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Look what I just found!

Actual Sunlight In a Jar!!!!

I have to have this, my hippie and Lucksmith obsessions demand it! Will commence saving now.
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Tomorrow I am working 7am-11pm. Boo.

But this means I get Saturday off and can go to the Lucksmiths concert and then the Trackers after party, yay!

And on Thursday I have the whole day off and so does [ profile] mc_shamo and we've made an appointment with the wedding cake people to discuss stuff and taste! Yay!

And we can go in to the reception venue and count chairs and tables and work out if we need to hire a pa system. Yay!

So really, it's just tomorrow I have to get through.

Cake, cake, cake,
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So, the Lucksmiths are breaking up.

I didn’t write anything about it here yesterday because I was surprised at just how upset I was. I actually came home from work and cried. Now I’m pretty sure much of that had to do with feeling overworked and stressed and hormonal, but nevertheless, tears were shed.

I have never before had a favourite band that I could actually go see. My favourite bands as a teenager were Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Jimmy Eat World and the Beatles. So the bands I liked had already broken up (in some cases had dead members) or were never going to tour here (and by the time Jimmy Eat World came here I was over them and I was in Greece anyway).

I like seeing the Lucksmiths live. They are a great live band. Their music is rockier live and the banter is often very funny. I wish I could afford to see them this Sunday, but they’re supporting someone else so the tickets are $40, which is more than I can afford right now.

Their songs have the ability to provoke nostalgia in me, even for things that happened before I’d listened to the song. Hiccup in your Happiness makes me think of mid 2004 when I was getting over a breakdown and trying to piece my life back together. Smokers in Love reminds me of my brief and ill-advised relationship with Dave (Gentle readers, here is a tip; do not fuck your drinking buddy, it is hardly ever a good idea in the long run) (except when it is). And one particular line in Requiem for the Punters Club, “as the sunlight caught the cigarette smoke curling through the room” gets me every time and reminds me of summer nights with MUCAAS at the pub. And of course After the After Party reminds me of every show I’ve ever done.

And then there are the other associations that come from listening to the music at the time; The Music from Next Door reminds me of moving in to Birch Lane. Under the Rotunda reminds me of gardening at Kent St and of the first few heady weeks with Seamus. Putting it Off reminds me of desperately trying to finish uni work. Frisbee is ringing Centrelink every week to report my earnings. Untidy Towns is last St Patrick’s Day, lying on the grass outside the new Law building at uni and feeling vaguely itchy as the grass rubbed on my stomach. T-shirt Weather reminds me of being 18 and dancing around my bedroom in Werribee to this song on the radio that I didn’t know but really liked, and every year of that day in september/October when you wake up and for the first time in months you are not cold, the weather is warm and people are cheerful just because they can ditch their jackets.

Lucksmiths to me mean hanging out with Michael and Kate. They mean life post-Eliza. They mean either working on my depression constructively or simply not being depressed. They mean taking pleasure in watching the creative output of others while being held in my love’s arms and being flanked by good friends, all also having a good time. They mean having a song in my head almost all the time, and lyrics for every occasion. They mean financial independence and financial dependence and youthfulness and coffee and trams and parties and gigs and restaurants and laughter and fun. They mean being in love with Seamus and being loved back the perfect amount. They mean being stable.

I think the crying was a massive over-reaction, brought on by stress etc, and of course there is still the Guild League and apparently Mark Monnone is doing stuff on his own. It just won’t be quite the same as hearing Camera-Shy live.

Their last gig is going to be awesome. I hope they play Off with his Cardigan!, Sunlight in a Jar, Run Spot Run, Cat in Sunshine, Danielle Steele, Camera-shy, Under the Rotunda and William and Mary. I’m sure they’ll play T-shirt Weather.

And if I miss out on tickets I'll probably cry again.
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I am:

-2172 words into a 3500 word case assessment due tomorrow and I have very little idea if I'm doing it right.

-planning to write a somewhat scathing assessment of this subject tomorrow in the last lecture (though poutting in a good word for my tutor who seems to be doing the best she can)

-rueing leaving things to the last minute

-struggling to breathe and wondering exactly what would happen if I got an acute asthma attack at work

-still full of the yummy food cooked by [ profile] mc_shamo's mum today- Happy orthodox Easter to those of you who celebrate it!

