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Anyone interested in going to Melbourne Model the Musical tomorrow night? It's the only night I can make it and I'd really prefer to have company than go on my own.
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Just a quick note.

I got through yesterday with no major mishap, and only needed a few hours sleep when I got home to recover.

Today [ profile] mc_shamo and I are celebrating our second anniversary. We went to the cafe near the old house for breakfast, then spent the afternoon cuddling on the couch, watching The West Wing. Sure it's not exactly what I was first planning to do today (we were going to go away for the weekend before Loki got sick and had to have an expensive operation) but it's been fun and intimate and I've been truly happy and relaxed.

In a few minutes we'll be leaving for dinner at Enlightened Cuisine on Southbank. After that we'll come home for chocolates, wine and other things I'm sure none of you would be interested in.

Under the cut is photos of the amber earrings Seamus gave me today to match my bracelet.

I can't beleive it's been two years already.

I am very lucky.

Earrings! )
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I'd been writing a post for the last two houtrs in between calls at work, it was funny, insightful and sweet.

Lj just ate it. Grr.

So, a slimmed down version:

Valentines Day good, was having a nap this afternoon and was woken up by [ profile] mc_shamo who came home from rehearsal with a bunch of red roses. We got dressed up and had dinner at the Moroccan Soup Kitchen, followed by dessert at Fraus, both were excellent intimate experiences. Very traditional Valentines day, made special by the fact that it didn't feel forced, or like we were doing it just because it was expected, it felt more like we wanted to do it and Valentines day gave us a handy excuse to take time out of our increasingly busy lives to really relax together and show each other how in love we are. That came out a lot less soppy in the long version of this post. Don't blame me, blame LJ.

We then dropped in on [ profile] clappamungus and [ profile] cows_might_fly to wish Eva a happy birthday, hung out for a bit, then [ profile] mc_shamo drove me to work, where I shall remain until morning.

Honestly, the most beautiful Valentines Day's I've ever had. After nearly two years I'm still as deeply in love as ever and can't imagine life without him, and am honeslty surprised there was a time before him. I am so incredibly lucky and loved, I don't think I could be any happier with this.

Bed time, wish me a quiet night!


Dec. 27th, 2008 12:26 pm
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This is what [ profile] mc_shamo got me for Christmas. I think he has excellent taste.


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This is my favourite:

more under cut )

Then when I got back home to Melbourne on Monday [ profile] mc_shamo had these delivered to the door with a note saying "Welcome home love":

Spot the Kitties! They really liked the green stuff!

In all sorts of ways, I am an extremely lucky woman.
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I did indeed go to more markets. I bought mangos, they were yummy.

After one market we went back to [ profile] fin's place where he crashed out, I watched the rest of Spaced and ate mangoes.

That night he took me to the sail club where he was a member. We had dinner overlooking Fannie Bay, into which the sun set, it was very pretty. I have photos, will post tonight.

We walked to Mindil Beach where there was a night market. I love being out after dark on warm days. We saw this awesome, awesome kids music and puppet show, The Amazing Drumming Monkeys. They were great, two monkey puppets playing African drums and telling kids to all get along and plant trees :-) I wish they'd come to Melbourne, I'd so go see them again. I looked at sarongs and cotton shirts and things, all much cheaper than you'd find them here, but ultimately decided that I could not afford them, and had no space in my bag to take them home anyway.

We walked back to [ profile] fin's place, where we hung out for a few more hours until it was time for me to call a taxi. Darwin airport had it's own special brand of hell in store for me. The arrival/departure lounge, which I think can comfortable take about 200 people, had something like 500 in it. Planes had been delayed all over the shop, some for 14 hours. There were lots of hot and bothered and Not Happy people, no room, and to make things worse the silly buggers at the airport have put a pub in next to the lounge, so now there were people who had started Not Happy and were now Drunk, Belligerant and Not Happy. Whoopee. Plus as they had this mix up they kept having to find gates for planes to land near, as they gate they were suppsed to land near was often being taken up by another plane. So my plane was late, it was 3am, I was tired, hot and surrounded by lots of tired, hot people, some of whom were drunk, most of whom were annoyed. I couldn't go to sleep because I was scared they'd change the gate again and I wouldn't hear it and would get left behind (I know it's unlikely, I just get anxious) and it was generally Uncool. Luckily the shops in the airport were still open (all three of them- Gods it's a tiny airport!) so I went inot the one selling soaps and kimonos and beauty products because it was the place least populated by drunken yobbos. The nice lady in there took pity on me and talked to me to keep me awake. She told me all about the soaps and how they're made and where (they're all local) and was calm and pleasant and chatty. I was so grateful for the reprieve I bought three soaps.

