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Work: I am enjoying work at the moment. I like most of the people I work with and even those with whom my personality clashes I can respect and work with well. I still feel like I am doing something worthwhile and while this is definitaly not a career job it is a great job to have in my mid 20s and has given me a stable background and foundation from which to work out what I do want to do as a career.

Study: At this stage I think I will give up the Masters in Social Work. I dislike the course, in particular the teaching, and I didn't get along with (too) many of the other students. If they are indicative of the kinds of people and personalities I'll be working with... no thank you. Also the hours were becoming impossible to combine with my job.

Sometime tomorrow today I will hear from a representative from SEEK education who will be checking whether I want to enrol in a Graduate Diploma of Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. I will tell her I want to enrol in the September term. I've asked Melbourne UNi to send me my academic transcript and sometime this week I will suspend my Masters.

Married Life: I am really enjoying it so far. I'm not sure how much has changed. We've used it as a motivator to get our lives sorted out, so we've opened a new joint account and written up a budget and have a rough five-year plan that involves a house and a dog and hopefully a baby.

With the death of Seamus' father the meaning of our vows has really been brought home to me. Through no fault of ours (or anyone's) and without our marriage being "in trouble" we are definitely experienceing the "worse" in the "better or worse" and the "bad" in the "good times and bad." Without being married we'd be going through the same thing anyway and reacting in the same way, and it would still be my role to be supportive and loving and do all I could to help, but it feels good and right that we were willing to stand up in front of our friends and family and promise these things and that we are now following through on them. It's one of the few things that feels good about the situation. It means they weren't just words, and the wedding wasn't just an excuse for a party.

I was overjoyed when Seamus decided to hyphenate his name. I really love that we now have the same surname without either of us having to give up our name. I also love that we acknowledge both our families with our name, and yet we are definitely our own little family. We are not the Magees, we are not the Curtains, we are the Curtain-Magees, simultaneously both families and specifically our own. Symbolically of course, but it's a symbolism that makes me very happy.

Family: Family are doing as well as can be expected, considering. My sister-in-law has an exhibition that I really want to see, and I think my mother-in-law is planning on selling some of her paintings soon. My parents are well, though Mum is having an operation in June and will be home recovering for six weeks afterwards. Hopefully I'll be able to drive out and spend time with her during the day when I'm not working. Dad has been really great recently. He's spoken to me a lot about what he went through when his father died and has been concerned about Seamus without prying. He also came and prayed with us at Tony's side while he was dying and then officiated at the burial a week ago. It's sometimes helpful having a Catholic deacon for a father ;-) In some ways it did more to show that our two families are now joined than our wedding did. It's one thing to be welcoming to new people on a joyous occasion, quite another after a death.

Grandparents on all sides seem to be good, my grandfather had a hip operation while we were on honeymoon but is now home and much better.

Friends: No major crisies for so long it's making me wonder if we've all grown up. I'm really looking forward to Michael and Kate's wedding next Saturday, and then for the first time in about four years I will not have a wedding invitation on the fridge. As the wedding stage finishes (or at least tapers off) the children stage is starting, at least one person reading this is expecting a child before the end of winter. I'm looking forward to the children stage in my friendship groups, even though I know it will change my social life much more dramatically than the marriage stage did.

My friends remain some of the most important people in my life. I feel very blessed when I think of the people with whom I'm surrounded.

Cats: They're shits, but they're very cute shits.
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The storm was liked by our: basil, strawberry bush, lettuce, nasistrums, marigolds, tomato plants, capsicum plants

The storm was not liked by our: cats

I liked yesterday, which involved a trip to Ceres with [ profile] vivienne_aster to buy veggies and fruit and some plants.

I liked today, a sleep in then trip to the supermarket with [ profile] mc_shamo, then I made three meals for over the next few days.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, which will involve a boozy celebratory lunch with [ profile] impostinator, watching the dancing at the Atherton Gardens Harmony bbq then dinner out with [ profile] lauren_mitchell.

Life is good.
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Well, what a huge weekend that was!

