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I've been thinking recently about the idea that everyone has something to teach, or that I can learn something from everyone. I started thinking about it because I was brooding about Eliza (it's her birthday on Wednesday, drat her, and I can't seem to forget the date, which means I think about her every time I look at next week's roster) Two years ago I wrote a post in which I mentioned the things she taught me (mainly- not to be her.) While the lesson she taught me was hard, and was not taught by her willingly (or not with my benefit in mind) I started thinking about all the things friends have taught me that were lessons given willingly and happily for my benefit, whether they were knowingly giving a lesson or not.

This list is not conclusive, and I'll probably come back and add to it many times over the next week.

Things my friends have taught me

Seamus: To love and be loved without fear and with total trust
Andrea: To make bread
Elena: To sing "Sweet Kate" and not be afraid to sing properly in front of a friend
Lisa: To make marmalade
Kitty: To play with harmonies
Helen: To act, to get the very best out of my acting
Shayne: That strong friendships can be formed in a few in depth conversations topped up with ten minute chats
Sarah: To not underestimate my own strength
Eva: That nurture and love and kindness make you shine and are the strongest antideppressants I know
Kate: That conflict can be healthy and even if it's scary it's good to disagree with your partner/family/friend sometimes
Anna (J): To felt and craft with abandon
Erica: That "all that Roman stuff" that comes after the 5th century BC is actually interesting
James: To play beach cricket, even when hungover
Lauren: That survival of evil is not just possible- it's pleasurable
Mark: That route learning has it's place (First declension! Second declension!)
Liam: To eat the skin on kiwi fruits
Hannah: To make potato rounds with eggs for dinner when feeling financially poor and needing comfort food
Michael: To listen and remain calm
Andy: The cryptic crossword is not to be feared
Penny: To make mint jelly and strawberry jam
Penelope: The wonders of tapestry
Molly: That I can think laterally in an emergency (eg. finding an English-speaking chiropractor who makes house calls on a Sunday in Rome? No problem!)
Andrew (Fin): To sign off emails that are between formal and informal "Cheers"
Anna (A-C): To cook 2 minute noodles in a microwave
Rachael: To be more thoughtful and considerate
Daniel (Yeowie): To turn while ice-skating and not fear falling over

No where near finished, but it'll do for present.
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This is the first chance I've had today to relax a bit, it's been quite busy at work.

Yesterday [profile] mc_shamo and I took his mother to visit his father's grave and then to the Collingwood Children's farm for the farmer's market, which provided a nice contrast. There were kids! As in, baby goats! They were very cute and it was obvious after a little while why we nickname small children with the same name.

We got home, packed away the shopping and then headed over to [profile] impostinator's house with a picnic basket, combined it with her picnic basket and she, Oscar, Seamus and I went to the St Vincents Gardens for a lovely picnic, then wandered up to Jock's Ice Creamery where I got a chocolate milkshake with gingerbread flavoured ice cream. Yum yum yum.

In the evening [profile] mc_shamo and I walked to [profile] jpom40's house via Cafe Legender for awesome bbq pork bao and spent a relaxing half hour with James and his wife Katie chatting and eating spanokopita before everyone else rocked up (everyone else being [profile] vivienne_aster, [personal profile] clappamungus, [profile] cows_might_fly, [profile] _audhumla_ and [profile] rage_dc) to make4 it a proper pub gathering. Unfortunately we were the first to leave as I started work early this morning.

So, an unremarkable day, but one full of sun, friends and food. Very nice.

My Weekend

Jul. 19th, 2010 07:43 am
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-Sleep in,
-Baked cake,
-Light housework,
-Played with cats,
-wrote in card,
-"wrapped" present (tied a ribbon round it),
-Made dinner,
-car pooled with [ profile] vivienne_aster who has been away, yay!
-Will and Rose's engagement party
-"Twistmas in July" dancing at Trades Hall (WAY too crowded, but still fun for a little while)

-Sleep in,
-Queen Vic Market,
-Jam doughnuts for breakfast,
-Early afternoon nap,
-Made dinner,
-Iced cake,
-relaxed with a book while Seamus mopped and vacuumed
-Made wasabi bread (like garlic bread but with wasabi butter)
-Parents and brother came over, nice dinner,
-Cleaned up and reassembled table after dinner, then relaxed with book and cup of tea and jazz cds
-Worked overnight, did two hours of paperwork but didn't receive a call

Friends, family, baked goods, nice house, not-much-work= pretty darn perect weekend.
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[ profile] mc_shamo and I just spent a lovely weekend in Castlemaine. I think it really cemented for us the idea that we could live there in a few years. We both love Melbourne so much, but we'll never be able to afford a house here and have the kind of lifestyle we want. Plus for me it was such a luxury, this amazing feeling of walking more than two blocks at a fast pace and not reaching for my inhaler. The air is so clean! In fact the only times I used my inhaler were inside that cottage we stayed in as the couch was dusty and when we climbed up to the Burke and Wills monument- that was from genuine excertion though, which I hardly ever get to in Melbourne before my airways swell up, so that was a celebration in itself.