-glad I went out last night to Bar Open to see Allyson despite looming deadlines and shonky lungs

-starting to mildly panic as I has my third dose of prednisolone today and for the first time I can remember it does not seem to be helping with the breathing

-about to take a dinner break


Mar. 22nd, 2009 12:40 pm
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Hosted a Buck's night on Friday that kicked on til 6am Saturday.

Woke up at 11am, was provided with Berrocca in Bed by my adorable boyfriend.

Had brunch at 1pm on Racecourse Road with the usual suspects.

Lay in bed and moaned to the cat about my hangover for a few hours.

Had dinner in South Melbourne with my family and [ profile] mc_shamo to celebrate my brother's birthday.

Went from South Melbourne to Northcote and saw the Lucksmiths who played very well and had an awesome set, even if it didn't include T-shirt Weather. I am glad the audience was pumped and receptive (and young! lots of under 20s) because apparently they'd had a bad gig in Sydney the night before that had left them demoralised. This proves Melbourne is superior.

[ profile] fnoo and I nearly had heart attacks when it appeared his car had been vandalised- turns out it was another car the same make, model, year and colour, parked about ten metres from [ profile] fnoo's car.

Got home at 1am.

Got up this morning at 5:50am.

Have been at work since 7am.

Need sleep.

Will be home by 7pm at the latest I think, and sleep shall happen. Possible after some take-away food of some sort.
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THE LUCKSMITHS with Pikelet and Hole & Corner

Sat 21 Mar (Doors 8.30) Tickets: $12+bf ($15 at the door if still available)
Tickets available from NSC Box Office Monday - Saturday 2.00 - 6.00pm (301 High St, Northcote), on 9486 1677 and online.

The Lucksmiths return to NSC off the back of their recent release, ‘First Frost’. Over the course of fifteen years and almost as many albums and international tours, The Lucksmiths have maintained an enviable knack for penning some of the most adoringly hummed songs this side of the pop underground. Happy as ever to cast their rod into exotic waterways for ‘first frost’, The Lucksmiths decamped to Tasmania during the wintertime and found themselves in a rustic shack, working with producer Chris Townsend. Germinating from The Lucksmiths’ well-honed jangly indie/pop/folk sound, the fourteen new songs casually drift off in various directions (touching on glam, fuzzpop, krautrock, shoegaze, country, and even a little classic rock) while their trademark lyrical hooks shine warmer than ever.

At this stage I'm almost sure I'm going (finances permitting) anyone else up for it meet me there!
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To those who may have seen a young woman with a bright red umbrella walking along Racecourse rd in the pouring rain, jumping in puddles and singing T-Shirt Weather quite loudly,

Sorry about that, it was quiet undignified, shan't happen again.

Yours solemly (and with wet legs),

[ profile] mstakenidentity
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I had coffee with [ profile] fin and he gave me a very cute book for my birthday. Andrew, were you perhaps making a point about yourself with it? I could see you identifying with the bear. ;-P

We went to Susie Dee's farewell and I spoke to theatre people and only felt a little out of place, instead of ridiculously out of place. Possibly as I approach my quarter century I am getting better at these things. *shrug*

[ profile] mc_shamo and I took the tram to Richmond and got to Mexicali Rose barely before [ profile] vivienne_aster and [ profile] fnoo. [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] _audhumla_ rocked up and we had an awesome meal. I love mexican food. Especially green mexican!

We went to the Corner and listen to some bands who were... okay. I wouldn't buy their music yet, but they sounded nice. I bought the new Lucksmiths album, and a T-shirt and some fridge magnets. Eva was very nice indeed and when she caught up with him told Tali White (lead singer & drummer, also works with Eva sometimes) it was my birthday and asked him to sign the album for me, which he did. And wrote "Happy Birthday" on it. And I was happy. :-D

The Lucksmiths were awesome again, and it was totally worth being crushed and having my feet trod on (and not much is worth that!). And so far I like the new album just as much as the older stuff. Yay! I want them to have another gig soon! I had one of those wonderful moments while they were playing where I sort of stepped out of myself and saw a very happy young woman, standing between Eva on one side and Seamus on the other, with Michael, Kate and Sarah behind. I was listening to my favourite band, my boyfriend's hands were on my hips which were swaying slightly to the music, and I was catching my friends eyes and grinning periodically. And I thought about how we'd go outside after the music stopped, and say goodbye, and go home, and Seamus and I would be greeted by two hungry cats, we'd feed them then head upstairs and fall into bed together, with the cats warming our feet. And I thought "Man, I have the best life ever."

