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This is what your flat would look like tarted up renovated. It's actually a little eerie looking at the pictures!

If only I had a spare $350000...
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Age article spruiking Castlemaine as "New Northcote North"

Actually, that sounds like a place both [ profile] mc_shamo and I could get jobs one we're finished our Masters (Especially if the shift of Melbourne people is displacing locals- they'll need social workers! Who've moved from Melbourne! Wait a minute...) And those housing prices look more affordable than anywhere livable in the inner city. The houses look alright too!

Now, to convince everyone else they either want to live there or buy a weekend retreat there... (or come and crash on our couch for the weekend, then we can come crash on yours when we come back to Melbourne!)

Dreams, plots, plans, fun. :-)


May. 10th, 2009 10:22 pm
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Where do people want to live?

I've been thinking about where I'd like to live, work, raise a family etc. I've come to the conclusion that though my dream would be a double terrace in Story st Parkville it ain't gonna happen. I've come to another conclusion: I don't actually really mind where I live as long as I'm not too far from friends. The reason I like where I am now is that I am in the middle of Kate and Michael and Eva and Shayne and Sarah and Daniel and Helen and Lisa. I'm actually pretty sure they're all in a 2k radius of our place, or not much more at any rate.

So I'm interested, where do people want to live? Inner city? Out bush? East? Weat? North? Bayside? And what is your dream home like? I'll start:

My dream home is probably single story and detached, with a very small garden but a large park nearby. It has a reliable tram/bus. It is 3 bedrooms plus study or has room for a study nook, with 2 bathrooms or at least a separate bathroom and toilet. It is energy efficient. It gets a lot of natural light. The walls are thick so sound doesn't bleed from room to room. It has mainly wooden floors. It is close to something soothing like a river, beach or mountain (in the case of the Story St terrace the soothing thing would be PA's or the Corkman I guess). It is somewhere I could live for the rest of my life- I am so sick of moving house. I guess if I were given the choice it would be in: Parkville (hah!) carlton (hah!) East Brunswick, Brunswick, Seddon, Spotswood, Footscray, Marybinong, Yarraville, Kensington, Ascot Vale or Essendon.

What about you?


Mar. 11th, 2009 12:06 pm
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I'm fighting this cold for one more day, tomorrow I have a day off work, and I can collapse in bed with all my textbooks and write my essay there. sure it's not ideal but it's what I have right now.

You know what my new favourite thing to do at work when on the phone is? Look at houses! I have to pay at least some attention when on the phone (I'm not talking, but I take notes on what the doctors say to each other), so can't do anything too engaging like read a book or write my essay. Instead I look at houses. I go to and punch in the right price range and bedrooms and look around the inner north and west and I've come to the conclusion that very few people have good colour sense. Also that I have rather eclectic taste since I like this house (and I'm not quite sure why, and think it's too far out), and this house, which is completely different (and without a price, which means probably very much out of our price range, even in five years, this one is also nice and this house, which is completely different again (and needs some serious redoing in the kitchen at least).

I've always liked looking at houses, and now I have a (very thin) excuse to do so. Still, hopefully that means by the time we're actually ready to buy I'm an expert! Seriously, anyone looking to move, renting or buying, let me know because I'm happy to do the online browsing.

Have finally tracked down what went wrong with my pay, and am now definitely being paid on Friday. I guess in a way it's good, it gives me less time in between pay cycles and hopefully more to save, and at least being paid on Friday means I can go bra shopping in the morning on Saturday, as I'm quickly becoming accustomed to this feeling comfortable and not-squished thing. :-) Yay, bright side!
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Today is my last day hanging round the house being lazy before I'm at work properly (no more training!) I'm enjoying the chance to chill and catch up on chores.

I plan to hit the gym with [ profile] mc_shamo tonight around 7:30pm for a Pump class, anyone interested in joining me?

Things to do today:

-Bring washing in off line

-Do two loads of washing

-Put said loads on line And even got one back off the line dry, go me and my domestic skillz!

-Get through to someone at Melbourne Uni and make sure my enrollment is okay and alert them to the fact that two of my classes are listed as being at the same time in the same place and it only took six phone calls and one hour!