This time around staying in Castlemaine we lunched at Saffs Cafe which was just as good as last time, then went to the Drummond Natural Soap shop next door and stocked up on shampoo, conditioner and body wash (so worth it, the stuff is amazing). We were thinking of going on a walk around the old gold diggings but the weather was not clement (I seem to have a knack of booking weekends away during which it rains almost non-stop) so instead we decided to go to nearby Harcourt and find the cidery cellar door.

Thanks to the slightly dodgy map we were using we managed to get lost. This turned out to be a blessing as instead of Henry's of Harcourt we ended up at Bress Winery who in addition to very nice wine also make cider, olive oil, honey and assorted other things. Best of all they are a biodynamic estate, which means no added sulfer (yet another thing I'm allergic to) which means I cad drink their stuff without risk of respitory attack or headache (well, I'd probably get a hangover headache if I drank a LOT, but no sulfer induced headache!) On the way back to Castlemaine we dropped in at Peeler's Family Orchard for fresh apples and pears. Yum. The weather was still awful, so we ended up spending the night in our cottage with a cheese platter, soup and pudding for dinner.

Saturday morning we breakfasted at Togs, then did the Castlemain Town Historical walk, visiting the Burke and Wills monument with a spectacular view of the town, stopping in at the Art Gallery and Museum and discovering that practically every building in the place had been a police station at one point or another. I bought a few books in the bookshop as the rainy weather meant I'd finished my novel earlier than expected. I was glad to see signed copies of [ profile] cows_might_fly's Dad's book were still on the display table- they obviously support local authors, good news for me if I ever5 get around to writing that novel ;-)

In the afternoon we finally did make it out to Henry's of Harcourt and spent a pleasant afternoon trying ciders and vinegars and dessert cider (fantastic thing! think sweet apple brandy made with golden delicious apples, yum!) Then [ profile] mc_shamo felt inspired and worked on Omniprop's website for a few hours while I had a nap. That evening we tought we'd check what the local pizza place was like and were very favourably impressed, we took advantage of a weekend without the cats and had pizza on the floor of the cottage while watching Shrek on tv.

On Sunday we drove to Maldon for the local winter food and wine festival. Maldon is an incredibly pretty little town, full of friendly peope. I bought a crocheted cloche hat from a lady sitting behind a spinning wheel after watching fascinated as she spun her own yarn. My hat was made by her, hand crochet, hand spun, and it would have been hand-dyed except she left it natural so it's not dyed at all. We decided after the last few days to ignore the wine and concentrate on the food, stocking up on chutneys, puddings, cheeses and sauces, as well as a few little cakes and chocolates that are mostly gone by now :-)

We got back to Melbourne on Sunday afternoon and relaxed at home for a few hours before going to [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] clappamungus's house for dinner, during which we hatched a cunning plot to go to a swing dancing lesson on Monday, which we did. It was an absolute blast and I definitely want to go again, there were a few people their I knew too, including [ profile] fin, so we didn't have to go in as total strangers which was nice.

All in all a fastastic weekend away.
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Last night [ profile] mc_shamo and I went to the East Brunswick Club and had dinner with [ profile] insomnius and her housemate and [ profile] ephant, then Stefan, [ profile] clappamungus, [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] deathbyshinies (YAAAY!) came. We saw an awesome Guild League gig, marred only slightly by a small amount of homophobia fail by one of the supports. Then "lj user="deathbyshinies"> and I had a bit of a catch up and caught taxis home. Much much fun :-)

I have decided I need to get out more often.
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Work: I am enjoying work at the moment. I like most of the people I work with and even those with whom my personality clashes I can respect and work with well. I still feel like I am doing something worthwhile and while this is definitaly not a career job it is a great job to have in my mid 20s and has given me a stable background and foundation from which to work out what I do want to do as a career.

Study: At this stage I think I will give up the Masters in Social Work. I dislike the course, in particular the teaching, and I didn't get along with (too) many of the other students. If they are indicative of the kinds of people and personalities I'll be working with... no thank you. Also the hours were becoming impossible to combine with my job.

Sometime tomorrow today I will hear from a representative from SEEK education who will be checking whether I want to enrol in a Graduate Diploma of Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. I will tell her I want to enrol in the September term. I've asked Melbourne UNi to send me my academic transcript and sometime this week I will suspend my Masters.

