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Tomorrow I am working 7am-11pm. Boo.

But this means I get Saturday off and can go to the Lucksmiths concert and then the Trackers after party, yay!

And on Thursday I have the whole day off and so does [ profile] mc_shamo and we've made an appointment with the wedding cake people to discuss stuff and taste! Yay!

And we can go in to the reception venue and count chairs and tables and work out if we need to hire a pa system. Yay!

So really, it's just tomorrow I have to get through.

Cake, cake, cake,
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I'm doing one of the bleugh shifts today, a 7am start after I finished last night at 11pm. Luckily it's quiet, so all I've done all day is look up bridal hair styles and bouquets and jewellery options, then take a break from that and look up tipping ettiquette in Malaysia (you don't tip in Malaysia apparently. Oh, and I took one trauma call. It's hard to beleive I used to be frightened of them, they're actually easier than a normal call, the script is more basic and the case tends to be over with more quickly.

Tonight I'm seeing Trackers again and suggest y'all come along!

I hope it stays quiet today, a little nap may be in order...


Aug. 11th, 2009 09:59 pm
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Come see Trackers! You know you want to!

Opening this Friday and running on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for the next three weeks. 7:30pm

Booking info at or go to the MUDfest festival club in the Arts Centre (the one at uni, not the big impressive one, it's in the building on the corner of Gratten and Swanston)

Plundering the rubbish dumps at Oxyrhynchus, on the verge of nervous breakdown, two Oxford archaeologists hunt frantically for cultural treasure… and dig up ancient anarchy. Based loosely on modern fact and ancient fiction Omniprop Productions presents Tony Harrison’s London smash hit, The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus.

In 1897 Bernard Grenfell and Arthur Hunt are supervising a team of unruly natives at the dig-site of ancient Greek-Egyptian city Oxyrhynchus. Hoping to discover lost works of cultural significance they instead uncover the petitions and pleas of commoners. Once hope is nearly gone they find fragments of a lost satyr play by Sophocles, Ichneutae, “The Tracking Satyrs.” This discovery unleashes the play’s characters from the papyrus and Apollo, Hermes, Silenus and a chorus of lewd, crude and rude satyrs (complete with their traditional costume of beards, ears and detachable phalluses) bring Sophocles’ long lost work to life. This bawdy and gory play gives new perspectives on the Sophocles of tragedy with whom you may be familiar.

Tony Harrison, most famous for his 1985 poem V, has been called Britain’s leading film and theatre poet. A Classics scholar from Leeds, he believes that, especially under censorship, “audiences read classical plays with a contemporary eye”. With Trackers he has skillfully woven the ancient and modern to make a compelling, thought-provoking and entertaining play.

First performed at the ancient stadium at Delphi in 1988, award wining theatre company Omniprop will perform Harrison’s Trackers of Oxyrhynchus among the arches and cloisters of the Old Law Quad at the University of Melbourne as part of the MUDfest festival. This will be the first not-completely-ancient play the classicists of Omniprop have undertaken, as well as their first performance outdoors.

Director Helen Slaney, a veteran and founding member of Omniprop, has a string of arrows to her bow; acclaimed actor, director and scholar. This will be her final Australian performance before departing to pursue her PhD at Oxford University.

Fall through the gaps in Sophocles’ text and be swept up in the satyrs’ search for the source of Poetry, Art, and all that Bull.

Please note this is an outdoor performance with standing room only, Omniprop recommends theatre-goers dress in warm and comfortable clothing.

Warning: may contain traces of ancient Greek.

Please come? I'm producing for the first time ever, and I want it to be a success!
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Health and fitness )

I went to part of the rehearsals for Trackers today (Omniprop's next show, which I am producing) and what I saw had me in stitches :-D

Also, yesterday Seamus picked me up from work with a bottle of champagne and my engagement ring! Hurrah! Is all Oficially Officially Official! And the ring is absolutely stunning in real life. The rose gold has a lovely tone and diamond is the sparkliest (and biggest actually) that I've ever seen in real life. And the rubies are my very favourite shade of red. I've very, very happy with it and still can't quite believe this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind ring is mine.
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On Sunday evening I was picked up from home by [ profile] _audhumla_ and Stevie and we three drove to Bendigo. As much as I'd like to say it was a spur of the moment road trip performed by three mid 20s women in search of wacky adventure to a kickin' 90s soundtrack it was in fact a pre planned event. We were meeting [ profile] mc_shamo, Helen and Sharon there and in the morning were going to perform Aeschylus' Persians for 70-odd VCE students. The others had already been at a rehearsal camp for Mostellaria all weekend, so were a tad worse for wear...

