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From Monay to Friday this week [profile] mc_shamo and I escaped the city and drove down to Shorem, a very small town on the Mornington Penninsula (on the other side from Dromana and Rye, facing Western Port) It was awesome. Unfortunately we forgot the camera :-(


-Rescuing a tiny native fruit bat that had got itself trapped in the house. (Well, Seamus rescued it, I screamed a lot, and then rang the wildlife people for advice.) (In my defence it had been all curled up and hanging from the blind near the ceiling, we thought it was a. either a spider or moth and b. very dead, so discovering when we turned the blind that we had disturbed an alive bat was a bit of a shock!)

-Discovering that Seamus' uncle's house (in which we were staying) had an extensive veggie patch and small orchard with a BLOOD PLUM TREE!!!

-Eating lots and lots of cheese at Main Ridge Dairy and Red Hill Dairy.

-A really excellent lunch at the Red Hill brewery (excellent beer too)

-Shepherding ANOTHER bat out of our room at 3am- no idea how it got in. This bat was not as sick as the first one and was much more fiesty and terrifying (it flew at me while I was in bed, it was in ARM's REACH and ANGRY!)

-Amazing chocolates from Flinders

-Feeding and cuddling animals at the Moonlight Sanctuary and running into JayJay and Evil Sarah from choir who were working there.

-Visiting lots of farm gates for apples, cider, strawberry drinks, ice-cream and occasional friendly dogs.

-A relaxing evening at Penninsula Hot Springs, soaking and enjoying their version of Turkish Baths

-Having to come to a rather quick halt while driving to allow a mother duck and her ducklings to cross the road unharmed. VERY cute.

-Making pizza in the kitchen while looking out the big bay windows and watching the rabbits play in the garden (Disclaimer: Yes, I know, they are pests and vermin and probably the very worst thing to ever be introduced to Australia environmentally speaking. The garden at Seamus' uncle's place looks really British, has a rolling hill behind it with an English style wood and actually has the Irish flag flying, so they didn't look like pests in Australia, more like cute little furry things that went hoppity hoppity over the grass and most importantly WERE NOT BATS. I know, I know, they're horrible environmental disasters, they're just darned cute ones.)

-A fabulous lunch (I sense a theme here) at Heronwood, the property owned by the Diggers Club (an Heirloom fruits/veggies/plants gardening club), followed by a walk around the property and finally joining up as members as we've meant to do for over a year.

-A refreshing dip at Dromana beach just before heading back to Melbourne (the one day it was actually warm enough to swim on our so-called beach holiday- but I think we filled the rest of our time very well anyway!)

I'm so glad we did that. Thanks to the Magee family for lending us the house and thank you [personal profile] rin_tin_tin and Cat for minding our house and garden and cats so we could get away.

I want more of those chocolates...
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I'm quite sleep deprived. For some reason after yesterday's overnight shift I couldn't get to sleep at all, even though all the sleep I'd had was forty minutes or so around dawn when I'd fallen into a light doze. I gave up on trying at 1pm (I'd been in bed since 10am)went downstairs and made blueberry jam with the berries we'd got at the farmer's market, and made chilli con carne to freeze and take away with us tomorrow, I figure we'll have better things to spend money on than going out to eat, so I want to bring with us as much as possible in an eski.

The lovely [profile] cows_might_fly called me in the afternoon, she and [personal profile] clappamungus are back from Sri Lanka safe and sound, which was a relief as I'd gotten mildly concerned at the footage of floods there. We had a really nice talk, it was great to sit and chat with someone on the phone, it's been ages since I did that with anyone but Mum.
Then [personal profile] nearlyalegume's family dropped by, sans Amy but with her old cat run, which will live in the garage until we get back. I showed Amy's mother and sister around the front of the house, apparently they'd been kept awake by a hoon the night before, so the idea of a house that does not front on to the road had some appeal. (I didn't mention the occasional drunken foot traffic, since it really is occasional. I did mention that it's nearly impossible to get take-away delivered.)

After they left I finally felt tired enough to try sleeping again, and I managed to get an hour in before Seamus came home from work and woke me- not his fault, I was sleeping on the couch downstairs because the bedroom gets all the afternoon sun, so he could hardly avoid waking me when he came in. For some reason though once I was awake I couldn't get back to sleep. We had dinner and watched some tv, before I decided at 9:30pm to give sleep another try. I finally dropped off around 10:30, unfortunately my alarm went off at 11pm so I could get up, get dressed and come back to work!