Married Life: I am really enjoying it so far. I'm not sure how much has changed. We've used it as a motivator to get our lives sorted out, so we've opened a new joint account and written up a budget and have a rough five-year plan that involves a house and a dog and hopefully a baby.

With the death of Seamus' father the meaning of our vows has really been brought home to me. Through no fault of ours (or anyone's) and without our marriage being "in trouble" we are definitely experienceing the "worse" in the "better or worse" and the "bad" in the "good times and bad." Without being married we'd be going through the same thing anyway and reacting in the same way, and it would still be my role to be supportive and loving and do all I could to help, but it feels good and right that we were willing to stand up in front of our friends and family and promise these things and that we are now following through on them. It's one of the few things that feels good about the situation. It means they weren't just words, and the wedding wasn't just an excuse for a party.

I was overjoyed when Seamus decided to hyphenate his name. I really love that we now have the same surname without either of us having to give up our name. I also love that we acknowledge both our families with our name, and yet we are definitely our own little family. We are not the Magees, we are not the Curtains, we are the Curtain-Magees, simultaneously both families and specifically our own. Symbolically of course, but it's a symbolism that makes me very happy.

Family: Family are doing as well as can be expected, considering. My sister-in-law has an exhibition that I really want to see, and I think my mother-in-law is planning on selling some of her paintings soon. My parents are well, though Mum is having an operation in June and will be home recovering for six weeks afterwards. Hopefully I'll be able to drive out and spend time with her during the day when I'm not working. Dad has been really great recently. He's spoken to me a lot about what he went through when his father died and has been concerned about Seamus without prying. He also came and prayed with us at Tony's side while he was dying and then officiated at the burial a week ago. It's sometimes helpful having a Catholic deacon for a father ;-) In some ways it did more to show that our two families are now joined than our wedding did. It's one thing to be welcoming to new people on a joyous occasion, quite another after a death.

Grandparents on all sides seem to be good, my grandfather had a hip operation while we were on honeymoon but is now home and much better.

Friends: No major crisies for so long it's making me wonder if we've all grown up. I'm really looking forward to Michael and Kate's wedding next Saturday, and then for the first time in about four years I will not have a wedding invitation on the fridge. As the wedding stage finishes (or at least tapers off) the children stage is starting, at least one person reading this is expecting a child before the end of winter. I'm looking forward to the children stage in my friendship groups, even though I know it will change my social life much more dramatically than the marriage stage did.

My friends remain some of the most important people in my life. I feel very blessed when I think of the people with whom I'm surrounded.

Cats: They're shits, but they're very cute shits.
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-Trip to Castlemaine
-Very enjoyable car trip with Seamus
-Purchase of soap, included an encounter with two lovely old Great Danes who seemed permanent fixtures in the shop
-Pleasant browse through antique and book stores
-Awesome lunch and great coffee at a cafe- reassuring us that good coffee now does exist in Castlemaine
-inspection of some houses in what will be our price range in 3 years. All very exciting.

-DaySpa visit
-My aunt and uncle came over for afternoon tea and brought with the them wedding present from that side of the family, which is all the glassware we could ever need. A really useful and lovely present.
-Dropped in at Andrew's housewarming where he very nicely plied me with sangria and tequila jelly shots
-Dropped in at Sarah and Daniel's place for a MUCAAS pub with Mark

-Trip to Olinda
-Originally intended to be in Olinda for breakfast but we gave in to our growling tummies when we past a Pancake Parlour about half way.
-Tea and scones at the Pie restaurant in Olinda
-Browsed the shops in the village and bought lollies, chocolates and hand painted china cats (as you do)
-Checked in to Candlelight cottages, where we stayed for our first anniversary of starting to date two years back.
-Had a spa!
-Had a nap
-Had a hot chocolate curled up in the loungeroom and listened to pretty classical music
-Walked back to the village and had a wonderful dinner at Immerse.
-Walked back and cuddled up together watching Breakfast at Tiffanys

-Wished each other Happy Third Anniversary and Happy 1 Month Until Our Wedding
-Received some very cute red crystal earrings from Seamus which I am wearing right now
-Cooked Breakfast
-Showered, packed and said goodbye to the charming couple who run Candlelight Cottages and their two dogs and one cat
-set off to head back to Melbourne very slowly
-found an antique store and bought a bread bin
-found a chocolate factory and bought chocolates
-lunched at Chateau Yering in Yering which was absolutely AMAZING! I had a heritage tomato salad with goats cheese, Seamus had a duck waldorf salad and then we both had a snapper and wine, and finished with french patries. I got rather giggly from the champagne. We liked it so much we're thinking of coming back next year and staying there a few days as well as at Candlelight cottages, maybe for our first wedding anniversay...
-Got back to Melbourne and met up with our celebrant at the Quiet Man Pub so she could sight legal documents and we could finalise everything.
-Got takeaway Thai from the Asian Kitchen, the best Thai in the area
-Cuddled up on our own couch at home with our cats and watched Roman Holiday

One month left...
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I've been having a break from work for the past few days, and that means I've also avoided the internet. A good thing too, since having four days worth of posts to catch up on gave me a way to fill in an hour this morning after completeing my work.

