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I'm back!

What'd I miss?
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Age article spruiking Castlemaine as "New Northcote North"

Actually, that sounds like a place both [ profile] mc_shamo and I could get jobs one we're finished our Masters (Especially if the shift of Melbourne people is displacing locals- they'll need social workers! Who've moved from Melbourne! Wait a minute...) And those housing prices look more affordable than anywhere livable in the inner city. The houses look alright too!

Now, to convince everyone else they either want to live there or buy a weekend retreat there... (or come and crash on our couch for the weekend, then we can come crash on yours when we come back to Melbourne!)

Dreams, plots, plans, fun. :-)


May. 10th, 2009 10:22 pm
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Where do people want to live?

I've been thinking about where I'd like to live, work, raise a family etc. I've come to the conclusion that though my dream would be a double terrace in Story st Parkville it ain't gonna happen. I've come to another conclusion: I don't actually really mind where I live as long as I'm not too far from friends. The reason I like where I am now is that I am in the middle of Kate and Michael and Eva and Shayne and Sarah and Daniel and Helen and Lisa. I'm actually pretty sure they're all in a 2k radius of our place, or not much more at any rate.

So I'm interested, where do people want to live? Inner city? Out bush? East? Weat? North? Bayside? And what is your dream home like? I'll start:

My dream home is probably single story and detached, with a very small garden but a large park nearby. It has a reliable tram/bus. It is 3 bedrooms plus study or has room for a study nook, with 2 bathrooms or at least a separate bathroom and toilet. It is energy efficient. It gets a lot of natural light. The walls are thick so sound doesn't bleed from room to room. It has mainly wooden floors. It is close to something soothing like a river, beach or mountain (in the case of the Story St terrace the soothing thing would be PA's or the Corkman I guess). It is somewhere I could live for the rest of my life- I am so sick of moving house. I guess if I were given the choice it would be in: Parkville (hah!) carlton (hah!) East Brunswick, Brunswick, Seddon, Spotswood, Footscray, Marybinong, Yarraville, Kensington, Ascot Vale or Essendon.

What about you?
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Today is my last day hanging round the house being lazy before I'm at work properly (no more training!) I'm enjoying the chance to chill and catch up on chores.

I plan to hit the gym with [ profile] mc_shamo tonight around 7:30pm for a Pump class, anyone interested in joining me?

Things to do today:

-Bring washing in off line

-Do two loads of washing

-Put said loads on line And even got one back off the line dry, go me and my domestic skillz!

-Get through to someone at Melbourne Uni and make sure my enrollment is okay and alert them to the fact that two of my classes are listed as being at the same time in the same place and it only took six phone calls and one hour!

-Call the council and book removal of Christmas Tree Have now been on hold to City Waste for a quarter of an hour, still waiting... YOU LEAVE ME ON HOLD 25 MINS THEN TELL ME THAT THERE ARE NO COLLECTIONS IN JANUARY AND THE NEXT ONE IS 14 FEB?!!? FUCKING COUNCIL! At least the lass on the phone seemed to agree it was stupid that it's physically impossible to get rid of a Christmas tree until mid February. What utter nonsense.


-Make Awesome Super Fun Happy Tom Khah Soup

-Play guitar

-Have a stab at more lyric writing

-Rough out a pattern for the coat I want to knit (I once again have a knitting friendly job, hurrah!)


-Go to gym

And I just remembered that there is still a Phoenix Lemon, Lime and Bitters in the fridge, score!
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I love my house. We've spent the last couple of days cleaning it and moving things around. It looks better than ever. I love this place because it is pretty and functional. It contains the material possessions I care about. I think it has my and [ profile] mc_shamo's personalities stamped all over it. It is where our two cats live. I think what decorating there is is tasteful and stylish. It's small and cozy and bright and cheerful and restful. It's a home. It feels right, it feels like it's mine.
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I did indeed go to more markets. I bought mangos, they were yummy.

After one market we went back to [ profile] fin's place where he crashed out, I watched the rest of Spaced and ate mangoes.

That night he took me to the sail club where he was a member. We had dinner overlooking Fannie Bay, into which the sun set, it was very pretty. I have photos, will post tonight.