We managed to find our way to the YHA despite Bendigo's ludicrous amount of one-way streets. The YHA was really nice, we got an 8 bed room for the six of us all to ourselves and one of the lower bunk beds was a double, which was welcome as Seamus had been on rehearsal camp the night before and we'd missed each other. It sounds silly but I don't sleep well without him anymore. We sat and watched the multi media part of the play (John- the messanger- had been pre-recorded to appear as a news-report-cum-documentary) then as Sarah and I were getting noisier and noisier about our desire for dinner we all headed out to a local Chinese place where the staff were incredibly nice and possibly too ready to bend over backwards for us (no, really, what's on the menu is fine, we don't need the chef to make things up...). We then realised we'd prepared nothing for breakfast, silly us. So we asked the lovely Chinese lady about supermarkets and discovered we were a mere block from Coles, awesome.

The Coles, and it's carpark, was surrounded by teens and extremly young adults, most of whom had spilled from old cars with P plates on them. Many were still in the cars and engaged in driving very fast for very short distances. we had to walk through them, it was mildly disconcerting. Once out of Coles we had to walk through again, and we nearly jumped out of our skins when from a car parked near us there came a shriek of "Christina!!!!!" and a slim blonde girl jumped out- my cousin Heather. We hugged and I explained what I was doing in Bendigo and why I had not come to visit her family (feeling incredibly guilty as I did so) she was waiting for her boyfriend to come out of Coles and I would have liked to have met him, but by now it was past 10pm and we still needed to run the show before the next day, so with a final hug and directions to send my love to her family we left her among the youth of Bendigo.

Back at the backpackers we stumbled through a few lines runs before succombing to exhaustion and piling into beds. Best. Sleep. Ever. Oh lordy were we all tired! (Well, except Stevie, who sensibly had brought a book and a reading light) There wasn't even any chat after the lights went out.

The performance the next morning went very well considering. The kids were quiet and seemed absorbed, though turned shy afterwards and didn't ask questions until most of them had left, then a few came up to talk to us. I was feeling a little grumpy as Seamus had accidentally grabbed my ear instead of my hand to fling me across the stage (an easy mistake to make in the circumstances, though hard to explain on paper, and I was not grumpy with him just grumpy it had happened) and it bloody well hurt. We also chatted to one of the teachers who seemed really interested in what we'd done, especially with the concept of comedy within tragedy, with the idea that some of the lines can be comic. He was expecting the scene between Queen Atossa and the ghost of King Darius to be high drama I think, and instead we gave him a squabbling domestic tiff. I think he really liked it, and hopefully we get asked back again!

We walked through the park after the performance and hit the second hand books and clothes shops with a vengence before discovering that the brewery we were planning to lunch in (and drink in) was shut for the day. Bollocks. So we searched and search for a closeish decent pub, found one and walked in. Only on actually being inside did we discover that we'd managed, like the homing pidgeons we old MUCAAS types are, to end up in a Pugg Mahones.

A very nice few hours then passed, til we realised it was nearing 3pm and Seamus had to be back in Melbourne by 5:30. So we walked back to the cars and with a little too-ing anf fro-ing and organising of luggage we were off back to Melbourne, where I has the fun of driving un-accompanied through the city to get home after dropping seamus and Sharon off!

I got home, fed the cats (who had been fed that morning by the obliging [ profile] _bounce_, thanks again!) and was just contemplating my own dinner when I received a very welcome text from [ profile] vivienne_astor, asking me to come around, watch dvds and have Thai take away. And thus an evening was very pleasantly passed. :-)

The next day I blitzed through errands and housework like some sort of domestic goddess. I can breathe in my own home, oh joy!

Altogether a wonderful weekend, I'm so glad to have finally had a proper one. It makes up for the fact that I am now halfway through my hell-run at work (Thursday overnight, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning shifts- with only 8 hours between them).

Only three weeks til my next weekend! I think I may have to plan to do something fun with it...
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We got reviewed!

Text for the link-phobic )


In other news, I'm tired, working two days here, three days there type jobs, it was [ profile] mc_shamo's birthday yesterday and we had a wonderful relaxing day, involving much nice food and lying around.

If you haven't come along yet, there are plenty of tickets for tonight! It would be awesome if you booked, but you most probably won't need to tonight (next week- different story) you can go to the fringe office in Fed Square in person, or, or just rock up tonight by 8:20pm.