Christmas was great. We had dinner with Dad's relatives the weekend before Christmas, then the traditional Guzys family Christmas Eve (at my grandparent's house for the last time- next year it'll move east) which felt more relaxed than it has for a while. My grandmother has been slowly off-loading her old knitting patterns on me as her arthritis has stopped her knitting as much. This time instead of the usual jumpers and glove patterns it was toys, and baby booties. Subtle Grandma, real subtle.

On Christmas day we opened our presents under the Christmas tree. Seamus got me an entire outfit from Ecowear- one of my favourite shops- includinga scarf and bag. I got him some antique rose gold cufflinks with his initials engraved on them (and I didn't get the initials engraved- they came like that- fate!) then we had a breakfast of buckwheat pancakes, bacon and maple syrup while watching the cats run around happily with their new toy mice.

Christmas lunch was at Seamus' Mum's place with his sister Morg and her partner Doug. A very laid back meal. Seamus went on to his Dad's relatives afterwards, but I stayed home to sleep in preparation for my night shift. In the evening we had those that once were MUCAAS over for the annual Christmas wind-down party which was a lot of fun. I left at about 1130pm to go to work.

It wasn't too bad working overnight on Christmas night. I managed to get to sleep about 4am and didn't wake up until about 7:30, with only half an hour to go on my shift. Seamus and I hit Highpoint early to spend the money we'd received for Christmas (we now have a food processor!) before I fell into bed and Seamus went off to visit his Dad with his sister.

Apart from that the last couple of days have involved watching DVDs while knitting on the couch, reading, eating blood plums, having family and friends over for meals and going out to family and friend's places for other meals. It's been fantastic, and a wonderful break.

Bring on 2010!
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The storm was liked by our: basil, strawberry bush, lettuce, nasistrums, marigolds, tomato plants, capsicum plants

The storm was not liked by our: cats

I liked yesterday, which involved a trip to Ceres with [ profile] vivienne_aster to buy veggies and fruit and some plants.

I liked today, a sleep in then trip to the supermarket with [ profile] mc_shamo, then I made three meals for over the next few days.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, which will involve a boozy celebratory lunch with [ profile] impostinator, watching the dancing at the Atherton Gardens Harmony bbq then dinner out with [ profile] lauren_mitchell.

Life is good.
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Well, what a huge weekend that was!

Saturday morning started when I was gently woken by [ profile] mc_shamo and told I'd got an sms on my mobile, it was [ profile] vox_diabolica- his plane had landed and he was on his way to Melbourne. I jumped in the shower then in the car- via my bedroom so I'd have clothes on- and with Seamus in tow and collected Mark from Spencer st station.

[ profile] vox_diabolica decided following me round a farmers market in the humidity offered less charms than an air-conditioned cinema (crazy lad) so left after a nice cup of tea and catch up. I dragged [ profile] mc_shamo down to Flemington Racecourse only to find that the market I wanted to visit was infact a Sunday market. Bollocks. So instead we walked down Racecourse rd to Verb for breakdfast, stopping in at the pet supply place along the way and discovering they had a very good cat tower there, which we went back for with the car yesterday, pictures of cats enjoying it under the cut Cat tower cuteness ).

Once we got home I got dressed up and [ profile] mc_shamo put his suit in the car, then we headed out again, me to [ profile] cows_might_fly's mum's place to do Eva's make-up and Seamus to see [ profile] clappamungus and help him out before the wedding.

Make-up done, I headed in to uni with Eva and her mother and went up to the U-bar, along with Penny I put Eva in her dress, which was stunning and made all the more stunning by the person in it :-) We brought her down the stairs of Union House with Shayne waiting at the bottom of them, then the two of them went off for photos and Penny and I did the sensible thing in the heat and went to the pub until it was time for the wedding.

The wedding itself was beautiful, and the weather held off. [ profile] vivienne_aster sang the song she and [ profile] fnoo had written for the event and it sounded spectacular. I had Shayne's camera and had a lot of fun taking happy snaps, which stopped me from bawling like a baby which was good.

Once we all got back to the U-bar the weather broke and it poured with rain, and as anyone who was in Melbourne last Saturday night knows, it did not stop for about 15 hours. I was very grateful for the sails over North Court as I stood out on the balcony in the freah air.

