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It's my birthday!

I got up this morning at 5:30 and went for a walk with Seamus along the walking track to the river, we met cats, ducks and birds along the way. Then I got ready for work. I am thinking of hitting the gym on the way home if exhaustion doesn't get me first, anyone interested in a 4:30pm gym session?

Really enjoyed the beach last night, and the crepes afterwards!


Oct. 27th, 2009 09:46 am
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1. I have a weird rash thing under my bottom lip and it's ITCHY! *sulk* Have administered Savlon

2. I have Saturday off work AGAIN, yaaay! I'm thinking at this stage I'll do another early morning trip to Ceres for fruit and veg and eggs (sorry Eva, but I'm working dayshift Sunday so can't come to the Errol st Primary School Farmer's Market!) and maybe even have breakfast there too. Molly if you'd still like to come you're welcome to either meet me there or stay over the night before so you only have to get up at 8am, instead of earlier. Anyone esle who wants to meet up there, that'd be awesome, but I know Seamus and I are comparatively early risers, so I understand if getting there around 9am is difficult!

3. Does anyone have any of the following on audio book mp3? Minette Walters, Val McDermid, Lindsey Davis, Agatha Christie or anything of that ilk? I'm planning on doing some serious gardening this spring, and it helps to have something in the ipod to listen to and get properly into. If you do and you'd be willing to share please let me know.

4. I'm going to 12:00 Pump today, just putting it out there in case anyone is free.

5. My wedding jewellery (that I'm not borrowing from Mum) arrived today!!

6. There is no thing number six
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I awoke abruptly this morning when Loki decided to jump from the shelf over the bed head, at least a metre above where we sleep, directly onto my back. Thanks puss, you twerp.

Went to Pump for the first time in a week and aquitted myself without too much embarassment (though because of my feet the amount of weight I can do on the shoulder tracks is pitiful, pitiful!) It was fun to have a posse, I was there with [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] _audhumla_, I hope we can do that more often.

I spent the rest of the middle of the day on domestic duties; supermarket shopping, cooking and replanting leeks. I changed the kitty litter but determinidley ignored the dishes.

I have discovered that the organic skincare I won at the expo last week is quite divine. This is how they get you, they entice you with freebies then get you hooked! so I'm thinking maybe the money I was saving up for a dayspa can instead be spent on their other products which I can use at home... By the way, if interested the website for the skincare stuff is here.

Am now at work, and it's shaping up to be one of those nights...
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I'm six hours in to a twelve hour shift. I am working twelve hours because I'm a glutton for punishment, just a girl who cain't say no, a concientious worker who couldn't leave her work in the lurch when the day person called in sick (and wants to save for her honeymoon).

So far not so bad, except it meant missing gym. :-( Will have to make up for it tomorrow! Midday Pump, anyone with me?


Jul. 1st, 2009 05:16 pm
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For the past ten days I've been dieting and going to the gym every day for at least half an hour (and I've been mixing it up so that I do weights one day, then swim the next, then play with the rower and treadmill the next etc). I have been doing this because about two weeks ago I weighed myself and I weighed more than I ever have in my life- significantly more. Moreover I feel sluggish, flabby and getting up stairs has become a difficulty. So I decided to get serious about the health stuff, go on a sensible diet and get off my bottom and to the gym (injuries plus sickness plus depression had snowballed and I'd not been in oh, five weeks, possibly more)

So, in ten days I have:
-tried lots of new delicious recipes
-had a serve of yoghurt every day
-eaten salad once every two days
-drunk a lot of water
-not had a single fizzy drink or chocolate bar
-excersized every day
-lost nearly 5 kilos

Which is all very heartening, though I think the most heartening bit will come when I can fit into pants I bought last year, or even the year before. :-)

I've noticed in the past ten days that I've had more energy, felt happier and have had less headaches and stomach aches. Yay!

Then yesterday [ profile] mc_shamo bought me a really yummy wholemeal sourdough fruit roll to have and my afternoon snack. Yay! Except about half an hour after eating it I got a massive gut ache with bloating and felt incredibly uncomfortable for the next seven hours. Now I've had a bit of bread over the last little while-but not much. Is it possible to be allergic to sourdough but not other breads? Or only to be allargic to bread in largeish doses?