Finally got back to Melbourne, and was so overwhelmingly happy to get in my front door and be greeted by my lovely cats. I put sonme washing on the line, rang [ profile] mc_shamo to let him know I was home, went upstairs and proceeded to sleep the day away.

I woke up around 3pm, and it was lucky I did. I heard the doorbell go, so went downstairs, there was a man there with six long-stemmed red roses in a vase with other pretty greenery, which he handed over to me. I found a card from Seamus that read "Welcome home love" and felt very special and loved and cared for. :-)

I put the flowers on the table, then had to move them as the two cats sprang up and immediately began to eat the greenery. I put them on a high shelf the boys couldn't get at (Loki gave up immediately- I've put things up there before- Puck kept trying for a quarter of an hour. Wish I'd had a camera, hilarious) and slowly, luxuriously slowly, had a shower and got dressed and headed out for counseling at 7pm.

After counseling, which did the same amount of good and caused the same amount of pain as a trip to the dentist, I finally met up with Seamus. There was much hugging, then there was Indian food. Yum. Then when we got home I gave him the little present I'd brought him (a stubby holder with a print of an indigenous painting on it) showed him the website for the Amazing Drumming Monkeys and went to bed.

I had fun, I am glad to be home.


Jul. 31st, 2008 01:00 pm
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Last night I slept badly. This morning I was grumpy. This afternoon I've been falling asleep at my desk. [ profile] mc_shamo rang, he asked if I'd like to have lunch with him, I said rather snappishly that I'd already eaten at my desk, I wasn't going to take a break because I was behind because I was so sleepy. He got me to agree to meet him in the foyer of my building for ten minutes.

When I got there he had a coffee he'd bought for me, and a long-stemmed red rose.

Guess who feels like a bit of a cow now? ;-)


Jun. 27th, 2008 07:48 pm
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So, while I'm waiting for the facemask I'm wearing to set (yes, I've broken out AGAIN, despite the perscription night cream that's turning my skin red and dry, grumble) I thought I'd update.

I now live in Kensington. [ profile] mc_shamo and I are officially living together, as opposed to before when I was staying at my boyfriend's place a lot. Huge, huge thanks to everyone who helped, especially... well... everyone!

I didn't realise how different it would feel. I figured it would be just like the last six months where I was at the Parade full time, but it's not. My stuff is here, his stuff is here, there is stuff that is OUR stuff, and it's here. We have about eight different translations of the Odyssey, and ten different translations of the Iliad, I'm not sure which of the Aeschylus is his and which is mine, all the books are jumbled together. In the study my desk is next to his bookshelf and my guitar is next to his tuba.

It feels different to a sharehouse too; instead of their being "my room" and "communal areas" everything is "ours". I actually thought I'd have problems with this (Chris is a quite territorial creature who also gets pissed off if not left alone for a period of time each day) but I don't. I like it.

And it's fun to put things in places and discuss and argue (well, not argue, more reason at each other) and plan and, well, live.

I've never done this before.

It feels nice.
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Today I slept in bed all morning, then on the couch all afternoon. I have spent the whole day feeling hungover, and I had nothing to drink last night. It feels like someone has tied a rubber band around my forehead.


[ profile] mc_shamo has been very sweet about providing tea and pills and patience (and cuddles). Right now he is making dinner, pasta with a crapload of garlic. Yum.

Must stay awake until dinner.
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This morning I found this on my pillow:


I am spoilt. :-D


Feb. 17th, 2008 10:45 pm
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[ profile] mc_shamo had told me a little while ago to make sure I kept yesterday afternoon free, but would not tell me why. Then yesterday morning I put on a nice dress and went to work. He met me afterwards and took me here for Chocolate High Tea! There were cucumber and salmon sandwiches, and fresh warm scones with cream and jam, and Italian hot chocolate ON TAP. The lounge was gorgeous and there were crystal chandeliers and waiters who pull out chairs for you and fix your napkin. And there was a HUUUUUGE amount of chocolate! There was a large table in the centre of the lounge absolutely COVERED with chocolate products. There was chilli chocolate mousse, and layered mousse, and about four different types of chocolate cake and all these other little chocolate things that I have no idea what they were called but WOW! And piles and piles of fresh strawberries... Oh, and despite the fact that he's not drinking, he bought me a glass of good champagne.