The reception was great, lots of friends to catch up with and dancing and fun. Plus the jolt I got when people were talking about the next wedding they would attend and I realised for me it would be my own... Oh! And [ profile] mc_shamo requested Sunlight in a Jar and danced with me to it, which was pretty special as I'm going to walk down the aisle to it in about 5 months.

Getting home in the rain was hilarious and fun and special, then Seamus and [ profile] vox_diabolica went on a Hungry Jacks run, so I finished the night with fries, good conversation and a fuzzy warm feeling.

The wedding was amazing, I am so, so, so happy for Eva and Shayne, they are two of the most fantastic, generous, loving people in the world and them being married makes so much sense.

The next day, just when you'd think they'd want to rest and be alone, Eva and Shayne came round to pick us up and take us to Eva's sister Katie's place for a BBQ and "Wedding Wind-down" I helped them open presents and played with Jasper, Eva's 5 month old nephew, and chatted to Katie and her husband Joel about permaculture and carpentry. It was a lot of fun, and I felt very priveleged to be hanging out with Eva and Shayne the day after their wedding.

I'd moved my shifts around to accomodate the wedding, so my weekend finished with me doing the night shift at work on the Sunday, which was good as it was very quiet and I was forced to sit in front of a computer until I finished my bloody essay. My essay was on Samson and Delilah which I'd seen earlier this year, and very luckily when we got home we discovered that it would be on tellie in 15 minutes for the first time, so I got a refresher before work. It was a really interesting topic, but quite depressing (substance abuse in remote indigenous communities, hooray!) so I was glad at 5am to put it aside, finally done, and go to sleep for an hour and a half.

I got home about 9am Monday morning and found poor [ profile] mc_shamo up, but with an awful head cold. The reason he was up? A courier had just arrived with my bridal veil. I got it out and stuck it anyhow in my hair and looked in the mirror... and a bride looked back. It's amazing what a huge difference it made for me. One of my friends (I think it might have been [ profile] thewoozel once mentioned to me that it was her bouquet that made her feel like a "bride" but it could be different things for different people, and I think I just found mine. It was a nice feeling.

I slept until midday, then Seamus drove me to uni to hand in the essay (which I looked over before handing it in, since the final draft had been completed at 4am and it's entirely possible I wasn't completely with it- actually it was pretty good!) and we went to Fitzroy so he could duck in to work and I could play in the Friends of the Earth shop. I bought misshapen beeswax dining candles for $3 each, a bottle of natural insect reppellant and made friends with a small child who wanted me to read the labels on every single bottle to her.

The rest of the day past very pleasantly, we went to the pet supply place and picked up the cat tower, then spent an hour or so putting it together. Once again I was reminded of why I love Seamus, he makes doing that sort of thing fun. As I'd just completed the semster with my essay being handed in I got to pick dinner. Out of a choice of White Lotus restaurant, Limeflower Thai or fish'n'chips I... picked fish'n'chips. My excuse is it's the least diet friendly and therefore at the moment it's the most indulgent.

Today life has returned to normal. I pottered around the house and online before heading in to work.

I really did have a fantastic time last weekend, and I'm so very very lucky to be me and have firends like mine.
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I awoke abruptly this morning when Loki decided to jump from the shelf over the bed head, at least a metre above where we sleep, directly onto my back. Thanks puss, you twerp.

Went to Pump for the first time in a week and aquitted myself without too much embarassment (though because of my feet the amount of weight I can do on the shoulder tracks is pitiful, pitiful!) It was fun to have a posse, I was there with [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] _audhumla_, I hope we can do that more often.

I spent the rest of the middle of the day on domestic duties; supermarket shopping, cooking and replanting leeks. I changed the kitty litter but determinidley ignored the dishes.

I have discovered that the organic skincare I won at the expo last week is quite divine. This is how they get you, they entice you with freebies then get you hooked! so I'm thinking maybe the money I was saving up for a dayspa can instead be spent on their other products which I can use at home... By the way, if interested the website for the skincare stuff is here.

Am now at work, and it's shaping up to be one of those nights...
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Bleugh, been on the phone all night, finishing in 10 mins (11pm), starting again at 7am tomorrow. Bleugh bleugh bleugh.

Luckily I had an awesome day before work, yummy hot chocolate with the awesome [ profile] impostinator (who was suitably impressed by my driving skills) and a visit to a plant nursery where I bought snowpeas, garlic, leeks and dwarf broccoli. Now I just need more potting mix...
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I am:

-2172 words into a 3500 word case assessment due tomorrow and I have very little idea if I'm doing it right.

-planning to write a somewhat scathing assessment of this subject tomorrow in the last lecture (though poutting in a good word for my tutor who seems to be doing the best she can)

-rueing leaving things to the last minute

-struggling to breathe and wondering exactly what would happen if I got an acute asthma attack at work

-still full of the yummy food cooked by [ profile] mc_shamo's mum today- Happy orthodox Easter to those of you who celebrate it!