Today I am cleaning the house and preparing for some drinks tonight. This birthday weekend is going brilliantly so far, and it's not even my birthday 'til Monday!

I think I'm going to like being 25 when it happens.
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Sun 21st September- Free gig at Northcote Social Club, part of the festival, Set starts 6pm

Fri 7th Nov- Album launch, Corner Hotel Richmond Doors open 8:30pm $12 plus booking fee

*Chris does Happy Dance of Happy*

[Edit] I have ticket for the Corner gig, turns out their booking fee is $3 per ticket, regardless of how many you buy, so tickets are really $15, which is still a mere fraction of what I'd be willing to pay, and still within my possibly-unemployed-for-a-bit buget, so I'm happy!

Le weekend

Jun. 30th, 2008 10:22 am
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The system we use at work is down, so I figure since my options are sit and stare into space or mess about online, no one will mind if I mess about online.

That bright streak that went by in a flash, that was my weekend.

Friday night I went to see The Lucksmiths with [ profile] vivienne_aster and [ profile] fnoo, it was awesome! I had a really good time once I'd calmed down as Loki had scared the hell out of me earlier by getting himself caught inside the central heating system (he got out, thank God)(why yes, i do seem to attract cats of the MONUMENTALLY STUPID variety). The Lucksmiths played all my favourite songs, and I bought a T-shirt and an umbrella, both of which I will show you at the drop of a hat (except they didn't have hats). I had a lot of fun, thanks so much for thinking of me guys!

Saturday I did my traing for MIND volunteering in Heidelberg. It was full-on, but the more I hear the more I want to do it. The other people who were there were really, really friendly and nice. Everyone seemed really into it too, hooray for enthusiasm!

After training I went to [ profile] jpom40's place. I got lost on the way there, but finally made it. We sat and had cheese and corn chips and tea for a few hours before I headed back to my part of town and met [ profile] mc_shamo at the local Mexican place for dinner. I was exhausted by the time we walked home (I'd gotten to bed at 2am that morning and had to get up around 6:30am) So we spent what remained of the evening watching Black Books, which I haven't done for ages. I really need to find Spaced somewhere and buy that...

Sunday morning [ profile] mc_shamo and I continued the dining out trend and went down to Kitchen on Racecourse road for breakfast.Then we met [ profile] _audhumla_ and [ profile] ragedc at her old place in Newmarket to help move the things that were still there to a storage place. Carrying a large heavy televison down three flights of stairs is an interesting experience, remind me never to live in an upper flat! :-) Having said that, I can attest that if you do need to help carry a tv down three flights of stairs it is made much easier if the other person doing it is as competant and fun as Sarah.

We went to the supermarket then [ profile] _audhumla_ very kindly drove us home. We had lunch and I collapsed in bed for a few hours, then Seamus woke me to tell me [ profile] dozingquin and Rhea(sp?) were comeing over for coffee and to see the house. They brought yummy carrot cake and we mucked around with Wii Fit for a while. It was fun. We also got to see wedding photos which were lovely. Loki was unimpressed with New People being in his house. Suffer.

I made another Tom Yum soup for dinner (I'm still stubbornly refusing to let this cold take complete hold, it's been hanging around for about a month, threatening to become a real problem) I got to use my brand new stone mortar and pestle which I bought from Oxfam while they were having their 20% off sale, so I was very happy, things went smush!(when the original priice is in the neighbourhood of $70 I usually have to wait for some sort of sale!) We spent the eveing quietly reading, watching tv and talking. It was nice.

Next weekend I hope will be quieter. I need to see my parents at some point, and go look at furniture. I'd love to actually get to the gym too, and it would be awesome if there were MUCAAS pub somewhere on Saturday night (not my place until we have loungeroom and kitchen furniture...) not that I'm hinting or anything...

Busy weekend, but still weekend of Awesome. Once again I'm reminded that I have wonderful friends, interesting interests, an amazing boyfriend, a cool new house and nice new people in my life. This is good.

Happy Chris.
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Seeing Lucksmiths tonight!!!!!!!

*Chris does the HappyChris dance of Happy*

I want to buy a T-shirt.
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Thanks [ profile] fnoo!!!!


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