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We've known about Sprocket for about two months now, we found out early because I had to go to hospital with what I thought was appendicitis which turned out to be pregnancy- (not-a-very-funny-story because at the time it was on the cards that as I was in so much pain it might have been an ectopic pregnancy and we had a nail-biting few days before we discovered it wasn't.) Anyhoo, so we've known for a while and have been slowly collecting things in preparation for Sprocket's arrival.


Pram/Stroller- bought from a family down the road for $200. Seamus looked it up online and brand new just the stroller itself was $700, and this one comes with the bassinet to turn it into a pram for the early months, a rain cover, a toddler seat and sundry other snap on things to make life easier, all up new it would have been over $1000 so we feel pretty good about paying $200. Currently being stored in the garage, we'll have to work out something with the furniture to fit it in the house later.

Cot- bought from Ebay for $50, only one previous tenant who vacated it aged four (it turns into a toddler bed) so we figure we'll get a lot of use out of it. Currently in pieces in the study, which will eventually become Sprocket's room.

Cloth nappies- bought from another lady down the street (there was a baby boom around the Kensington area 3-5 years back, great news for us as everyone is getting rid of their stuff now!) 24 bamboo/organic cotton blend nappies, 8 PUL covers, 1 wool cover, 2 nappy buckets and a roll of nappy liners for $300. That sounds a lot, but a single nappy brand new is $30 (covers can be up to that much too) and cloth nappies are actually more absorbent if they've been used previously, so it's a great deal.

Clothes- 2 jumpsuits/onesies, a cardigan, a t-shirt, some legging type-things, four pairs of socks, one waterproof nappy cover for swimming. Picked up from op-shops and Ebay, all second hand, all natural materials (except the swimmers, but that was never going to happen) I have discovered that op-shopping for Sprocket is much more fun than op-shopping for me, there are more hideously cutesy clothes to laugh uproariously at (Lisa and I found a jumper today the exact colour of vomit with flowers on it, I guess so when baby chucks up it won't show?) and no need to feel ashamed when going into the change room and finding one is slightly larger than one thought. In fact, no need for the change room at all! The only issue is convincing the sales assistants that I really DON'T want pink and would prefer minimum blue, and that I like nice, bright colours for the baby. The other great thing about opshops is the prices, in an opshop I think the most I've paid for an item is $3, whereas brand new those clothes are PRICEY. All up I've spent about $20 on clothes not including postage for the Ebay things (the postage is the sole reason I'm not going to stick with buying Ebay clothes, it's just not worth it.)

Nappy Bag- Brought on Ebay for $10, now not sure it's big enough

And now I'm about to go out to visit the lovely lady who sold us the nappies, because she emailed me that she found a big bag or assorted baby "stuff" and did I want it for free? Hell yes!

So far we seem to be pretty organised. I want to get things early so I can start saving for when I'm not working (especially as there will be a period where I'm not working and Seamus is still at uni working part time, yikes!) The major things I want to get are:
a change table
a rocking chair
a night light/lamp
A car seat (this will be the only item we get new- or from someone we know personally, and as I can't think of anyone who has a car seat and would be ready to give it up I guess we'll be buying new)
a clothes dryer (for nappies in winter)
an Ergo baby carrier
a bigger nappy bag
a bassinet (for sleeping in our room while tiny- we both thrash around in bed way too much to be comfortable co-sleeping)
a port-a-cot
a swingy-hammocky thing (to keep Sprocket amused while we're cooking/cleaning/hanging nappies on the line)
more clothes