-glad I went out last night to Bar Open to see Allyson despite looming deadlines and shonky lungs

-starting to mildly panic as I has my third dose of prednisolone today and for the first time I can remember it does not seem to be helping with the breathing

-about to take a dinner break
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This afternoon we had [ profile] mc_shamo's high school friends over for a bbq. It proved that Seamus was just as good at picking friends when he was 12 as he is now. They're all really awesome people and it was a fun afternoon. There were salads and wines cheese and Raya made an awesome trifle. Plus Raya, who is an osteopath, very nicely fixed my dodgy ankle!

Tonight we're heading to [ profile] _audhumla_ and [ profile] ragedc's place to have MUCAAS pub as they are back in Melbourne, hurrah! This shall be much much fun.

And in more good news, today Loki found one of his toy mice. He did this to it:


I think he is feeling better...
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My Christmas was lovely.

I worked Christmas Eve. I work in emergency services, so you can imagine that working Christmas Eve could be a little disheartening (I was hoping I would not end up like Turk from the first Christmas episode of Scrubs) Luckily it was quiet, so apart from feeling very sad for two young motorcycle riders it was okay.

[ profile] mc_shamo came and picked me up at 11pm when my shift ended. He drove me home where he had laid out a candlelight supper on the table. There was organic stilton cheese and a spanish dessert wine and two little french puddings being steamed on the stove. By the time we'd finished it was midnight, and we exchanged gifts. I gave Seamus a pair of Etiko high-top shoes (think Converse but fair-trade with renewable rubber and organic cotton) and he gave me a truly beautiful amber and silver bracelet. It's really gorgeous, and it shows that he has excellent taste and also pays attention to what I like, as he got it to match my favourite amber necklace.

We got up on Christmas morning and had a breakfast of fruit and yogurt and cereal. I finished making the food for lunch and we drove to my parents place.

We had a really lovely afternoon. My parents live in Beaumauris, about three houses up from the beach. It was us, my parents, my brother, my paternal aunt Moira and uncle Michael and their daughter- my cousin Tess- and her husband Andrew. Small and manageable. Mum looked a bit disconcerted by my food; she'd forgotten that I was bringing the roast, but relaxed after she took the gladwrap off the salad and said , "Oh, it's cous-cous!" She'd thought I'd made a rice salad and was a bit hurt because she always makes the rice salad at Christmas and everyone always says how nice it is. I assured her that I would never have made a rice salad and was really looking forward to her one. And that there? That was the stickiest moment the entire day, for a family Christmas I believe that's incredibly good going!

For lunch there were four different salads, including mine, then roast ham for the meat eaters, a huge seafood platter and my vegetarian roast, which I'm sure at least my parents and [ profile] mc_shamo really liked, I certainly did :-) We did well on the present haul too. The night before was my mum's side of the family's Christmas thing, which I couldn't go to as I was working, I'd just sent cards for everyone except my cousin Emily, for whom I'd found a framed Degas print in an op-shop (which Mum said she watched Emily open and she obviously loved, yay!). Mum informed me everyone had disobeyed my "no presents please" request and Seamus and I were inundated with towels, crockery and booze. All of which are welcome. From Dad's side we were given beer glasses (Tess is teh awesome) and some gorgeous serving plates and I got some accessories to jazz up work outfits (Tess again- she is teaching me how to make one expensive outfit actually look like five for work wear). My brother gave us the entire Monty Python's Flying Circus and upped his cool points something chronic. Because we're hippies we gave everyone organic wine, except my brother, who we gave a JB voucher and a keyring of an ugly man who has snot coming out of his nose when you squeeze it. Being my brother David thought this the height of hilarity.

We sat round and vaguely helped with the clearing up and drank coffee until [ profile] mc_shamo was positive he was right to drive (not that he would have got much over .05 at any point in the day anyway) then drove home along Beach rd. I was really happy. My parents both seemed relaxed and well, and everyone has accepted Seamus as a member of the family. They all like him and include him, and I'm proud of them, because it's the first time someone in this little part of our family has had a "partner" they live with as opposed to a husband or wife. We weren't treated any differently to Tess and Andrew and there are now vague plans for my aunt and uncle to visit us soon for afternoon tea (I wasn't actually sure they'd been told Seamus and I live together). So all was well, and happy. :-)

Christmas night our traditional MUCAAS party was small but cosy and chilled. We had round [ profile] cows_might_fly, [ profile] clappamungus, [ profile] jpom40 (who quickly succumbed to the cat hair he was allergic too, poor thing!) and pseudo-Cambridge-Sam. We talked, watched Monty Python and drank. Lovely. It's a really good way to round off Christmas.