I really hope this is not the start of a gluten intolerance, cos I'm a girl who likes her pastries...
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Last night I was too tired to go dancing which was a bit sad, but meant I got some quality time with [ profile] mc_shamo while we took the piss out of a crappy movie on tv. I also cooked something that made Seamus go "wow" which makes me happy (a pasta bake with red onion, bacon, swiss mushrooms, whole grain mustard, parsley and a very small amount of evaporated milk to bind).

Last week Seamus cracked it with our crappy matteress and bought a new one, it arrived today. I know that Seamus is the man for me because together we moved a crappy, bulky queen-sized matteress down stairs, through the house and into the garage and then did the reverse with the new matteress (harder as new matteress not-crappy which means not-bendy and we were going up stairs) and it was fun. At one point I nearly collapsed laughing (I think that was when we were trying to convince the cats they wanted to go in the study so we could open the doors downstairs- they were too excited to be picked up so we were literally trying to herd cats, it took a while!) and now we have a decent matteress that does not sag in the middle and still has fabric all over it, yay!

Sleeping on the new matteress really brought home to me how much we neded it- I slept the night through! And woke up comfy! Fantastic!

This morning we had an earlyish breakfast then headed off for a gym session before I met up with my cousin Emily, [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] cows_might_fly (my bridesmaids!) and [ profile] clappamungus (not my bridesmaid) at fraus for crepes and chatting, then bade Shayne farewell as the rest of us tottled into "Call me Madam" to appraise the dresses for bridesmaids-worthiness. I think the verdict was that we'd keep the dress in question in mind and definitelly keep an eye on the shop (such preeeeety things!) Then Kate, Emily and I went on an adventure to Brunswick st so I could buy a new swimsuit (a gym one, not a beach one) I got a very plain black swimsuit, one-piece with legs coming down into shorts, which is actually what I was after last time I bought a swimsuit too! I also got a perfume spray because it smelled divine and like summer-inna-bottle.

I managed to do all this and get back home for lunch by 1:30pm, then get showered and changed and presentable for work, where I am now.

And I'm cheerful, I'm peppy, I'm perky- I'd go as far as to say I'm chipper.

Wish me a quiet shift!
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Today is my last day hanging round the house being lazy before I'm at work properly (no more training!) I'm enjoying the chance to chill and catch up on chores.

I plan to hit the gym with [ profile] mc_shamo tonight around 7:30pm for a Pump class, anyone interested in joining me?

Things to do today:

-Bring washing in off line

-Do two loads of washing

-Put said loads on line And even got one back off the line dry, go me and my domestic skillz!

-Get through to someone at Melbourne Uni and make sure my enrollment is okay and alert them to the fact that two of my classes are listed as being at the same time in the same place and it only took six phone calls and one hour!

-Call the council and book removal of Christmas Tree Have now been on hold to City Waste for a quarter of an hour, still waiting... YOU LEAVE ME ON HOLD 25 MINS THEN TELL ME THAT THERE ARE NO COLLECTIONS IN JANUARY AND THE NEXT ONE IS 14 FEB?!!? FUCKING COUNCIL! At least the lass on the phone seemed to agree it was stupid that it's physically impossible to get rid of a Christmas tree until mid February. What utter nonsense.


-Make Awesome Super Fun Happy Tom Khah Soup

-Play guitar

-Have a stab at more lyric writing

-Rough out a pattern for the coat I want to knit (I once again have a knitting friendly job, hurrah!)


-Go to gym

And I just remembered that there is still a Phoenix Lemon, Lime and Bitters in the fridge, score!
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Well, I seem to have struck a lull, so while I wait for more work to come along (which it just did, I started to type this an hour ago, but have again hit lull) I may as well update about my weekend.

Friday I went to [ profile] cows_might_fly’s place after work and hung out with her and [ profile] _audhumla_ for a bit before Sarah nicely drove Eva and me to gym where we went to Pump. Getting home proved interesting as it was pouring with rain and the taxi we called didn’t show. Once we did get home with pizzas and junk food we and [ profile] mc_shamo and [ profile] clappamungus had dinner and watched through to the end of Press Gang (Don’t worry [ profile] vivienne_aster, by the time you’re back and in the swing of gym etc. again I’m sure I can persuade people we need to go back for you to watch the eps you’ve missed!).

Saturday [ profile] mc_shamo and I braved the horrible weather to meet [ profile] _bounce_ and go to the Artist Market on at the local Scout Hall. This was silly in retrospect as the weather was truly bloody awful. Still, I got some pot holders and tea towels for various relatives for Christmas, and I think Lisa did well too. We all caught the train into the city and I got drenched waiting for the 86 tram to take me to Fitzroy, where I picked up my new shiny boots which are Made of Awesome.

