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We got reviewed!

Text for the link-phobic )


In other news, I'm tired, working two days here, three days there type jobs, it was [ profile] mc_shamo's birthday yesterday and we had a wonderful relaxing day, involving much nice food and lying around.

If you haven't come along yet, there are plenty of tickets for tonight! It would be awesome if you booked, but you most probably won't need to tonight (next week- different story) you can go to the fringe office in Fed Square in person, or, or just rock up tonight by 8:20pm.

The pace is killing me, but I fucking love this show!
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Preview tonight! $14

Season opens tomorrow: $16/$20

(Tightarse Tuesday $14)

Get a group of ten together and it's $12 per ticket

Show runs until 5th October. No Monday show.

Book at

Tech and dress were last night and were brilliant! And I'm saying that as someone who was a in a great deal of pain and went to the hospital straight after. (Mouth stuff, very unfun, and gross, if you come tonight or tomorrow you may still be able to discern a swelling on the left side)

I love Omniprop, I love this time of year.


Sep. 20th, 2008 03:29 pm
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Opens this week!

Book your tickets online now with a credit card at
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Now accepting bookings!
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I had my first rehearsal for Lysistrata yesterday. Due to circumstances beyond our control, I was the only one there, yay for individual attention! :-)

We had a big discussion about what we want this Lysistrata (character, not play) to be. What she's like, how old she is, does she have a back story etc.

Guess who my inspiration is to be? Go on, guess!

Linda Day.

Freakin' AWESOME! :-D :-D :-D
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Hmm, looks like I can't post on Artshub without some money. Bum.

My weekend went quickly, as most seem to these days. In some ways it's nicer than when I was studying and working part-time, because the weekend is now absolutley deligated to "not-work" time. Sleeping in feels delicious, wheras it used to just be the norm (though I will never EVER get used to waking before 7:30am, and this is after over a year of waking around 6:15)

So on Saturnday [ profile] mc_shamo and I slept in a bit, then went and had breakfast at Verb cafe. I caught a train then a tram out to Fitzroy to participate in Helen's Seneca acting workshop. It was awesome, and a really good way to remind myself that hey, I'm good at this, I can find stuff in the text, I can be convincing, I can act, and I enjoy it. Always good to be reminded of this before going into rehearsals for a new play :-)

Before arriving at the studio for the workshop I stopped at the ISHKA factory outlet on Nicholson street. Afew months ago I'd been in the Richmond ISHKA and seen a top I'd really liked, but could not afford at $52. The same top, in a colour I like, was in the outlet for $10, score!!

After the workshop I caught tram, train and tram to the gym, then walked home and started on dinner. I made an awesome dinner, I marinated calamari in honey, oil, soy, chilli, garlic and paprika, then I grilled it for a few minutes before tossing it in a salad. We had [ profile] rin_tin_tin_ over as she and Seamus had a production meeting, and [ profile] _audhumla_ and her friend Gus as they'd drove [ profile] rin_tin_tin_ out then had their own plans cancelled. It was nice, we got the extend out table, and they got gelati and soft drinks! Yuuum! I went with them to pub, but did not stay too long.

Sunday morning I went over the top half of our house thoughroughly with a feather duster and vacuum cleaner, then cleaned out the bath, shower and basins. I can breathe a lot easier now, and it only took about an hour and a half. Seamus and I then visited a cafe we'd not been to before and had a quick light lunch, jumped on a train and headed off to the Lysistrata read-through.

Read-through went well, I like the new people I had not met before, and was glad to see so many familiar faces. I'm also really pleased that [ profile] ephant has decided to give Omniprop a try! (She did Lysistrata back when the Classics Students Society- from which both MUCAAS and Omniprop grew- did it, it was... an interesting performance, this one will be better!)

After the read-through a half dozen or so of us went and got warm food because it was GOD DAMNED COLD. Then those in Twelth Night headed off for their call, the rest of us made our way leisurely through the city, Cleggs Fabrics and Brunettis, and then up to J-studios, where Twelth Night was being performed.

I have not laughed that hard at a show in ages. I think it was my favourite show I've seen this year, and that includes Wicked (which, though it was ok, didn't really grab me...) and other professional shows I saw while still with Ticketmaster. Oh my God; hilarious. I thouroughly enjoyed it, and wished that I could have come another night too (unfortunately it turned out the last night was the only one we could make). Even better, I'm sure I would have found it just as hilarious, enchanting and captivating had I not known more than half the cast. Any of you crazy kids reading this- well bloody done! I hope you're all proud of yourselves, and given the show finished last night, I hope you're all thoughroughly hungover!

It only took us an hour and a bit to get home, which is good considering it was a Sunday. We had a supper of oysters Seamus had bought me as a treat from the market the preceeding day, I got out an extra blanket after deciding it was too cold in bed (which occasioned some quoting of the play we'd done a read-through for that day...) and I finally, FINALLY, slept an entire night through! Did not wake until 6:30am. Fantastic.

At some point, I'll have a relaxing empty weekend EVEN if I'm not sick. I just don't know when..
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Omniprop Productions is staging Lysistrata as part of this year's Fringe; an ancient comedy with very modern undertones. We are seeking a costume designer to help us convery this ancient-yet-modern vibe. If you are interested, or know anyone who would be (SCA people I'm looking pleadingly in your direction...), please contact

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On Tuesday night I went to the gym and went the whole way through my new program. Huh, I thought when I'd finished, that wasn't very hard, I barely feel anything, I don't even think this program is doing anything! Yesterday morning I woke up with my body one big ache. Ok, so maybe the program is working after all. Going back in tonight after meeting my little brother for coffee. I'll probably be there around 6:30pm if anyone is interested in joining me ([ profile] vivienne_aster? [ profile] fnoo? [ profile] _audhumla_? etc.) :-)

Yesterday I worked eight hours like the good, wage-earner I am, then met up with [ profile] impostinator for dumplings and hot chocolate. I had to be home by 8pm to be in photos, and I realised when on the tram that I was going to be early, but then out of nowhere I saw [ profile] doesthemgkdrgn with his girlfriend Aimee which was a pleasant suprise as I thought they were still off fruit-picking somewhere warm. I got off the tram and had a ten minute chat with them, very glad I did, because they're leaving for Canada on Monday, so I was lucky to run into them now!

I managed to get home a few minutes before 8pm and chatted with [ profile] mc_shamo and [ profile] _bounce_ who was very kindly lending a hand (hee! pun!)for the photos. Then the very very awesome [ profile] sunshinenoir arrived to take photos. We were re-doing the publicity picture for Lysistrata for the posters. Very similar to the publicity shot, except with a woman's hand flicking over one of the soldiers (thanks [ profile] _bounce_!), a better background, a much better camera, a professional photographer (thanks [ profile] sunshinenoir!) and, surprisingly, less falling over of the soldiers than last time, even though I think I was lying there longer (and kept giggling, it's very hard to stay still when the others are all cracking jokes and when everytime they re-arranged the soldiers it tickled!) From what I got to see afterwards the shots look really cool.

By the time all that was finished and I'd eaten and gotten into bed it was nearly midnight.

I'm tired.

Happy, but tired.
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As many of you know, Omniprop Productions will be performing Aristophanes Lysistrata at the Melbourne Fringe Festival later this year. It will be represented in the Fringe Guide by this image:


The question is, should we also use this image for the poster? So far we think yes if only because we can't be arsed doing that much work on it again. We though we should get some quick opinions from others, so I said I'd ask the internet.

Internet? Think this would make a good poster?


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