Saturday morning started when I was gently woken by [ profile] mc_shamo and told I'd got an sms on my mobile, it was [ profile] vox_diabolica- his plane had landed and he was on his way to Melbourne. I jumped in the shower then in the car- via my bedroom so I'd have clothes on- and with Seamus in tow and collected Mark from Spencer st station.

[ profile] vox_diabolica decided following me round a farmers market in the humidity offered less charms than an air-conditioned cinema (crazy lad) so left after a nice cup of tea and catch up. I dragged [ profile] mc_shamo down to Flemington Racecourse only to find that the market I wanted to visit was infact a Sunday market. Bollocks. So instead we walked down Racecourse rd to Verb for breakdfast, stopping in at the pet supply place along the way and discovering they had a very good cat tower there, which we went back for with the car yesterday, pictures of cats enjoying it under the cut Cat tower cuteness ).

Once we got home I got dressed up and [ profile] mc_shamo put his suit in the car, then we headed out again, me to [ profile] cows_might_fly's mum's place to do Eva's make-up and Seamus to see [ profile] clappamungus and help him out before the wedding.

Make-up done, I headed in to uni with Eva and her mother and went up to the U-bar, along with Penny I put Eva in her dress, which was stunning and made all the more stunning by the person in it :-) We brought her down the stairs of Union House with Shayne waiting at the bottom of them, then the two of them went off for photos and Penny and I did the sensible thing in the heat and went to the pub until it was time for the wedding.

The wedding itself was beautiful, and the weather held off. [ profile] vivienne_aster sang the song she and [ profile] fnoo had written for the event and it sounded spectacular. I had Shayne's camera and had a lot of fun taking happy snaps, which stopped me from bawling like a baby which was good.

Once we all got back to the U-bar the weather broke and it poured with rain, and as anyone who was in Melbourne last Saturday night knows, it did not stop for about 15 hours. I was very grateful for the sails over North Court as I stood out on the balcony in the freah air.

The reception was great, lots of friends to catch up with and dancing and fun. Plus the jolt I got when people were talking about the next wedding they would attend and I realised for me it would be my own... Oh! And [ profile] mc_shamo requested Sunlight in a Jar and danced with me to it, which was pretty special as I'm going to walk down the aisle to it in about 5 months.

Getting home in the rain was hilarious and fun and special, then Seamus and [ profile] vox_diabolica went on a Hungry Jacks run, so I finished the night with fries, good conversation and a fuzzy warm feeling.

The wedding was amazing, I am so, so, so happy for Eva and Shayne, they are two of the most fantastic, generous, loving people in the world and them being married makes so much sense.

The next day, just when you'd think they'd want to rest and be alone, Eva and Shayne came round to pick us up and take us to Eva's sister Katie's place for a BBQ and "Wedding Wind-down" I helped them open presents and played with Jasper, Eva's 5 month old nephew, and chatted to Katie and her husband Joel about permaculture and carpentry. It was a lot of fun, and I felt very priveleged to be hanging out with Eva and Shayne the day after their wedding.

I'd moved my shifts around to accomodate the wedding, so my weekend finished with me doing the night shift at work on the Sunday, which was good as it was very quiet and I was forced to sit in front of a computer until I finished my bloody essay. My essay was on Samson and Delilah which I'd seen earlier this year, and very luckily when we got home we discovered that it would be on tellie in 15 minutes for the first time, so I got a refresher before work. It was a really interesting topic, but quite depressing (substance abuse in remote indigenous communities, hooray!) so I was glad at 5am to put it aside, finally done, and go to sleep for an hour and a half.

I got home about 9am Monday morning and found poor [ profile] mc_shamo up, but with an awful head cold. The reason he was up? A courier had just arrived with my bridal veil. I got it out and stuck it anyhow in my hair and looked in the mirror... and a bride looked back. It's amazing what a huge difference it made for me. One of my friends (I think it might have been [ profile] thewoozel once mentioned to me that it was her bouquet that made her feel like a "bride" but it could be different things for different people, and I think I just found mine. It was a nice feeling.