We walked to Mindil Beach where there was a night market. I love being out after dark on warm days. We saw this awesome, awesome kids music and puppet show, The Amazing Drumming Monkeys. They were great, two monkey puppets playing African drums and telling kids to all get along and plant trees :-) I wish they'd come to Melbourne, I'd so go see them again. I looked at sarongs and cotton shirts and things, all much cheaper than you'd find them here, but ultimately decided that I could not afford them, and had no space in my bag to take them home anyway.

We walked back to [ profile] fin's place, where we hung out for a few more hours until it was time for me to call a taxi. Darwin airport had it's own special brand of hell in store for me. The arrival/departure lounge, which I think can comfortable take about 200 people, had something like 500 in it. Planes had been delayed all over the shop, some for 14 hours. There were lots of hot and bothered and Not Happy people, no room, and to make things worse the silly buggers at the airport have put a pub in next to the lounge, so now there were people who had started Not Happy and were now Drunk, Belligerant and Not Happy. Whoopee. Plus as they had this mix up they kept having to find gates for planes to land near, as they gate they were suppsed to land near was often being taken up by another plane. So my plane was late, it was 3am, I was tired, hot and surrounded by lots of tired, hot people, some of whom were drunk, most of whom were annoyed. I couldn't go to sleep because I was scared they'd change the gate again and I wouldn't hear it and would get left behind (I know it's unlikely, I just get anxious) and it was generally Uncool. Luckily the shops in the airport were still open (all three of them- Gods it's a tiny airport!) so I went inot the one selling soaps and kimonos and beauty products because it was the place least populated by drunken yobbos. The nice lady in there took pity on me and talked to me to keep me awake. She told me all about the soaps and how they're made and where (they're all local) and was calm and pleasant and chatty. I was so grateful for the reprieve I bought three soaps.

Finally got back to Melbourne, and was so overwhelmingly happy to get in my front door and be greeted by my lovely cats. I put sonme washing on the line, rang [ profile] mc_shamo to let him know I was home, went upstairs and proceeded to sleep the day away.

I woke up around 3pm, and it was lucky I did. I heard the doorbell go, so went downstairs, there was a man there with six long-stemmed red roses in a vase with other pretty greenery, which he handed over to me. I found a card from Seamus that read "Welcome home love" and felt very special and loved and cared for. :-)

I put the flowers on the table, then had to move them as the two cats sprang up and immediately began to eat the greenery. I put them on a high shelf the boys couldn't get at (Loki gave up immediately- I've put things up there before- Puck kept trying for a quarter of an hour. Wish I'd had a camera, hilarious) and slowly, luxuriously slowly, had a shower and got dressed and headed out for counseling at 7pm.

After counseling, which did the same amount of good and caused the same amount of pain as a trip to the dentist, I finally met up with Seamus. There was much hugging, then there was Indian food. Yum. Then when we got home I gave him the little present I'd brought him (a stubby holder with a print of an indigenous painting on it) showed him the website for the Amazing Drumming Monkeys and went to bed.

I had fun, I am glad to be home.
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Last night I had [ profile] fin over to dinner. He had not seen my new house, so I gave him the tour. When we got to the bedroom he said "This is your room?"


"This is your room?"




"But... it's clean!"

Is it that surprising I can keep a room (and house for that matter) in a decent state? ;-P

In other news, I got dizzy this morning on the crowded train, I could actually feel that there was less oxygen in the carriage than outside. I am still feeling woozy and getting worse as the day progresses. This is not a good thing, is it? Hmm, may have to go home early, hope not, see how I feel after lunch... I'll definitely be upset if I have to miss [ profile] kitty_ryan's drinks!
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I've cleared a lot of crap in our "dining area", and put together two flat packed cd/dvd shelves, staked them on top of each other and put them in the corner of the lounge room, which is furnished with the red lounge suite we bought last weekend and decorated. I've also sorted more of the bookcases into some sort of neatness.

[ profile] mc_shamo and I went grocery shopping, hung the washing, and worked out that you can in fact fit two people in our bath in relative comfort. ;-)

I made soup, Seamus is currently doing the dishes, and he got a lot of translating done.

I also watched almost every episode of Daria I have on tape.

The kitten is curled in a ball on the long couch, fast asleep.

I'm having rather a lot of fun with this "our own place" business.


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