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I get New Year's Eve off afterall! Swapped my shift, am working until 4pm! Yaaaaay!
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I spent last night with some of the closest people to me in the world. There was laughter, music, two dogs, the bellowing of Jerusalem from a verandah at midnight, lots of booze, kisses, cuddles and much much fun.

I didn't do a write up of 2008 because I couldn't face it, it sucked too much for me and for quite a few people I know. I was well and truly ready to celebrate it's passing.

Bring it on, 2009.

And what better way to start the year than with a nutritious hangover breakfast from Hot Poppy...
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Last night was the best.

Those members of MUCAAS who were in the country came over. [ profile] mc_shamo and I ran both air-conditioners. I stayed up until 6am. These was next-door's cat, inflatable, remote-controlled sumo wrestlers and absinthe jelly. It was just an awesome, awesome night. It surprised me how much everyone drank, yet didn't seem to get horribly drunk. Nothing got broken and I don't think anyone got hurt. I hadn't been planning to drink much but I went through all my cider, some absinthe jelly, two glasses of Omniplonk (horrible Omni sparkling wine) then shared a bottle of white and a bottle of red with Seamus...

Berocca was a large feature today.

Seamus and I got up around 2pm, had breakfast, had a shower, then went back to bed. We got up again about 7pm and I made cheese wedges (healthy healthy!) and he made milkshakes.

Now we're playing Guitar Hero and the hot water service just broke.

Happy New Year Everyone.


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