All you parental types or those with small nieces and nephews, anything useful I've forgotten? Anything we really don't need? We're going to the Baby and Kids Market when it comes to Coburg at the end of April, so hopefully we can pick up quite a lot of second hand stuff there.
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-Woke up with no voice after yesterday's 16 hours of sleep deprived hell at work
-Revived over husband-cooked breakfast, strepsil and asproclear
-Walked to the primary school and, after a long queue, voted
-Decided it was too muggy for coffee and too early for sausage
-Crossed road to Scout Hall
-Bought raffle ticket from nice scout mother who was my teacher in year 7 (Religion I think, neither of us could remember)
-Picked up the Christmas tree we'd pre-ordered from the scouts (actually, [profile] mc_shamo picked iot up, and carried it home too)
-Got home, placed tree in stand with water, put it in the most attractive position and plan to try to ignore it until Wednesday when we both have the day off work and will put up the decorations
-Drove to Icehouse
-Skated on my BRAND NEW ICE SKATES! Seamus gave them to me for my birthday. I was lots of fun, but breaking them in will take a while. I'm going to try to go back once a week until after Christmas to break them in before I take any lessons. Anyone who would like to come with me it would be great to have company!
-Went to CostCo across the road for a cheap lunch, then bought a beautiful hand made gourmet Christmas pudding, a proper one that has "Best Before 2013" on it. We'll probably have my Dad's family around to our place before Christmas as I'm working Christmas day, and that is afternoon tea sorted :-)
-Came home and got dinner together than headed off for work!

Day off tomorrow, I plan to sleep, do some housework, sleep, bake, sleep, sleep, sleeeeeep...
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Ride bike to Errol st for errands (and maybe coffee? Anyone?)
Get medication from vet
Eat again
Go to work

To get any of this done, however, first step is getting one cat off my feet, the other off my tummy and getting out of bed.

This will make me unpopular I feel, So I'm putting it off for 15 minutes or so and reading my flist.
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0720 Leave house
0725 Buy bread roll and a pastry at supermarket
0735 Drop a birthday present on a porch, hope it remains there during day
0800-1600 Work
1600 Drive home
1630 Pick up parcel post slip
1645 Visit post office and get parcel (squee! new Lindsay Davis book!)
1730 Drive to Brunswick
1800 Go go dancing!
1900 Supermarket run- lasagne and salad probably
1940 Get home, put feet up
2000 Start dinner
2040ish [ profile] mc_shamo home, eat dinner
2115 Go to bed
2300 Get up, shower, dress
2330 Drive to work

2400-0800 Overnight shift

Gosh I hope it's quiet tonight...


Jan. 20th, 2010 09:45 am
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Due to my roster, my wish to see the Guild Leage and other things I am in the unenviable position of working four days straight, having one day off and then working another four days straight (including Australia Day- public holiday pay FTW!) To make up for this my Friday, my one day off? It will be LUDICROUSLY RELAXING AND INDULGENT. And involve a lot of petrol use unfortunately, but as my bike is going in for a service tomorrow it cannot be helped.

The Plan:
Sleep In
9am: Wake up, have breakfast, shower, wear comfy yet nice clothes.
10am: Drive to Toorak
10:30: Attend oesteo apointment with the lovely Raya
11:15: Drive to Abbotsford Convent
11:30: Go for a wander around the convent, maybe also duck in to the Collingwood Children's Farm
12noon: Eat lunch at Lentil as Anything or the other little cafe at the convent, taking my time and reading the new book I will have purchased the day before.
1:15pm: Drive to Northcote
1:30: Meet up with cousin for a cup of tea and a chat
3:15: Drive to Williamstown
4pm: Have a massage, footbath and facial at Endota Spa and revel in the relaxation
5:30: Drive Home
6:30: Change clothes, possibly go out for dinner somewhere.
8pm: Be at Northcote Social Club to see the Guild League
After: Go for a drink/coffe somewhere then go home for (hopefully) a good night's sleep before starting work again the next day.

This is a nice plan, I like my plan.

By the way, anyone who wants to join me at the convent is more than welcome!
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So, maybe it's my anxiety disorder getting to me (ya think?) or maybe this is normal, but I'm starting to freak out just a little about wedding preparations. I need a list. Lists are like crack to me.