Once I made it home I decided going out again would be a really stupid thing. I texted [ profile] clappamungus to beg a lift to the party that night then sat and played with my new toy guitar for a couple of hours before my parents and brother dropped in on their way home from my grandparents’ place. It was nice actually, Mum and I just sat and chatted while dad occasionally woke from his doze enough to join in.

I wore my new boots to [ profile] _audhumla_ and [ profile] ragedc’s housewarming. I had a great time. I also wore my old green dress, and old favourite- unfortunately a combination of my diminished daring and my more-developed chest meant I was slightly uncomfortable with the neckline. It was a lot more risqué than I remember it being when I was younger (as I said, either that or I didn’t care so much at 19) All in all, I’m glad it was a MUCAAS party with not too many people I didn’t know very well! I was on a nearly empty stomach, which I then filled with beer, shapes and corn chips... but mainly beer. I talked to lots of people and had a good chat with [ profile] vivienne_aster who is going off to do fieldwork for a few weeks in other bits of Australia. I also got a mite bit tipsy. When [ profile] clappamungus and [ profile] cows_might_fly very kindly gave [ profile] mc_shamo, Kate and I a lift home Kate and I were sufficiently intoxicated to be incapable of putting on our own seatbelts without collapsing into helpless giggles and confusion. In the end Eva had to get out of the front of the car, come around and buckle us in like children.

I was profoundly grateful that the next morning involved our new traditional Hot Poppy hangover breakfast.

I was supposed to go to the gym with [ profile] _audhumla_ on Sunday afternoon, but I cried off when I realised I had the increasingly rare opportunity of spending a whole afternoon with [ profile] mc_shamo without distractions or anyone present or something pressing to do. It was pleasant. Then he left and I played with the guitar some more, I can’t remember Under the Bridge or Stairway to heaven to save my life.

And then last night I made vegetarian sweet and sour pork which worked extraordinarily well and prawn crackers and [ profile] impostinator and I ate it while watching Spaced and drinking pomegranate and cherry juice. We discovered pomegranate and cherry juice is much enhanced by the addition of either vodka or gin, and my hot chocolate recipe (my real one with real chocolate and cinnamon sticks and cloves) is enhanced by a healthy dose of Franjelico and Crème de Cacao. Yum.

So: friends, gym, good food, alcohol, party, cats, beloved, boots.

Weekends are nice.
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This afternoon I finish work at 4:30. I plan to go directly to gym, arriving about 5:15 and work out for an hour or two, roughtly aiming to be home by 7:30pm

I then plan to faff round for a bit then head out to Mr McClellen's Finishing School at Trades Hall, and I was wondering who else was thinking of going?

Mr Andrew McClelland and friends present a night of excellent songs to dance to.

This is an indie/pop night for those who love music – classic indie, modern indie, 60s rock, 60s soul and eclectic pop will be the order of the day. And we guarantee not to turn into a banging electro party at 2am.

From The Smiths to The Who, from Weezer to The Supremes, from Belle & Sebastian to Prince, from Pulp to MGMT. You will dance your arse off.

From 9pm on disparate Fridays; the 24 Oct, 14 Nov, 28 Nov, 12 Dec.
$8 on the door


C'mon [ profile] cows_might_fly_! I know you love dancing! And everone else, don't make me stay home and eat pizza go alone!
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I just spent 20 minutes rushing round my bedroom saying to myself "Where the hell are my tracksuit pants? Where's that clean gym towel? For the love of God, where are my runners?"

Only to go downstairs and discover them all, neatly packed in the bag I'd packed for gym this morning so as to save me time next visit...

Clever Chris.
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Need gym.


Want go gym.


Hurry up and recover body! I can feel my muscles atrophying as I type!


Anyone up for a very gentle session in the next few days? (Preferably someone from whom I can cadge a lift as I doubt cardio is a brilliant idea right now, I'll start with weights and build up!)

I know going tonight would be stupid, but tomorrow or Wednesday should be alright if I'm careful.


Sep. 9th, 2008 10:03 am
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I plan to be at the gym by about 5:30pm tonight.

Anyone want to keep me company?
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Blah, tired. But I'm glad I did the stuff I did on the weekend!

