liked that she didn't try to upsell either. She suggested I might like the "Never Never Land" package but when I politely turned it down she left it alone straight away.

In the evening a very prettily made up [ profile] vivienne_aster (who had had her bridal hair and make-up trial) picked [ profile] mc_shamo, [ profile] cows_might_fly, [ profile] fnoo and myself and we headed out to Northcote for dinner and the Guild League gig. Dinner was at a pizza restaurant on High st I've forgotten the name of, it was fantastic though! The pizza bases were spelt or gluten free, and it's the first time I can remember eating that much pizza and not feeling slightly queasy after (which is not to say I didn't feel full, because I did- my God I can eat a lot of pizza) and the Guild League after a shaky start (If Not Now so out of tune it produced many a wince in the audience) were brilliant. It was great to catch up with [ profile] insomnius who was there too.

By the time we came home I was so tired that I had to force myself to stay awake reading until I found out who the murderer was, then was out like a light and only got to read the deneumount this morning.


Nov. 4th, 2009 09:17 pm
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I had such a yummy dessert I thought I should post about it.

I had 180gms organic, crazy-hippy yoghurt from Ceres, with a really juicy pear diced then added, then drizzled a dessert spoon of honey over the top and refrigerated for 5 hours at work.

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Favourite Food )

I'm a tad peckish...
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Today I have made:

Chicken Tandoori
Greek Lamb with Tatziki
Minestrone with Meatballs
Vegetable soup
Orange Mango Jelly

And at least 4/5 of herbs used were from our garden!

Now there is just time to get all my stuff together and head out the door to work!
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Comfort-Food-Soup for one

500ml veggie or chicken stock
2 tsp minced garlic
2 tbs cut lemongrass
1 tsp kaffir lime leaves- shredded
dash of lime juice
1/2 tsp chilli flakes
1/4 hot green chilli
1 tbs grated ginger
three florets brocolli
four or five coriander leaves
1/2 small carrot, sliced
1 mushroom
1/8 cup red capsicum
1/2 cup light coconut milk

Bung everything til you get to the veggies in a small saucepan and bring to boil.

Reduce to simmer, add veggies, simmer 10 mins.

Add coconut milk, simmer another five minutes.

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I have spent most of today cooking.

On Tuesday we had $35 worth of fruit and vegetables delivered to our house.

On Wednesday we went to the supermarket.

For the next seven days [ profile] mc_shamo and I will both be extremely busy with shows, work, study and life in general- and often with all of these on the same day! We are also both trying to spend less money in a bid to actually be in a position to save for Fun Things like holidays and houses.

So today I cooked up a storm, and our freezer is well and truly stocked to survive the oncoming week. It contains:

-3 containers containing two home made burritos each
-2 containers of pasta with pumpkin, spinach and tomato sauce
-4 containers of morrocan vegetable stew with pumpkin, lentils, potato, chickpeas, tomatoes carrot etc. for the sake of using what we have this stew is accompanied by polenta instead of cous-cous.
-4 containers of thai fish curry with basmarti rice
-3 containers of stir-fried vegetables with tofu in hoi-sin sauce, with Japanese buckwheat noodles.

Of the vegetables delivered on Tuesday all that is left are three potatoes, a carrot and a tomato. So almost all perishables are used up, potatoes can be kept longer than a week and carrots and tomatoes make good snacks.

[ profile] mc_shamo and I had fun with maths and have concluded that the cost of the above meals works out roughly to $3 a container on adverage. You should see the freezer! It's full to bursting point!

I feel very pleased with myself indeed. I am now less worried about my ability to stick to my financial plan.

I like cooking. By the way, none of these had recipes, but if you are interested I can let you know how I made them.

And the best bit? [ profile] mc_shamo says he'll do the rest of the dishes!
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So, since work got crazy I've not been doing much housework. Unfortunately this has coincided with [ profile] mc_shamo working and rehearsing almost every minute of the day, so when we're home we're a. exhausted and b. more in the mood to spend time with each other than on the house.

Today I had a full day off and was on my own at home, so I decided enough was enough. I have now been doing housework for ten hours, and at the edn of it I have a house that is- while still not sparkling clean- presentable to the outside world and smelling nice. I also have a homemade dinner to eat with Seamus when he finally gets home from work.

I used my old motivation system, working off a detailed list which included breaks and food. If you're at all interested it's under the cut, I'm saving it for posterity, and because it might help next time the house gets in such a state!

What I've done today )


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