Boxing Day [ profile] mc_shamo and I hit the sales. Oh boy did we hit the sales. We did Highpoint and the CBD. Our haul:

-Ipod dock
-"All that Alternative" 3 cd set
-men's short sleeved shirts from Jeep
-women's short sleveed 3/4 length summer jacket thing from Jeep
-red zirconia and silver earrings to go with my new bracelet from a jewelers
-a white bra to replace my current one which is now not so much white but grey and has little elasticity left
-two pairs Thai fishermans pants from Ishka
-womens work/casual black pants from Ishka's $10 basket (the clasp had come away from the belt, it took less that ten minutes sewing to fix and hey presto! $60 pair of pants for $10!)
-womens formal/work black pants from Myer
-work top from Myer
-summer dress from Myer (one of those awesome dresses that can be work/formal/casual that Myers is so good at producing)
-mens socks 'n' jocks from Myer
-bananaman t-shirt (whee!I have both now!)
-De Blob Wii game

I also found a perfect suit for [ profile] jpom40's wedding. Unfortunately it was only available in size 10 or lower. I am a size 12-14. The nice lady at the Cue store in Myers rang around but nowhere in the CBD has it in a larger size. I was bummed, because it was so perfect I was willing to buy it even if James decided he didn't like it and I had to wear something else to the wedding, it would have been worth the suit alone, paticularley at 50% off in the sale. Ah well, cannot win them all. I then found another beautiful one at Antons, but it was $600. I am actually considering it but I'd want James' approval first! It's very nice indeed, the one at Antons, and the jacket could be worn over a dress at later formal occasions.

Today [ profile] mc_shamo and I are going to his mum's place for Christmas lunch. It should be fun!

All in all, the last few days have been relativley stress free (even the sales are mostly stress-free when done with [ profile] mc_shamo!) and filled with family and friends and laughter and fun. I have had a wonderful Christmas so far. I know for some people reading this this is not the case, and I truly hope you are as physically and emotionally well as possible and that things improve soon, and that next's year Christmas is better. I'm thinking of you.

Merry Christmas all.
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I had the most wonderful time last night. Thanks to everyone who rocked up. Dancing was so much fun, sitting and quietly drinking a beer and watching everyone was wonderful, seeing Erica again after so long was magic, even the rather wet 20 minutes or so before the getting home logistics were worked out (thanks for picking us up, Daniel!) could not put a dampener on my night (hah!)

I am an incredibly, amazingly, astonishingly lucky woman.
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Well, I seem to have struck a lull, so while I wait for more work to come along (which it just did, I started to type this an hour ago, but have again hit lull) I may as well update about my weekend.

Friday I went to [ profile] cows_might_fly’s place after work and hung out with her and [ profile] _audhumla_ for a bit before Sarah nicely drove Eva and me to gym where we went to Pump. Getting home proved interesting as it was pouring with rain and the taxi we called didn’t show. Once we did get home with pizzas and junk food we and [ profile] mc_shamo and [ profile] clappamungus had dinner and watched through to the end of Press Gang (Don’t worry [ profile] vivienne_aster, by the time you’re back and in the swing of gym etc. again I’m sure I can persuade people we need to go back for you to watch the eps you’ve missed!).

Saturday [ profile] mc_shamo and I braved the horrible weather to meet [ profile] _bounce_ and go to the Artist Market on at the local Scout Hall. This was silly in retrospect as the weather was truly bloody awful. Still, I got some pot holders and tea towels for various relatives for Christmas, and I think Lisa did well too. We all caught the train into the city and I got drenched waiting for the 86 tram to take me to Fitzroy, where I picked up my new shiny boots which are Made of Awesome.

Once I made it home I decided going out again would be a really stupid thing. I texted [ profile] clappamungus to beg a lift to the party that night then sat and played with my new toy guitar for a couple of hours before my parents and brother dropped in on their way home from my grandparents’ place. It was nice actually, Mum and I just sat and chatted while dad occasionally woke from his doze enough to join in.

I wore my new boots to [ profile] _audhumla_ and [ profile] ragedc’s housewarming. I had a great time. I also wore my old green dress, and old favourite- unfortunately a combination of my diminished daring and my more-developed chest meant I was slightly uncomfortable with the neckline. It was a lot more risqué than I remember it being when I was younger (as I said, either that or I didn’t care so much at 19) All in all, I’m glad it was a MUCAAS party with not too many people I didn’t know very well! I was on a nearly empty stomach, which I then filled with beer, shapes and corn chips... but mainly beer. I talked to lots of people and had a good chat with [ profile] vivienne_aster who is going off to do fieldwork for a few weeks in other bits of Australia. I also got a mite bit tipsy. When [ profile] clappamungus and [ profile] cows_might_fly very kindly gave [ profile] mc_shamo, Kate and I a lift home Kate and I were sufficiently intoxicated to be incapable of putting on our own seatbelts without collapsing into helpless giggles and confusion. In the end Eva had to get out of the front of the car, come around and buckle us in like children.