I slept until midday, then Seamus drove me to uni to hand in the essay (which I looked over before handing it in, since the final draft had been completed at 4am and it's entirely possible I wasn't completely with it- actually it was pretty good!) and we went to Fitzroy so he could duck in to work and I could play in the Friends of the Earth shop. I bought misshapen beeswax dining candles for $3 each, a bottle of natural insect reppellant and made friends with a small child who wanted me to read the labels on every single bottle to her.

The rest of the day past very pleasantly, we went to the pet supply place and picked up the cat tower, then spent an hour or so putting it together. Once again I was reminded of why I love Seamus, he makes doing that sort of thing fun. As I'd just completed the semster with my essay being handed in I got to pick dinner. Out of a choice of White Lotus restaurant, Limeflower Thai or fish'n'chips I... picked fish'n'chips. My excuse is it's the least diet friendly and therefore at the moment it's the most indulgent.

Today life has returned to normal. I pottered around the house and online before heading in to work.

I really did have a fantastic time last weekend, and I'm so very very lucky to be me and have firends like mine.
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Last night I was too tired to go dancing which was a bit sad, but meant I got some quality time with [ profile] mc_shamo while we took the piss out of a crappy movie on tv. I also cooked something that made Seamus go "wow" which makes me happy (a pasta bake with red onion, bacon, swiss mushrooms, whole grain mustard, parsley and a very small amount of evaporated milk to bind).

Last week Seamus cracked it with our crappy matteress and bought a new one, it arrived today. I know that Seamus is the man for me because together we moved a crappy, bulky queen-sized matteress down stairs, through the house and into the garage and then did the reverse with the new matteress (harder as new matteress not-crappy which means not-bendy and we were going up stairs) and it was fun. At one point I nearly collapsed laughing (I think that was when we were trying to convince the cats they wanted to go in the study so we could open the doors downstairs- they were too excited to be picked up so we were literally trying to herd cats, it took a while!) and now we have a decent matteress that does not sag in the middle and still has fabric all over it, yay!

Sleeping on the new matteress really brought home to me how much we neded it- I slept the night through! And woke up comfy! Fantastic!

This morning we had an earlyish breakfast then headed off for a gym session before I met up with my cousin Emily, [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] cows_might_fly (my bridesmaids!) and [ profile] clappamungus (not my bridesmaid) at fraus for crepes and chatting, then bade Shayne farewell as the rest of us tottled into "Call me Madam" to appraise the dresses for bridesmaids-worthiness. I think the verdict was that we'd keep the dress in question in mind and definitelly keep an eye on the shop (such preeeeety things!) Then Kate, Emily and I went on an adventure to Brunswick st so I could buy a new swimsuit (a gym one, not a beach one) I got a very plain black swimsuit, one-piece with legs coming down into shorts, which is actually what I was after last time I bought a swimsuit too! I also got a perfume spray because it smelled divine and like summer-inna-bottle.

I managed to do all this and get back home for lunch by 1:30pm, then get showered and changed and presentable for work, where I am now.

And I'm cheerful, I'm peppy, I'm perky- I'd go as far as to say I'm chipper.

Wish me a quiet shift!
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I sit here at work, with 90 minutes left on shift, after one huge weekend.

On Friday I worked til 11pm, then went dancing, getting homeat 2am. This was very generous of my darling [ profile] mc_shamo as it meant he got way too little sleep.

Saturday morning I vaguely remember stirring as Seamus kissed me goodbye and left for work. I woke up properly and mucked about at home before taking my new Eeepc back to the shop as the apostrophe key didn't work, rendering the bloody thing pretty useless. I dropped it off, dropped in to the Chinese grocery to get some veggie sasauges and then made my way to the engagement party of [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] clappamungus.

The party was a retro bbq, and I seriously think that Shayne, Eva, [ profile] _audhumla_ and [ profile] ragedc missed their decade being born now, because they all looked fabulous in their 70s gear :-) I went 50s, A-line skirts for the win.

We left the party in the early hours of the morning, and I'd drunk rather a bit. I managed to roll out of bed for breakfast at Hot Poppy by 10am, which I was impressed at. I went to the city to get my laptop back (safe, sound and working, yay!) then went home. Shayne and Eva proved once again how awesome they are by giving me a ride to work. The hangover has been replaced by epic tiredness.

35 mins left now.

