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16. I'm grateful for my husband's enthusiasm

Pictures of our veggie garden, cut for size )

Wish us luck! And if you see anything drastically wrong THAT CAN BE FIXED please feel free to comment! (If it can't be fixed then tell us in four months when I'm bemoaning the lack of success, right now I's rather not have my parade rained on :-P)

Next step, properly erecting the bird netting!
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This morning I got to sleep in until 9am. Seamus and I both had the day off. We breakfasted together and then hit the garden. We recently bought a bulk lot of mixed vegetable seedlings, so this morning we planted most of them out in containers while listening to the whirring of helicopters overheard and highlights from Mozart's operas playing on our stereo. We now have tomatoes, capsicums, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, butter beans, chillis, basil, lettuce, carrots, silverbeet and onion in the back yard. We're very raw beginners, but I'm sure out of that we'll manage to grow SOMETHING!

Planting out took a few hours and we got quite dirty as we were using a mixture of cheap potting mix, very expensive potting mix and the compost in the bottom tray of our worm farm. Our timing was great, just as we finished the last of the fiddly jobs the rain that had been spitting on and off turned into a downpour, so we ran inside and watched with glee as our seedlings got a soaking.

We washed our hands thoroughly and I got on with baking our bread for the week while Seamus prepared lunch. We had a "couch picnic" which included pate, goat's cheese, crackers, olives and the mulled wine jelly I made a few weeks ago. After lunch we sat at the table and talked about anything and everything while we prepared the box of artichokes we'd bout at the Farmer's Market for pickling and cut up old fruit for the food dehydrator (which is the best toy EVER.)

After that we went upstairs for a few hours and ended up falling asleep. We woke at 6:30pm and I got dinner together while Seamus attacked the weeds in the front yard. I'm rather proud of the meal I made; baked salmon on a bed of pureed potato, parsnip, pumpkin and garlic, with a small green side salad. We decided we'd had such a lovely day it warranted champagne and got out the last of the bottles we were given for our engagement, a 2003 Chandon blanc de blanc, yum.

Now I'm still sipping said champagne while Seamus does the dishes, then we'll either play some chess or watch Love's Labours Lost in which case I'll make popcorn.

Yay! Seamus just voted for Shakespeare, so popcorn it is!

All in all, I have to say:

12. I'm grateful for the best Cup Day I've ever had.


Oct. 27th, 2009 09:46 am
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1. I have a weird rash thing under my bottom lip and it's ITCHY! *sulk* Have administered Savlon

2. I have Saturday off work AGAIN, yaaay! I'm thinking at this stage I'll do another early morning trip to Ceres for fruit and veg and eggs (sorry Eva, but I'm working dayshift Sunday so can't come to the Errol st Primary School Farmer's Market!) and maybe even have breakfast there too. Molly if you'd still like to come you're welcome to either meet me there or stay over the night before so you only have to get up at 8am, instead of earlier. Anyone esle who wants to meet up there, that'd be awesome, but I know Seamus and I are comparatively early risers, so I understand if getting there around 9am is difficult!

3. Does anyone have any of the following on audio book mp3? Minette Walters, Val McDermid, Lindsey Davis, Agatha Christie or anything of that ilk? I'm planning on doing some serious gardening this spring, and it helps to have something in the ipod to listen to and get properly into. If you do and you'd be willing to share please let me know.

4. I'm going to 12:00 Pump today, just putting it out there in case anyone is free.

5. My wedding jewellery (that I'm not borrowing from Mum) arrived today!!

6. There is no thing number six
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Yesterday was pretty awesometastic.

I woke up at about 8:15am, nicely rested. Seamus and I got up, dressed and were out of the house by 9am. We went to Ceres and woke up properly over coffee and orange juice, then a big breakfast each. My God, the beetroot relish was heaven. I love early morning breakfast as Ceres, it's fun to watch the kids running round and the dogs playing :-)

We made out way up to their farm market and bought our fruit and veggies for the week, and ducked into the organic shop for honey and yoghurt. It was fun waiting in line for the fruit and veggies, I watched the chickens and goats and sheep milling around in their enclosure and smelled the wonderful food being cooked nearby.

I had a quick look around the not-food market and bought a second had shirt (because clearly I don't have enough clothes) then joined Seamus in the nursery where we umm-ed and ahh-ed over two different tomato plants and then decided to get both.

By this stage it was nearly half past eleven, so we hopped in the car and drove to East Melbourne so Seamus could go to work. I had a chat with the librarian who reccomended a new (to me) author's books after I told her what I liked and so far I'm very impressed (Donna Leon Suffer the Little Children) If anyone is interested these days my relaxing reading is gory crime novels by middle-aged female British ex-public servants. It's a bigger field than you'd suspect, including Minette Walters, Val McDermid and Lindsey DAvis who is the least gory but the most funny, and she writes books set in Flavian Rome that are by and large historically accurate- what's not to love?

I bid Seamus farewell and drove home, unloaded the shopping and the books, decided that before I hit the housework I'd lie down with a book and... fell asleep for three hours. Ooops! So, gym kinda didn't happen, instead I raced through the housework and went down to Tonik to confirm my booking for my birthday and pay the deposit. When I came out who should I run into but Seamus on his way home from work. We went to the supermarket to pick up supplies for dinner, then came home. I made up some vanilla and berry puddings for dessert and Seamus set himself up for making Moussaka.