Engagement Party
Family Meet and Greet
Flowergirl afternoon tea a chance for the little girls to meet each other and also to be used a free child labour to decorate the bubble blowers that they'll be handing out
-buy craft paints/glitter
-shop for baking ingrediants
-bake scones and other things

Hens Afternoon English Country Garden Party with cucumber sandwiches, scones, Pimms and croquet. Luckily I have teh awesome bridesmaids who will do most of the planning for this!
-buy/hire croquet set
-try to find a small marquee
-check out op shops for tea cups/saucers/platters etc

Bridesmaid Day Frivolous indulgent dayspa visit followed by crepes and films on the Saturday before the wedding
-Save up some cash!
-Get readings to the people doing them
-hunt for the white Phaedra material and assess whether it's still good, otherwise buy some calico
-buy extension cords
-get ipod fixed or buy another one
-ask MUCAAS/Ompniprop members not in the bridal party if they'd mind packing up after the wedding
-get wedding dress into dressing room

-Get in contact with florist in February and confirm flowers
-Touch base with hair/make-up lady and make sure she knows where she is going

-Organise hire of tablecloths
-Contact caterers and organise walkthrough
-Organise wine and beer (!!)
-Pick a bridal song
-Learn to dance
-Finalise music
-Sit down with [ profile] jpom40 and knock up a running sheet

-Go to Doctor and find out what (if any) jabs we need
-Get over fear of snorkelling
-Get feet fixed
-Find out of reception venue would mind us leaving out bags there overnight before the wedding so we don't have to go home between
-Confirm cat-sitter/feeder

Most importantly: Marry man of my dreams and do everything in my power to make the marriage a happy, working, permanent thing.
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I worked a lot last week, and as a consequence have the two days before Christmas off!

I've done all my Christmas shopping already, but it will be good to have time to wrap and label properly and get a few other things done.

Plan for tomorrow:

Load car with stuff for charity bin
Drive to gym and dump stuff in their charity bin
Do some sort of gym thing, maybe swimming
Drive to Coles
Pick up the last of the shopping (forgot the kitty litter again!)
Do a tidy up upstairs and clean out the cat's tray
Do a rather more vigourous clean up downstairs
Possibly do some cooking for the next few days if it's not too hot.
Put feet up and read a book
Make a tasty and healthy dinner
Curl up with boy (and optional cats) on couch and have egg nog and mince pies

I am looking forward to this a LOT.
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Favourite Food )

I'm a tad peckish...


Oct. 27th, 2009 09:46 am
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1. I have a weird rash thing under my bottom lip and it's ITCHY! *sulk* Have administered Savlon

2. I have Saturday off work AGAIN, yaaay! I'm thinking at this stage I'll do another early morning trip to Ceres for fruit and veg and eggs (sorry Eva, but I'm working dayshift Sunday so can't come to the Errol st Primary School Farmer's Market!) and maybe even have breakfast there too. Molly if you'd still like to come you're welcome to either meet me there or stay over the night before so you only have to get up at 8am, instead of earlier. Anyone esle who wants to meet up there, that'd be awesome, but I know Seamus and I are comparatively early risers, so I understand if getting there around 9am is difficult!

3. Does anyone have any of the following on audio book mp3? Minette Walters, Val McDermid, Lindsey Davis, Agatha Christie or anything of that ilk? I'm planning on doing some serious gardening this spring, and it helps to have something in the ipod to listen to and get properly into. If you do and you'd be willing to share please let me know.

4. I'm going to 12:00 Pump today, just putting it out there in case anyone is free.

5. My wedding jewellery (that I'm not borrowing from Mum) arrived today!!

6. There is no thing number six
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My position at work has been made ongoing. Note, my position not me. I'm welcome to apply for it, as is every other person in the world. I am going to apply for it and I hope I get it.

In the mean time, I've been thinking about all the things I want to learn to do when I have enough time and money to do them. I think I'll aim to have at least made a start on them all before I'm 30, which is four years away.