-Call the council and book removal of Christmas Tree Have now been on hold to City Waste for a quarter of an hour, still waiting... YOU LEAVE ME ON HOLD 25 MINS THEN TELL ME THAT THERE ARE NO COLLECTIONS IN JANUARY AND THE NEXT ONE IS 14 FEB?!!? FUCKING COUNCIL! At least the lass on the phone seemed to agree it was stupid that it's physically impossible to get rid of a Christmas tree until mid February. What utter nonsense.


-Make Awesome Super Fun Happy Tom Khah Soup

-Play guitar

-Have a stab at more lyric writing

-Rough out a pattern for the coat I want to knit (I once again have a knitting friendly job, hurrah!)


-Go to gym

And I just remembered that there is still a Phoenix Lemon, Lime and Bitters in the fridge, score!
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Last night I had [ profile] fin over to dinner. He had not seen my new house, so I gave him the tour. When we got to the bedroom he said "This is your room?"


"This is your room?"




"But... it's clean!"

Is it that surprising I can keep a room (and house for that matter) in a decent state? ;-P

In other news, I got dizzy this morning on the crowded train, I could actually feel that there was less oxygen in the carriage than outside. I am still feeling woozy and getting worse as the day progresses. This is not a good thing, is it? Hmm, may have to go home early, hope not, see how I feel after lunch... I'll definitely be upset if I have to miss [ profile] kitty_ryan's drinks!
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Saturday we got up early and met [ profile] vivienne_aster and [ profile] fnoo at our local cafe for breakfast. Typically, since we were introducing people to the place the waitress wasn't there, or the person who usually makes the coffee, meaning they were understaffed, slow and had mediochre coffee. Still, the food was nice, well, mine was :-)

Kate and Michael very nicely dropped [ profile] mc_shamo and I off at uni and we meandered towards [ profile] penelope_jane's house, only to be twarted by road closures. Still we met up with her eventually, and with her help managed to get a table from IKEA, the last of our urgent big purchases, and get out to [ profile] insomnius' mum's house for [ profile] insomnius' going away party. It was fun. [ profile] penelope_jane taught me a puzzle with dice about polar bears and then we played Lunch Money, which I have not played since about 2002. Yay Lunch Money! I got to see Rachael, which was very awesome, and she very sweetly lent me all of Press Gang on long-term loan, and gave me every episode of Daria she possessed on disk.

On the way home we had the company of [ profile] laurenmitchel who was going to Brunswick, it was nice to see her in the flesh again, then Penny dropped Seamus and I home where we had dinner, got changed and headed out for [ profile] fnoo's 90s party, which was heaps of fun! We watched The Late Show and [ profile] rin_tin_tin, [ profile] _audhumla_ and I danced to that song by the Venga boys... is it called Venga Bus? I also discovered happily that I can go outside with the smokers (or smoker in this case) when the amount of people gets too much for me, and not smoke. This may have something to do with the fact I wasn't drinking, but still, I was quite pleased and proud. I had fun chatting to people, and actually I really had fun dancing. I have not danced at a party in a long time. I think parties I attend need more dancing.

The next morning I woke up with a headache. As the strongest thing I'd drunk the night before was lemon, lime and bitters I thought this a tad unfair. Still, I hadn't managed to slip in any water with my fizzy drinks, and I don't have much sugar in one go these days, so perhaps it was my own fault after all. Seamus made scrambled eggs with not-bacon and mushrooms, which was tasty.

I was meant to be meeting my PALS client, but their caseworker rang me to say the client could no longer make it, hopefully we'll reschedule soon. So instead I cleared the floor in our dining area while watching Press Gang, then swept it, [ profile] mc_shamo mopped it (and all the upstairs tiled areas, and vacuumed the carpet) and then we brought our new table in. I really like the way downstairs looks now. It makes me feel happy coming home to it. And it means we can start having people over for dinner soon, and having pub at ours, yay!!

Today I got to work early as I discovered in the move I've lost my bloody Notice of Assessment, so need to get a Tax Pack and do it the old fashioned way. If anyone is interested I was thinking a gym trip this evening since I completeley failed in going over the weekend.

Now I'm at work, I should probably stop procrastinating...


Feb. 28th, 2008 10:34 pm
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[ profile] mc_shamo and I, as a couple, now have:

10 pairs of wooden chopsticks
8 woven placemats
8 woven coasters
1 beautiful kitten



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