Despite the lack of sleep, it was a lovely day, and when I get home from work I'll sleep while Seamus prepares the house and packs the car, then it's off to Shorem for five days, whee!!
I'm now caffinated and sugared up, but I'm pretty sure it'll all wear off around 3am, so here's hoping it's quiet tonight, or at least if not quiet straightforward with nothing out of the ordinary so I can work on autopilot if necessary.
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That was awesome.

Three days off work, three consecutive days off work. Friends, sun, sand, early morning yoga ("early" being anywhere between 7:30 and noon), tipsy table tennis, the chance on the first night to cook a meal for people I love, big old holiday house with matteresses everywhere (thanks again Christian if you're reading this! And thanks to your folks), fish and chips, beer, wii games, as much sleep as I wanted... It was great.

I think the waves on Sunday actually gave me bruises, I certainly feel sore, it was very rough, but so much fun!

And next weekend [ profile] mc_shamo and I are off to Castlemaine on Friday, back in Melbourne on Saturday and then off to Olinda on Sunday for a romantic mini-break to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and one month until our wedding.

And after that I'm guessing insanity will rule for four weeks, so it's a darn good thing I'm getting so much relaxation in now.


Oct. 5th, 2009 09:04 am
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After several shift changes (about 5 in all I think!) I ended up working from Saturday 3pm right through to Sunday 7:30am. It sounds bad but it was actually quiet for a Saturday night (I actually checked the phones were working at one point!) and it meant that I got yesterday completely OFF!

I got home about 8am and slept until midday. Luckily as I thought I'd be working I'd already made lunch for [ profile] mc_shamo and I in advance, so all I had to do was stumble down the stairs and revive over a chicken salad.

After lunch we decided it was too nice a day to stay inside. We also looked at our "Gardening" fund and found it had enough money in it for a compost bin. With these factors combined we decided to make our way to Ceres in Brunswick. We ran into [ profile] hespa there in the queue for coffee and said hi to [ profile] aurellia who was there with her family, then I sat on the lawn sipping chai and watching two of the cutest little girls ever playing chasey, and a gorgeous hyperactive dog running around and around and around the cafe, all while lazily discussing the future with Seamus and enjoying the sunshine.

After a walk around looking at the animals and bikes and stuff we made our way to the nursery. We lusted after the native plants for a while then chatted to a lovely bloke about our composting needs (two people house with bugger-all garden, trying to grow herbs and sick of "wasting" food scraps) who suggested we get a Worm Cafe and took us through how to use it in detail. We bought one and 1000 worms to start our wormfarm. In the car home we decided the worms were our new pets. They are all called Leslie.

Once home we set up the worm farm in the garage (it's meant to be completely out of the sun, and let's face it, we're never going to clear enough space in our garage to park the car there anyway!) and made sure the Leslies were comfy. Inspired by our new purchase we set about clearing the front garden of grass and weeds, we've made a significant dent, and we're thinking of planting some native plants there with the landlords' permission- which I'm sure we'll get as our landlords are my parents and they're very easygoing.

In the evening I made spicy indian roo burgers and tandoori vegetables and we went for a walk around the neighbourhood, enjoying the dusk and the birdsong. Then we realised we'd completely forgotten to do any grocery shopping for the coming week, so high-tailed it to Coles.

And we've also planned our next mini holiday, on Wednesday the 28th of Oct we're going to leave Melbourne proper about 5pm and spend the night in Healesville, then the next day have a look around and visit the Sanctuary as I've never been. We'll be doing this on the cheap this time, so not looking for the luxury of the last holiday, but I realised how much better I feel after a break, no matter how short, so I plan to take them more often in future.

By the way, anyone who can get the Thursday off work is more than welcome to join us!
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Sure I could be doing the dishes. I could be cooking dinner. I could have cleaned the lounge room.

But playing with this, and this, and this and finally this...

is a lot more fun!
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I did indeed go to more markets. I bought mangos, they were yummy.

After one market we went back to [ profile] fin's place where he crashed out, I watched the rest of Spaced and ate mangoes.

That night he took me to the sail club where he was a member. We had dinner overlooking Fannie Bay, into which the sun set, it was very pretty. I have photos, will post tonight.