Friday night I went to the gym on my own, on the downside it was a little lonely and there was no one to chat with, but on the upside I was able to keep really focussed and/or drift off inot my own world. Then [ profile] _audhumla_, [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] clappamungus came over and watched Press Gang with me. I think we're just into the third season now.

Saturday I went to a pro-choice rally, which was fun, and interesting. I don't think I'm a socialist, but I find myself on the same side of the fence as them quite often these days. I picket up a copy of a radical feminist magazine, which I'm sure I'll get around to reading soon.

Afterwards I had lunch and hung out in the city with [ profile] greenpea33 who came to the rally with me, and [ profile] mc_shamo rocked up.

At about 4pm I said goodbye to [ profile] mc_shamo who was goingt o check out our theatre space at Trades Hall. I headed off to Port Melbourne, met up with [ profile] impostinator and went to her place via an awesome organic/health shop of serious awesome, where I spent far too much money on tea and chocolate. I'm glad I don't live as near it as [ profile] impostinator does, I'd be permanently broke! However, I'm glad it's near her place so I can pop in whenever I'm around :-)

We had dinner with [ profile] impostinator's dad and [ profile] mc_shamo at a cosy little Japanese place. Tempura, yuuum!

Sunday was a bit of a scramble. Puck wet our bed (again... sigh) so I fished my sleep on the couch. Seamus had a shower as Puck had been on his side of the bed. I woke up when he went out to meet his dad, and I spent the morning dealing with laundry, trying to get as much of it done as possible (particularley the bedding, since thanks to Puck we'd completely run out) and doing housework until Andrea came over with some props for Lysistrata. These props are long, red, latex and, well, alright yes, they're strap-ons. They look hilarious! If she ever reads this, Andrea, you did a fantastic job making them!

[ profile] mc_shamo sister kindly drove us to the city and we got to go into the Arts Centre and rehearse. Omniprop in the Arts Centre! Wow! We did our first full run of the play. I hate first full runs of plays, but that's ok, because everybody hates them, they have to be done!

After rehearsal I was meant to meet up with my parents but they piked, so I convinced [ profile] vivienne_aster that a trip to the gym would be a good thing to do with our Sunday night (mind you, I really had to twist Kate's arm on that one...) and came home afterwards pleasantly exhausted, flopped on the couch, complained loudly and often to [ profile] mc_shamo about my sore throat and cuddled up to him to watch Midsomer Murders before bed.

About the sore throat, my body is under strict orders not to sucumb to sickness this week, next week there is a strong chance I'll be unemployed, at least for a few days, so it can get sick all it wants then.
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I did an hour of cardio at the gym, go me!

I then came home and ate baked tofu with steamed veggies, go me!

Then... I had chocolate and lemon gelati...



Sep. 1st, 2008 12:58 pm
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I woke up, and got to lie in bed dozing with my beloved's arms around me for an hour, listening to the classical music coming from the clock radio.

I got out of bed and was not cold, I had a shower with nice smelling soap while having a conversation with [ profile] mc_shamo.

We made our lunches, got the cats their breakfast and drank orange juice.

We walked to the station in the sunshine, missed the train, shrugged it off and bought nice coffee from a nearby cafe.

We met [ profile] harkon on the train and chatted about internships and plays.

I am now at work, cruising along, doing all the things I'm meant to be doing, both work related and not.

Tonight I'll go to the gym with [ profile] mc_shamo if he wants/can. Regardless I'll go with [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] fnoo, [ profile] clappamungus and [ profile] cows_might_fly. Endorphines are good, as are good friends :-)

It's the first of September, the first of spring. Seamus and I have been together 18 months.

I like my life.
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I am ambivelant enough about work that I won't mind if my contract finishes or is extended, either is fine.

I still can't sleep a night through, but I'm getting better at only waking up once.

[ profile] mc_shamo is sick, but I have not yet caught it.

I got in Lysistrata, I was originally cast as Kalonike, but there was the obligatory people-accepting-their-role-then-declining-later and I was bumped to Lysistrata in the ensuing re-shuffle. I'm excited and nervous, and though I've made cracks about it before, will probably get quite oversensitive about "sleeping with the director" jibes, just to warn you. Please don't make them.

I get to go to the gym less than I'd like, but when I'm there I realise how much fitter and stronger I am than this time last year, and think about how fit and strong I'll be this time next year if I keep it up.

I only seem toget to catch up with people in half hour blocks, but those half hours are very precious to me.