The pace is killing me, but I fucking love this show!
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Preview tonight! $14

Season opens tomorrow: $16/$20

(Tightarse Tuesday $14)

Get a group of ten together and it's $12 per ticket

Show runs until 5th October. No Monday show.

Book at

Tech and dress were last night and were brilliant! And I'm saying that as someone who was a in a great deal of pain and went to the hospital straight after. (Mouth stuff, very unfun, and gross, if you come tonight or tomorrow you may still be able to discern a swelling on the left side)

I love Omniprop, I love this time of year.
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Blah, tired. But I'm glad I did the stuff I did on the weekend!

Friday night I went to the gym on my own, on the downside it was a little lonely and there was no one to chat with, but on the upside I was able to keep really focussed and/or drift off inot my own world. Then [ profile] _audhumla_, [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] clappamungus came over and watched Press Gang with me. I think we're just into the third season now.

Saturday I went to a pro-choice rally, which was fun, and interesting. I don't think I'm a socialist, but I find myself on the same side of the fence as them quite often these days. I picket up a copy of a radical feminist magazine, which I'm sure I'll get around to reading soon.

Afterwards I had lunch and hung out in the city with [ profile] greenpea33 who came to the rally with me, and [ profile] mc_shamo rocked up.

At about 4pm I said goodbye to [ profile] mc_shamo who was goingt o check out our theatre space at Trades Hall. I headed off to Port Melbourne, met up with [ profile] impostinator and went to her place via an awesome organic/health shop of serious awesome, where I spent far too much money on tea and chocolate. I'm glad I don't live as near it as [ profile] impostinator does, I'd be permanently broke! However, I'm glad it's near her place so I can pop in whenever I'm around :-)

We had dinner with [ profile] impostinator's dad and [ profile] mc_shamo at a cosy little Japanese place. Tempura, yuuum!

Sunday was a bit of a scramble. Puck wet our bed (again... sigh) so I fished my sleep on the couch. Seamus had a shower as Puck had been on his side of the bed. I woke up when he went out to meet his dad, and I spent the morning dealing with laundry, trying to get as much of it done as possible (particularley the bedding, since thanks to Puck we'd completely run out) and doing housework until Andrea came over with some props for Lysistrata. These props are long, red, latex and, well, alright yes, they're strap-ons. They look hilarious! If she ever reads this, Andrea, you did a fantastic job making them!

[ profile] mc_shamo sister kindly drove us to the city and we got to go into the Arts Centre and rehearse. Omniprop in the Arts Centre! Wow! We did our first full run of the play. I hate first full runs of plays, but that's ok, because everybody hates them, they have to be done!

After rehearsal I was meant to meet up with my parents but they piked, so I convinced [ profile] vivienne_aster that a trip to the gym would be a good thing to do with our Sunday night (mind you, I really had to twist Kate's arm on that one...) and came home afterwards pleasantly exhausted, flopped on the couch, complained loudly and often to [ profile] mc_shamo about my sore throat and cuddled up to him to watch Midsomer Murders before bed.

About the sore throat, my body is under strict orders not to sucumb to sickness this week, next week there is a strong chance I'll be unemployed, at least for a few days, so it can get sick all it wants then.
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Now accepting bookings!
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I had my first rehearsal for Lysistrata yesterday. Due to circumstances beyond our control, I was the only one there, yay for individual attention! :-)

We had a big discussion about what we want this Lysistrata (character, not play) to be. What she's like, how old she is, does she have a back story etc.

Guess who my inspiration is to be? Go on, guess!

Linda Day.

Freakin' AWESOME! :-D :-D :-D
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Hmm, looks like I can't post on Artshub without some money. Bum.

My weekend went quickly, as most seem to these days. In some ways it's nicer than when I was studying and working part-time, because the weekend is now absolutley deligated to "not-work" time. Sleeping in feels delicious, wheras it used to just be the norm (though I will never EVER get used to waking before 7:30am, and this is after over a year of waking around 6:15)

So on Saturnday [ profile] mc_shamo and I slept in a bit, then went and had breakfast at Verb cafe. I caught a train then a tram out to Fitzroy to participate in Helen's Seneca acting workshop. It was awesome, and a really good way to remind myself that hey, I'm good at this, I can find stuff in the text, I can be convincing, I can act, and I enjoy it. Always good to be reminded of this before going into rehearsals for a new play :-)

Before arriving at the studio for the workshop I stopped at the ISHKA factory outlet on Nicholson street. Afew months ago I'd been in the Richmond ISHKA and seen a top I'd really liked, but could not afford at $52. The same top, in a colour I like, was in the outlet for $10, score!!

