Dec. 14th, 2008 03:38 pm
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I've been trying to load the metlink melbourne trip planner all day, it's not happening.

If anyone can tell me the best way to get to Brady st, South Melbourne from the city by pt and roughly how long it will take I'd be very grateful.

Also, if anyone knows of a better way to find out about public transport online please enlighten me.
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I was one of the many Melbournians who could not sleep last night.

So I decided what with working more than enough over the next week to cover it financially and actually feeling a bit bleugh in my stomach region and not really giving a stuff anymore since giving in my notice to take today off work. I figured I'd study...

..Heh, I woke up about half an hour ago.

I'm actually a tad cranky about this as this may throw my sleep for tonight out of whack. So I've decided that this afternoon should be spent at the gym! At least that way I might tire myself out enough that by the time I get home from class I'll want to sleep. (This is the problem with evening classes, I can't seem to make my brain understand that they're late enough that I should be in bed an hour or so after arriving home. My brain seems to feel that I need a good three hours unwinding fIrst)

Anyway, going to throw on clothes and go to the gym. Any not-at-work people who also frequent my gym and feel like a session at short notice, send me a text, I'll be there til 4pm (though probably in the pool the last 1/2 hour and consequently phoneless)
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Actually, I think the only times I've been to a Gloria Jean's have been while I was browsing in Borders, I'll just have to leave the store for a coffee now.

[via [ profile] drjon]
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Have already had a moment where I completley lost control, threw a 30 second tantrum and started crying. Managed it before 9am.

Luckily no one witnessed it but [ profile] mc_shamo.

It was over somthing relativley minor, just straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back-y for a minute or so before I calmed down.

I really hate losing control like that though.

I wish I could find the people who broke in to my house. Right now i'd let them keep the laptop if I could just get all my work off it first!
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[ profile] princesslaurene and [ profile] lowfyr's wedding was awesome and magical and all good things.

Then we got home and found we've been robbed.

So far I personally am missing:

-My laptop with all my uni work, one-of-a-kind photos of Menelaus, info for the play, all my music...

-The clock my grandmother gave me when I was three, she died when I was four and overseas, my only memory of her is her giving me the clock

-my medication


-My Red Dwarf satchel which had important uni stuff in it, other random bags as well

-other random stuff

They also stole [ profile] mc_shamo's laptop, his work keys and all the money we'd raised for the Bacchae ($600 ish) as well as things belonging to my housemates which I'll let them numerate.

They went through, my drawers, my glory box, my lingerie, my filing box...

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I'm so fucking tired.

I want a day off, so badly.

I also want shops to be open at 9am so I have time to go to them before work. And I want their opening hours listed online.

I'm in a really bad mood this morning.


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