We walked to Mindil Beach where there was a night market. I love being out after dark on warm days. We saw this awesome, awesome kids music and puppet show, The Amazing Drumming Monkeys. They were great, two monkey puppets playing African drums and telling kids to all get along and plant trees :-) I wish they'd come to Melbourne, I'd so go see them again. I looked at sarongs and cotton shirts and things, all much cheaper than you'd find them here, but ultimately decided that I could not afford them, and had no space in my bag to take them home anyway.

We walked back to [ profile] fin's place, where we hung out for a few more hours until it was time for me to call a taxi. Darwin airport had it's own special brand of hell in store for me. The arrival/departure lounge, which I think can comfortable take about 200 people, had something like 500 in it. Planes had been delayed all over the shop, some for 14 hours. There were lots of hot and bothered and Not Happy people, no room, and to make things worse the silly buggers at the airport have put a pub in next to the lounge, so now there were people who had started Not Happy and were now Drunk, Belligerant and Not Happy. Whoopee. Plus as they had this mix up they kept having to find gates for planes to land near, as they gate they were suppsed to land near was often being taken up by another plane. So my plane was late, it was 3am, I was tired, hot and surrounded by lots of tired, hot people, some of whom were drunk, most of whom were annoyed. I couldn't go to sleep because I was scared they'd change the gate again and I wouldn't hear it and would get left behind (I know it's unlikely, I just get anxious) and it was generally Uncool. Luckily the shops in the airport were still open (all three of them- Gods it's a tiny airport!) so I went inot the one selling soaps and kimonos and beauty products because it was the place least populated by drunken yobbos. The nice lady in there took pity on me and talked to me to keep me awake. She told me all about the soaps and how they're made and where (they're all local) and was calm and pleasant and chatty. I was so grateful for the reprieve I bought three soaps.

Finally got back to Melbourne, and was so overwhelmingly happy to get in my front door and be greeted by my lovely cats. I put sonme washing on the line, rang [ profile] mc_shamo to let him know I was home, went upstairs and proceeded to sleep the day away.

I woke up around 3pm, and it was lucky I did. I heard the doorbell go, so went downstairs, there was a man there with six long-stemmed red roses in a vase with other pretty greenery, which he handed over to me. I found a card from Seamus that read "Welcome home love" and felt very special and loved and cared for. :-)

I put the flowers on the table, then had to move them as the two cats sprang up and immediately began to eat the greenery. I put them on a high shelf the boys couldn't get at (Loki gave up immediately- I've put things up there before- Puck kept trying for a quarter of an hour. Wish I'd had a camera, hilarious) and slowly, luxuriously slowly, had a shower and got dressed and headed out for counseling at 7pm.

After counseling, which did the same amount of good and caused the same amount of pain as a trip to the dentist, I finally met up with Seamus. There was much hugging, then there was Indian food. Yum. Then when we got home I gave him the little present I'd brought him (a stubby holder with a print of an indigenous painting on it) showed him the website for the Amazing Drumming Monkeys and went to bed.

I had fun, I am glad to be home.
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This week I worked 38.5 hours at my casual job, at which I am payed $19.50 per hour.

I'm in the money less tax, I'm in the money less tax.

This is all in aid of [ profile] mc_shamo and I being able to have an amazingly decadent weekend in the Yarra Valley for our anniversary. It's funny, sometimes I can't believe it's been a year already, sometimes I can't believe it's only been a year. Either way I think it deserves celebration.

Most of our plans for the weekend (that can be discussed publicly) involve food. Lots of food. Wine, cheese, quail, blueberries... yum. We've spent this whole afternoon looking up restaurants and wineries in the area and planning the trip.

I worked an almost full day Tuesday, then over 8 hours Wed-Sat. Today is my one day off and then I'm working every day until we leave (hopefully full days as well, I'm only rostered for half days most of the time, but I'm sure it'll be busy enough for me to stay back) I'm just trying to think of the money.

Oh, I also applied for a promotion at work, just one level up. Of course if I get something outside Ticketmaster I'll be thrilled, but if not the extra little bit (or the switch to full-time with all added benefits) will help quite a lot until I can get a brand new job.
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Whee! Spa, champagne, chocolates, gardens, wines, a cottage in Olinda (yay for mountains- or what passes for them here!), [ profile] mc_shamo and me. First anniversary weekend SORTED!

Now I just have to make sure I have enough money... less going out for breakfasts and coffees next month methinks, will be worth it!

Yay! Nice thing to anticipate!


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