Eva and Shayne came over at about 7:30pm for dinner, which was lots of fun. Oysters and lemonade and wine and Moussaka (which was AWESOME!) and pudding and good friends and conversation, perfect! Then we all piled in the car and headed over to Lisa's for the last ever Kent st pub.

Kent st was the last sharehouse I lived in and the last of the MUCAAS sharehouses, so it was a little sad to know it was going to stop being a MUCAAS house. I slipped out the back to the veggie patch to talk to my kitten, Menelaus, who is buried there, and I was surprised that I started crying. I am still upset about his death and wish I could have prevented it, but it's impossible to keep a cat inside that house with the windows the way they are he was always going to get out, and he had a good eleven months, and his death was quick.

Seamus came out and stood with me, and told me not to be silly when I said I was embarrassed to go back inside. he brought me tissues to wipe my eyes and blow my nose and we went back in. I'm glad I talked to him one last time and said goodbye. I just wanted him to know that I couldn't come by anymore but that I'll still think of him and love him.

The rest of the night was great, people were talking and laughing and having fun. It was a smallish gathering, but very very nice. I drove Eva home and got to play with Jezebel and Albert the dogs before heading back.

Today involved sleeping in, wandering down the street for tea, getting a few supplies we forgot yesterday and then coming to work. So far this shift is going alright.

I think I might go have another cup of tea...


Oct. 5th, 2009 09:04 am
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After several shift changes (about 5 in all I think!) I ended up working from Saturday 3pm right through to Sunday 7:30am. It sounds bad but it was actually quiet for a Saturday night (I actually checked the phones were working at one point!) and it meant that I got yesterday completely OFF!

I got home about 8am and slept until midday. Luckily as I thought I'd be working I'd already made lunch for [ profile] mc_shamo and I in advance, so all I had to do was stumble down the stairs and revive over a chicken salad.

After lunch we decided it was too nice a day to stay inside. We also looked at our "Gardening" fund and found it had enough money in it for a compost bin. With these factors combined we decided to make our way to Ceres in Brunswick. We ran into [ profile] hespa there in the queue for coffee and said hi to [ profile] aurellia who was there with her family, then I sat on the lawn sipping chai and watching two of the cutest little girls ever playing chasey, and a gorgeous hyperactive dog running around and around and around the cafe, all while lazily discussing the future with Seamus and enjoying the sunshine.

After a walk around looking at the animals and bikes and stuff we made our way to the nursery. We lusted after the native plants for a while then chatted to a lovely bloke about our composting needs (two people house with bugger-all garden, trying to grow herbs and sick of "wasting" food scraps) who suggested we get a Worm Cafe and took us through how to use it in detail. We bought one and 1000 worms to start our wormfarm. In the car home we decided the worms were our new pets. They are all called Leslie.

Once home we set up the worm farm in the garage (it's meant to be completely out of the sun, and let's face it, we're never going to clear enough space in our garage to park the car there anyway!) and made sure the Leslies were comfy. Inspired by our new purchase we set about clearing the front garden of grass and weeds, we've made a significant dent, and we're thinking of planting some native plants there with the landlords' permission- which I'm sure we'll get as our landlords are my parents and they're very easygoing.

In the evening I made spicy indian roo burgers and tandoori vegetables and we went for a walk around the neighbourhood, enjoying the dusk and the birdsong. Then we realised we'd completely forgotten to do any grocery shopping for the coming week, so high-tailed it to Coles.

And we've also planned our next mini holiday, on Wednesday the 28th of Oct we're going to leave Melbourne proper about 5pm and spend the night in Healesville, then the next day have a look around and visit the Sanctuary as I've never been. We'll be doing this on the cheap this time, so not looking for the luxury of the last holiday, but I realised how much better I feel after a break, no matter how short, so I plan to take them more often in future.

By the way, anyone who can get the Thursday off work is more than welcome to join us!
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I awoke abruptly this morning when Loki decided to jump from the shelf over the bed head, at least a metre above where we sleep, directly onto my back. Thanks puss, you twerp.

Went to Pump for the first time in a week and aquitted myself without too much embarassment (though because of my feet the amount of weight I can do on the shoulder tracks is pitiful, pitiful!) It was fun to have a posse, I was there with [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] _audhumla_, I hope we can do that more often.

I spent the rest of the middle of the day on domestic duties; supermarket shopping, cooking and replanting leeks. I changed the kitty litter but determinidley ignored the dishes.

I have discovered that the organic skincare I won at the expo last week is quite divine. This is how they get you, they entice you with freebies then get you hooked! so I'm thinking maybe the money I was saving up for a dayspa can instead be spent on their other products which I can use at home... By the way, if interested the website for the skincare stuff is here.

Am now at work, and it's shaping up to be one of those nights...
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Bleugh, been on the phone all night, finishing in 10 mins (11pm), starting again at 7am tomorrow. Bleugh bleugh bleugh.

Luckily I had an awesome day before work, yummy hot chocolate with the awesome [ profile] impostinator (who was suitably impressed by my driving skills) and a visit to a plant nursery where I bought snowpeas, garlic, leeks and dwarf broccoli. Now I just need more potting mix...


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