First day of classes tomorrow! I'm almost too tired to be excited. Almost :-)


Sep. 1st, 2008 12:58 pm
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I woke up, and got to lie in bed dozing with my beloved's arms around me for an hour, listening to the classical music coming from the clock radio.

I got out of bed and was not cold, I had a shower with nice smelling soap while having a conversation with [ profile] mc_shamo.

We made our lunches, got the cats their breakfast and drank orange juice.

We walked to the station in the sunshine, missed the train, shrugged it off and bought nice coffee from a nearby cafe.

We met [ profile] harkon on the train and chatted about internships and plays.

I am now at work, cruising along, doing all the things I'm meant to be doing, both work related and not.

Tonight I'll go to the gym with [ profile] mc_shamo if he wants/can. Regardless I'll go with [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] fnoo, [ profile] clappamungus and [ profile] cows_might_fly. Endorphines are good, as are good friends :-)

It's the first of September, the first of spring. Seamus and I have been together 18 months.

I like my life.
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I am ambivelant enough about work that I won't mind if my contract finishes or is extended, either is fine.

I still can't sleep a night through, but I'm getting better at only waking up once.

[ profile] mc_shamo is sick, but I have not yet caught it.

I got in Lysistrata, I was originally cast as Kalonike, but there was the obligatory people-accepting-their-role-then-declining-later and I was bumped to Lysistrata in the ensuing re-shuffle. I'm excited and nervous, and though I've made cracks about it before, will probably get quite oversensitive about "sleeping with the director" jibes, just to warn you. Please don't make them.

I get to go to the gym less than I'd like, but when I'm there I realise how much fitter and stronger I am than this time last year, and think about how fit and strong I'll be this time next year if I keep it up.

I only seem toget to catch up with people in half hour blocks, but those half hours are very precious to me.

I'm busy, I'm working, I'm keeping a house under control, I'm playing with and feeding a kitten, I'm maintaining friendships and relationships, I'm constantly assessing feelings and avoiding depression traps. I feel like I'm drowning a lot of the time but when I look at it objectivley I'm doing ok.
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Last night i tried to get to sleep early and ended up having a conversation with [ profile] mc_shamo during which he said no to my suggestion that if we end up having four sons we should name them after the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. Spoilsport. (Disclaimer: I do not want four sons)

This morning I woke up feeling horribly tired. I dragged myself to work where I immediately re-evaluated my "I feel really terrible, the most terribly of anyone here" position when I clapped eyes on poor [ profile] laurenmitchell. I struggled through work and was going to probably end up napping at home when my afternoon took a most pleasant turn. [ profile] vivienne_aster picked me up and we went to the gym for a quick and easy session (It had to be, my abs and back were still sore from the day before). Then after a quick stop for sustenance we went to [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] clappamungus' place where there was Christian and his girlfriend Linda and THE CUTEST TINY BABY PUPPY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I had no idea dogs came that small, or to clarify; came that small and detached from their parent. I took a photo to show [ profile] mc_shamo but I think I'll leave it to the new proud puppy-parents to display their girl online. Whee! Puppypuppypuppy!

As a side note, I possibly displayed my non-dog-person-ness when I actually got confused that I could pick her up and stroke her... but she didn't purr...

After a pleasant hour or so I headed into to uni where I partook in free food and free wine and listened to people talk about Arts Sustainability, I've now forgotten all the speakers names apart from Rupert Myer (or the Sidney Myer Foundation) and Robin Archer. It was actually quite interesting, but I'm not sure that I used the evening to it's full "networking potential" *shudder*.

Now I'm home, and I should probably tottle off to bed.
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On Wednesday I saw Sweeney Todd with [ profile] fin. I enjoyed it a lot. We then went and had a drink and got some food, also much fun.

On Thursday [ profile] mc_shamo and I had dinner on Degraves st then met [ profile] fin and went to The Butterfly Club which was AWESOME. ([ profile] thekit, I'm really sorry you were too sick to come too!)