I'm busy, I'm working, I'm keeping a house under control, I'm playing with and feeding a kitten, I'm maintaining friendships and relationships, I'm constantly assessing feelings and avoiding depression traps. I feel like I'm drowning a lot of the time but when I look at it objectivley I'm doing ok.
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Half an hour to go, c'mon weekend!

My plans for this evening involve library, then home, then [ profile] vivienne_aster, then gym, then home, then pizza, then Press Gang. They may or may not also include [ profile] cows_might_fly, I'll know once she's gotten back to me. I am very much looking forward to this. I like being active and then getting to sit back with friends and relax. Hopefully [ profile] mc_shamo will get to rock-climb, then come home and hang out too! (Btw, [ profile] fnoo and [ profile] clappamungus, you guys are welcome too of course. Well, as far as I'm concerned, you might want to check with your respective partners...)

I went in the spa last night at the gym, hadn't donne that in ages, it felt gooood.

General Health Update

I have not yet succumbed to smoking, despite hanging out with a smoker the other night and going outside with them so they weren't on their own. I have also not yet started drinking again. I've significantly cut down on junkfood in my diet except at designated times, and even then I've reduced the amount (e.g.I had TWO chocolate freckles instead of two handfuls of them when they were handed round at work)I'm managing to go to the gym at least twice a week on average, and put up my weights twice in the last month. The only medication I'm on these days is ventilon for asthma and Nuva Ring for birth control. Sure the anxiety sometimes acts up, as does the depression, but I'm dealing. I'm coping. For the most part I'm happy.

The last few days I've been feeling a bit, well, inadequate I guess. I've had to remind myself of the above paragraph. I'm getting health back under control for the first time in about five years. This is a Good Thing.
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Chris go flop now.
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On Tuesday night I went to the gym and went the whole way through my new program. Huh, I thought when I'd finished, that wasn't very hard, I barely feel anything, I don't even think this program is doing anything! Yesterday morning I woke up with my body one big ache. Ok, so maybe the program is working after all. Going back in tonight after meeting my little brother for coffee. I'll probably be there around 6:30pm if anyone is interested in joining me ([ profile] vivienne_aster? [ profile] fnoo? [ profile] _audhumla_? etc.) :-)

Yesterday I worked eight hours like the good, wage-earner I am, then met up with [ profile] impostinator for dumplings and hot chocolate. I had to be home by 8pm to be in photos, and I realised when on the tram that I was going to be early, but then out of nowhere I saw [ profile] doesthemgkdrgn with his girlfriend Aimee which was a pleasant suprise as I thought they were still off fruit-picking somewhere warm. I got off the tram and had a ten minute chat with them, very glad I did, because they're leaving for Canada on Monday, so I was lucky to run into them now!

I managed to get home a few minutes before 8pm and chatted with [ profile] mc_shamo and [ profile] _bounce_ who was very kindly lending a hand (hee! pun!)for the photos. Then the very very awesome [ profile] sunshinenoir arrived to take photos. We were re-doing the publicity picture for Lysistrata for the posters. Very similar to the publicity shot, except with a woman's hand flicking over one of the soldiers (thanks [ profile] _bounce_!), a better background, a much better camera, a professional photographer (thanks [ profile] sunshinenoir!) and, surprisingly, less falling over of the soldiers than last time, even though I think I was lying there longer (and kept giggling, it's very hard to stay still when the others are all cracking jokes and when everytime they re-arranged the soldiers it tickled!) From what I got to see afterwards the shots look really cool.

By the time all that was finished and I'd eaten and gotten into bed it was nearly midnight.

I'm tired.

Happy, but tired.
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I was one of the many Melbournians who could not sleep last night.

So I decided what with working more than enough over the next week to cover it financially and actually feeling a bit bleugh in my stomach region and not really giving a stuff anymore since giving in my notice to take today off work. I figured I'd study...

..Heh, I woke up about half an hour ago.

I'm actually a tad cranky about this as this may throw my sleep for tonight out of whack. So I've decided that this afternoon should be spent at the gym! At least that way I might tire myself out enough that by the time I get home from class I'll want to sleep. (This is the problem with evening classes, I can't seem to make my brain understand that they're late enough that I should be in bed an hour or so after arriving home. My brain seems to feel that I need a good three hours unwinding fIrst)

Anyway, going to throw on clothes and go to the gym. Any not-at-work people who also frequent my gym and feel like a session at short notice, send me a text, I'll be there til 4pm (though probably in the pool the last 1/2 hour and consequently phoneless)


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