Here's what I want to do:

-A permaculture course (like the one Ceres runs)
-Sewing lessons (they have them at Thread Den in North Melbourne)
-A basic carpentry course
-Learn to preserve fruit and vegetables
-A first aid course
-Learn to swing dance

It's nice to have things to look forward to :-)
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Go to doctor
organise bank transfers for joint account
empty kitty litter
Sweep bathroom and toilet
Clean bath and shower
clean toilet
clear study
put away clothes
relocate migrating crockery
take rubbish out
Go to DFO in search of comfortable yet stylish plain black flats for less than $60 (will settle for less than $100 if REALLY stylish)
Have lunch
Go to work

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Tomorrow I have a Day Off!

I plan to:

-sleep in
-make a nice breakfast
-catch up with people if and when possible
-have a picnic in the park, or just eat my lunch outside
-attempt to get my classes changed to what they are meant to be this semester
-price textbooks
-have a beer on campus to recover from price of textbooks and to wallow in nostalgia (anyone want to join?)
-have a nice dinner with my boy
-possibly go rock-climbing, but probably not as feet are still stuffed
-probably go to the gym

This is a happy list.
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Right, I think we’re on track. This is mainly for my own and Seamus’ records, but if anyone who has planned a wedding looks over this and finds a glaring gap, do let us know.

Wedding Planning- Where we are up to )

Okay, what have we missed?
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Today I:

-went to the nursery to get another pot to transplant mint and bought some french Lavender (even I can't kill that again, I hope, and I want to build my confidence with hard to kill plants before being too adventurous)

-went to uni and spoke to UHT, then went downstairs to the info desk and signed Trackers up for the Union House Box Office ticketing system

-went into Aussie disposals to enquire about borrowing a tent for Trackers, should be doable, manager to get back to me within the week, yay!

-went to priceline to replace some make up

-met my cousin for lunch near her work

-went to DFO and bought a new sheet and qult set made from 100% natural cotton in the hopes that it will feel nicer on my skin and be all round more comfy

-went to the fruit shop on Racecourse rd and bought zucchini and rhubarb and releived them of two of their styrofoam boxes. which I plan to fill with potting mix and plant veggies in

-went to the supermarket and bought string and garden rubbish bags

-walked home with all this stuff in the rain

-tidied our bedroom, which took over an hour because we are not the tidiest couple in the world

-put new sheets and quilt set on bed

-organised internet banking stuff

-posted to lj

Still to do:

-reply to [ profile] nealyalegume's comment

-re-pot mint

-fertilise plants

-bag some of the garden waste

-meet up with Helen and go through the Omniprop store (which is in our garage, so not too hard to get to!)

-Make dinner

-Get an early night

-spend tomorrow relaxing
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This is to remind me to do stuff when I get home from the market.

1. Call Raya's office and make an appointment.

2. Call various charities to which I donate and ask for some sort of receipt for last financial year.

3. Charge phone
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Write essay
Hang washing
Pick up Loki from vet (again... sigh, 90% sure he is fine)
Do enough dishes that we're not eating with our fingers tonight
If time: research pubs that let you have functions for free if you use their booze
Make fabulous dinner
Pick up [ profile] mc_shamo from the dress rehearsal
(Hopefully) Feel a bit better (have horrid horrid cold and have had to take today off work)
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Today I was supposed to:

Go Shopping
Have breakfast
Pack away shopping
Do a lot of housework (this included mopping and scrubbing)
Make a few meals for later in the week
Read book for uni
Deal with washed clothes

Today I:

Went shopping
Had breakfast
Took Loki to the vet
Packed away shopping
Worried a lot
Made rum'n'raisin brownies in an attempt to stop worrying.