Yesterday I met up with [ profile] mc_shamo, [ profile] rin_tin_tin_, [ profile] mise_en_abyme, [ profile] _audhumla_, [ profile] rage_dc and [ profile] degsie and we saw the 20/20 cricket match at the MCG. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. :-)

Today I've organised Stuff, spoken to St George Bank and been a bit annoyed, and read a book. I'm about to head out to [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] _audhumla's birthday picnic, hopefully this will cure my annoyance.

Loki was a terror this morning, I am glad he is obviously completely comfortable in this house now, he happily ran all over it, jumped on the bed and attacked our feet before racing out of the bedroom again. Now he is passed out exhausted on the chair in the lounge-room. Cute baby.
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Been out to breakfast.

Been to gym.

Caught a kitten with much help from [ profile] _bounce_, [ profile] green_pea33 and [ profile] vivienne_aster and brought it back to [ profile] mc_shamo's place (It's in the bathroom and Very Unimpressed)

Applied for a few jobs.

Had a small lunch.

Played Guitar Hero.

Now am sleepy and need nap before Party of Awesome tonight to which i am so so so looking forward!

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After getting to work late (turns out that if the alarm clock is quieter than the fan, we don't hear the alarm clock...) I ended up actually working an extra hour, so a little more money for me, and I was able to stay indoors and air-conditioned during the worst of the heat.

I remembered to book tickets for a show I wanted to see, then after I'd booked by a twist of fate I was asked by someone else if I'd go see the same show with them later. Still, we found an alternative that looks interesting, so now I'm seeing two shows in the next fortnight!

The cool change has come through, I'm sitting on the couch with the door open and a cool breeze coming in. I've put on a load of washing and I've started marinating tofu for dinner. The house is quiet and still.

I am slightly tired, but otherwise fine, and have nothing planned for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow I get to see [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] clappamungus for the first time in six months, and go to what I am sure will be an awesome party.

I am quite content.
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I am at work. It was very boring until 9pm when the supervisor left and I was able to crack out my book.

The last few days have been fun, Boxing Day I braved the sales and bought new socks, new jeans, two new tops, new gym shorts ([ profile] fin? Remember those navy shorts you gave me? I've been using them as gym shorts for ages, and as painting short, and wearing around the house shorts, and walking to the cafe shorts...) and new flat leather sandals that are appropriate for work. Since I've been running out of clothes that fit and are not ripped/stained/faded I'm very happy with my purchases. In the evening [ profile] mc_shamo came with me to see The Golden Compass Very quick evaluation, contains Spoilers )

Thursday morning I worked, then went to visit the kittens, who were very very cute for the few seconds during which they stopped hiding under the fridge.

Friday I went with [ profile] mc_shamo, his mum, uncle and grandmother out to Bayswater for their big family Christmas thing. It was fun, his family can cook (funny that). It was nice seeing small children running around at Christmas, with one exception my cousins are now too big, they prefer sitting in the playroom and watching dvds. We didn't get home until after 8pm. I sat and watched American Dad with my brother while [ profile] mc_shamo played Lord of the Rings.

Today we got up early enough to beat the heat (a bit, sort of, as much as possible) and had breakfast at Lomah's (by the way, any of you ever in the Union Rd type area, go to Lomah's, it's pretty cool) we came back and got cracking on some serious lounging. I actually fell asleep with my nose in my book until I was abruptly awoken by [ profile] mc_shamo's phone. After some lunch and more lounging we went to the gym where we met [ profile] vivienne_aster and all felt rather unfit (Damn you, Christmas!). Kate very kidly drove to Newmarket where I got some dinner from the supermarket, then got on a train and came in to work. Where I am now. Typing this. I'm bored.

Tomorrow there shall be yoga, then two meals out as [ profile] mc_shamo's dad has claimed lunch and my parents have claimed dinner. Then Monday I'm working a full day then coming home and helping [ profile] mc_shamo set up for the MUCAAS New Years party, then forgetting everything about being a good host as soon as the first guests arrive and I have a beer in my hand (at least, that is what usually happens when I help with parties). On Tuesday I have a day filled with...nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. No family stuff, no work, no errands or shopping...nothing. I'll probably read, play with the internet, try to get my half of the bedroom into some sort of order, if my brother has it back of my cousin watch Scrubs... it sounds very, very nice. :-D


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