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-Woke up with no voice after yesterday's 16 hours of sleep deprived hell at work
-Revived over husband-cooked breakfast, strepsil and asproclear
-Walked to the primary school and, after a long queue, voted
-Decided it was too muggy for coffee and too early for sausage
-Crossed road to Scout Hall
-Bought raffle ticket from nice scout mother who was my teacher in year 7 (Religion I think, neither of us could remember)
-Picked up the Christmas tree we'd pre-ordered from the scouts (actually, [profile] mc_shamo picked iot up, and carried it home too)
-Got home, placed tree in stand with water, put it in the most attractive position and plan to try to ignore it until Wednesday when we both have the day off work and will put up the decorations
-Drove to Icehouse
-Skated on my BRAND NEW ICE SKATES! Seamus gave them to me for my birthday. I was lots of fun, but breaking them in will take a while. I'm going to try to go back once a week until after Christmas to break them in before I take any lessons. Anyone who would like to come with me it would be great to have company!
-Went to CostCo across the road for a cheap lunch, then bought a beautiful hand made gourmet Christmas pudding, a proper one that has "Best Before 2013" on it. We'll probably have my Dad's family around to our place before Christmas as I'm working Christmas day, and that is afternoon tea sorted :-)
-Came home and got dinner together than headed off for work!

Day off tomorrow, I plan to sleep, do some housework, sleep, bake, sleep, sleep, sleeeeeep...
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I've done it once before in 1997, and it seems that it wasn't a fluke. I've found something physical I'm naturally good at. This is very rare for me.

Definitely planning to go back, though I can't really afford the full price and I'm working next Tuesday, so it may have to be in a fortnight's time. I also might save up for some lessons, I'd like to be able to try skating backwards and stopping suddenly and spinning (all things I did last time, but there were WAY too many people on the ice last night to even attempt anything but skating around in a big circle.)

I'm not even all that sore today, I guess years of rollerblading have stood me in good stead despite not having done that since I was 20.
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Tomorrow. 7-10pm. $13.25/$12.50 including skates ($3 spectator ticket). At Icehouse in Docklands.



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