I was profoundly grateful that the next morning involved our new traditional Hot Poppy hangover breakfast.

I was supposed to go to the gym with [ profile] _audhumla_ on Sunday afternoon, but I cried off when I realised I had the increasingly rare opportunity of spending a whole afternoon with [ profile] mc_shamo without distractions or anyone present or something pressing to do. It was pleasant. Then he left and I played with the guitar some more, I can’t remember Under the Bridge or Stairway to heaven to save my life.

And then last night I made vegetarian sweet and sour pork which worked extraordinarily well and prawn crackers and [ profile] impostinator and I ate it while watching Spaced and drinking pomegranate and cherry juice. We discovered pomegranate and cherry juice is much enhanced by the addition of either vodka or gin, and my hot chocolate recipe (my real one with real chocolate and cinnamon sticks and cloves) is enhanced by a healthy dose of Franjelico and Crème de Cacao. Yum.

So: friends, gym, good food, alcohol, party, cats, beloved, boots.

Weekends are nice.


Nov. 21st, 2008 07:22 am
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Last night, a whole ten days after my birthday (so I was lulled into a false sense of security) there was a knock at the door. When I opened it I beheld [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] clappamungus, [ profile] cows_might_fly, [ profile] fnoo and [ profile] visible_fred all grinning shiftily. They came inside in a clump and then presented me with

this! )

Isn't it awesome?! I sat and played with it the rest of the night.

Thanks guys, I'm still really wowed and amazed and incredibly touched. You're all fantastic and I don't deserve you (but I'm glad to have you all the same!)
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It’s my birthday! Yaaaaay!

I woke up early so had plenty of time to get ready for work. [ profile] mc_shamo gave me a card and a present; I can go to Vegan Wares and have pretty much any boots made up that I want! Win! I can’t wait to go in on Saturday and look at all the pretties.

Work has been alright today, am hanging out for lunch when I can go sit on South Lawn with friends for a blessed half hour. I still have pad tai from last night to eat, yuuuum.

I've started bidding on a djembe on Ebay, I know some of my friends can play them, if I win is there anyone willing to give me a crash course?

Tonight I will go home, get changed and go out with Seamus to the 100 Mile Café in the city. I’ve never been there but have heard good things.

So, sleepy but happy, generally content with where my life is now and where it’s heading, feeling loved and appreciated by many wonderful people.

This has possibly been the best birthday yet. :-)
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I had coffee with [ profile] fin and he gave me a very cute book for my birthday. Andrew, were you perhaps making a point about yourself with it? I could see you identifying with the bear. ;-P

We went to Susie Dee's farewell and I spoke to theatre people and only felt a little out of place, instead of ridiculously out of place. Possibly as I approach my quarter century I am getting better at these things. *shrug*

[ profile] mc_shamo and I took the tram to Richmond and got to Mexicali Rose barely before [ profile] vivienne_aster and [ profile] fnoo. [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] _audhumla_ rocked up and we had an awesome meal. I love mexican food. Especially green mexican!

We went to the Corner and listen to some bands who were... okay. I wouldn't buy their music yet, but they sounded nice. I bought the new Lucksmiths album, and a T-shirt and some fridge magnets. Eva was very nice indeed and when she caught up with him told Tali White (lead singer & drummer, also works with Eva sometimes) it was my birthday and asked him to sign the album for me, which he did. And wrote "Happy Birthday" on it. And I was happy. :-D

The Lucksmiths were awesome again, and it was totally worth being crushed and having my feet trod on (and not much is worth that!). And so far I like the new album just as much as the older stuff. Yay! I want them to have another gig soon! I had one of those wonderful moments while they were playing where I sort of stepped out of myself and saw a very happy young woman, standing between Eva on one side and Seamus on the other, with Michael, Kate and Sarah behind. I was listening to my favourite band, my boyfriend's hands were on my hips which were swaying slightly to the music, and I was catching my friends eyes and grinning periodically. And I thought about how we'd go outside after the music stopped, and say goodbye, and go home, and Seamus and I would be greeted by two hungry cats, we'd feed them then head upstairs and fall into bed together, with the cats warming our feet. And I thought "Man, I have the best life ever."

Today I am cleaning the house and preparing for some drinks tonight. This birthday weekend is going brilliantly so far, and it's not even my birthday 'til Monday!

I think I'm going to like being 25 when it happens.


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