I have the most awesome boyfriend, and I'm so incredibly lucky.

(Oh and by the way, the picnic I planned went off swimmingly, thank you everyone for all the ideas, help and loans of equipment!)
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I've been under the pump today, trying to complete essays for which I thought I had extensions (and probably in fact do, but there are complications, longish story). I have been snappy and difficult to get on with. [ profile] mc_shamo hand fed me chocolate when I started to panic last night, then today let me use his laptop as I'm more comfortable on a Mac these days and at around 1pm asked me if I was hungry. I replied, rather distractedly, that I was. Seamus said he'd make me a sandwich. I said thank you, mind already back on the essay. Five minutes later this appeared next to me, this is his idea of a sandwich:

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Chris- so very, very spoiled.

(And that's not even going into the bbq'd salmon I got for dinner!)
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I had a bit of a shit day today. Nothing major, just one of those days during which 20 minor things happen and culminate into you being majorly pised off.

So I needed cheering up (particularly after a man at the supermarket moved his small child out of my way while saying, "Move out of the pregnant lady's way, Johnnie" or words to that effect) I decided colour was the way to cheer myself up. I bought ingrediants and tonight made a pasta dish I liked so much I'll post the recipe here:

Serves 2 with heaps of leftovers

1 small wedge of Kent Pumpkin (a $2 or less wedge)
1 medium onion
6 cloves garlic
1 small red capsicum
1 small green capsicum
1 carrot
1 small zucchini
1 small very ripe avocado
190ish grams of tuna in springwater
1 can diced tomatoes
5 large flat mushrooms
cream cheese
4 teaspoons basil pesto
lemon juice
dried rosemary, tarragon, chilli, oregano
olive oil

Cut pumpkin into slices lengthways approx 1cm thick, halve these slices horizontally. Put in bowl.

Combine some olive oil with two crushed garlic cloves and the dried herbs, then pour over pumpkin. Drizzle a teaspoon of honey over pumkin, then cover and let stand as long as possible (I let it stand 5 hours today, but 1 would have done it ok I think)

Mix together cream cheese, pesto, chives, some capers, lemon juice to form a thick mixture.

Place pumkin with sliced onion and the rest of the garlic in a large frypan. Once pumkin is slightly browned as capsicum, cut into very large squareish chunks (approx 2.5cm by 2.5cm)

Add carrot and zucchini, also cut in large pieces, and one mushroom.

Remove stalks from other mushrooms and lightly brush all over with olive oil, spoon cream cheese mixture into the cups of the mushrooms and place in a moderate oven for roughly 10 minutes.

Put pasta on to boil.

Add diced tomatoes to vegetables and simmer, adding more herbs to taste. Chuck in a few capers.

Two minutes before the pasta is done, add tuna and avocado to sauce. Use a teaspoon to get large chunks of avocado.

Add pasta to sauce and stir. Take off heat.

Serve in a bowl with stuffed mushrooms on the side and top with grated parmasen cheese.

Goes well with Agrum with slices of lime for a work night, I imagine a white wine would suit it on an non-work night.

It- combined with a chocolate-bearing [ profile] mc_shamo who listened patiently and sympathetically to my rant about my day- cheered me up enourmously.
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Am less grumpy now.

Will head into the city and run errands, then be back here by three to play with the face of the lovely [ profile] princesslaurene.

I have not mentioned it enough recently, but I have a boyfriend who rocks, the night before last I stumbled in after rehearsal (and after a very stressful 15 hour day) to find a wonderfully tasty dinner waiting on the bench for me. When I had consumed said dinner I was presented with a bowl of ice-cream and lychees. I was allowed to relax, talk play stuff, be cuddled and then go to bed (where I found I couldn't sleep and lay saring at the celing for an hour, but that is not his fault). Next morning i still felt exhausted, so he brought me my breakfast in bed. Yay. I can't believe how spolied I am by him, especially considering we're no longer in the beggining stages. I am lucky.

[Edit: Fuck the errands. I'm going to go grab lunch but that is it. Just worked out ow much there is for me to do here]


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