Ah well.
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I need to leave for work at 1:20pm or so (I am REALLY hoping I get my license next week, it will mean I'll have to leave at 2:30 from now on!) and Things Must Be Done before this:

-dishes Though having just cooked there are now more dishes to do...
-make stew with remaining vegetables in order to a. have room for the veggies coming this afternoon b. not be wasteful c. continue to feel thrifty and virtuous and d. have something to eat
-clear out bottom of wardrobe and organise clothes (MAMMOTH task!)
-cancel the Ge Care credit card will Loki's vet bill on it as is all paid off CANCELLED! HELL YEAH!!
-Deal with the cats' litter
-Ring a certain agency and inquire about the work they do Am waiting on a call back from the correct person who is currently in a meeting
-attempt to borrow a book from Flemington Library for uni


So, I was thinking, I have a doctor's appointment at 5pm on Friday at Lygon Court. After that I'd like to see Let The right one in at Nova. They don't have session times yet so I'll update this evening with exact timing. I thought depending on when the movie is on I'd have dinner before or after the movie with anyone who was interested, probably just as Papa Ginos or somewhere equally inexpensive. So, let me know if you'd like to go to the film and/or to dinner. It'd be fun to catch up with people.

Right-o, time for a shower!

Health update: Still not sure what is going on. Cats do NOT appear to make things worse, however their litter does, as does dust, as possible does something I eat. Have now paid for air purifier and should receive it by May. Also am on prednisolone which while not being the wonder steroid it usually is still pumps me so full of energy that I feel like someone has just injected extra concentrated caffeine straight into my veins.

[Edit] Got a respectable amount of that done with three mins to spare. Go me! Off to work now.
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So, since work got crazy I've not been doing much housework. Unfortunately this has coincided with [ profile] mc_shamo working and rehearsing almost every minute of the day, so when we're home we're a. exhausted and b. more in the mood to spend time with each other than on the house.

Today I had a full day off and was on my own at home, so I decided enough was enough. I have now been doing housework for ten hours, and at the edn of it I have a house that is- while still not sparkling clean- presentable to the outside world and smelling nice. I also have a homemade dinner to eat with Seamus when he finally gets home from work.

I used my old motivation system, working off a detailed list which included breaks and food. If you're at all interested it's under the cut, I'm saving it for posterity, and because it might help next time the house gets in such a state!

What I've done today )
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It's 10:08pm and apparently still 37 degrees celcius outside. I'm almost glad I'm at work. Unfortunately I forgot my book :-(

I have discovered a wonderful thing about my work's internet access. I can go on Ebay and look at stuff as much as I want, but I cannot sign in, therefore cannot bid. This means that if I like it enough to bid for it I have to wait until I get home, thus preventing impulse buying.

Work was constant and very very busy until about 8:30pm. I think we've hit the lull before we end up with calls about people doing silly things in the overnight cool slightly-less-warm. I walked to volunteering and then from there to the tram today by the way. At 1pm. So all up I walked from my place (in Kensington near the racetrack for those playing at home) to Flemington rd. It sucked. I sweated right through my clothes.

Last weekend was much fun, breakfast at Breizoz in Williamstown was great, as was [ profile] _audhumla_ and [ profile] ragedc's party in St Kilda on Sunday night. We ended up hanging out at home on Monday, then had [ profile] clappamungus and [ profile] cows_might_fly over for dinner.

Yesterday I worked, then collapsed on the couch. Today I went volunteering then came to work. Tomorrow I picked up some overtime and will work from 9:30am to 11pm. Friday I have the day off. I have nothing at all on, at all (unless I can organise a beach trip). I like this whole having a day off thing.

Saturday and Sunday I'm working, but with penalty rates plus overtime things are looking good to pay off the Loki-bear's vet bill as quickly as possible, then we can start saving for all the other stuff we want!

Things I want after Loki's vet bill is paid off:
-non-smelly compost bin from Ceres (feel free to ask me for compost once we've got it by the way, we have no garden to put it on!)
-new sandals from veganwares (current sandals I can feel the ground through)
-new black high heels from Veganwares for [ profile] jpom40's wedding
-joint savings fund with Seamus for a holiday
-pay off credit card and Other Bank Account (technically these count as part of paying off Loki's vet bill as that is where the money went, but it's important to pay off the bit we've got on loan first)

I have a headache, this isn't good.

Hey, only 1 hour left to go! Yay!


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