After the workshop I caught tram, train and tram to the gym, then walked home and started on dinner. I made an awesome dinner, I marinated calamari in honey, oil, soy, chilli, garlic and paprika, then I grilled it for a few minutes before tossing it in a salad. We had [ profile] rin_tin_tin_ over as she and Seamus had a production meeting, and [ profile] _audhumla_ and her friend Gus as they'd drove [ profile] rin_tin_tin_ out then had their own plans cancelled. It was nice, we got the extend out table, and they got gelati and soft drinks! Yuuum! I went with them to pub, but did not stay too long.

Sunday morning I went over the top half of our house thoughroughly with a feather duster and vacuum cleaner, then cleaned out the bath, shower and basins. I can breathe a lot easier now, and it only took about an hour and a half. Seamus and I then visited a cafe we'd not been to before and had a quick light lunch, jumped on a train and headed off to the Lysistrata read-through.

Read-through went well, I like the new people I had not met before, and was glad to see so many familiar faces. I'm also really pleased that [ profile] ephant has decided to give Omniprop a try! (She did Lysistrata back when the Classics Students Society- from which both MUCAAS and Omniprop grew- did it, it was... an interesting performance, this one will be better!)

After the read-through a half dozen or so of us went and got warm food because it was GOD DAMNED COLD. Then those in Twelth Night headed off for their call, the rest of us made our way leisurely through the city, Cleggs Fabrics and Brunettis, and then up to J-studios, where Twelth Night was being performed.

I have not laughed that hard at a show in ages. I think it was my favourite show I've seen this year, and that includes Wicked (which, though it was ok, didn't really grab me...) and other professional shows I saw while still with Ticketmaster. Oh my God; hilarious. I thouroughly enjoyed it, and wished that I could have come another night too (unfortunately it turned out the last night was the only one we could make). Even better, I'm sure I would have found it just as hilarious, enchanting and captivating had I not known more than half the cast. Any of you crazy kids reading this- well bloody done! I hope you're all proud of yourselves, and given the show finished last night, I hope you're all thoughroughly hungover!

It only took us an hour and a bit to get home, which is good considering it was a Sunday. We had a supper of oysters Seamus had bought me as a treat from the market the preceeding day, I got out an extra blanket after deciding it was too cold in bed (which occasioned some quoting of the play we'd done a read-through for that day...) and I finally, FINALLY, slept an entire night through! Did not wake until 6:30am. Fantastic.

At some point, I'll have a relaxing empty weekend EVEN if I'm not sick. I just don't know when..
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Omniprop Productions is staging Lysistrata as part of this year's Fringe; an ancient comedy with very modern undertones. We are seeking a costume designer to help us convery this ancient-yet-modern vibe. If you are interested, or know anyone who would be (SCA people I'm looking pleadingly in your direction...), please contact

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As many of you know, Omniprop Productions will be performing Aristophanes Lysistrata at the Melbourne Fringe Festival later this year. It will be represented in the Fringe Guide by this image:


The question is, should we also use this image for the poster? So far we think yes if only because we can't be arsed doing that much work on it again. We though we should get some quick opinions from others, so I said I'd ask the internet.

Internet? Think this would make a good poster?
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I've been meaning to apologise to you, [ profile] melbournian, for being so distracted and rude the other night. I was looking for my parents and then was very angry and upset that thet'd left after the play. Still, I should have been better to you, thank youfor coming to see my show, I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

The more I think about that play, the more truly amazing I realise it was. I don't think I've ever appreciated a cast so much for their onstage presence and strength, and before this I don't think I'd ever realised fully Helen's phenomenal vision and ability to bring that vision to be.

This time last week I just wanted it all to be over, today I want to do it all again.

But instead I'll wait for [ profile] mc_shamo to come home, then we'll have dinner with [ profile] vox_diabolica and it will be fantastically yummy; then they'll play Wii while I try to find enough info to re-write some of my uni assessment and then muck about on the net.

Actually, that all sounds pretty good, doesn't it?
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The last few day have been really intense. Sometimes it seemed everything I felt was heightened. I was not tired, I was exhausted. I was not annoyed, I was furious. I was not happy, I was ecstatic. Absolutley nothing by halves.

But it's all done. We did it!

Last night's bump-out went ridiculously well, then there was party of Awesome. I stayed up until just before 8am, then was back up by noon, getting fruit from down the street. [ profile] mc_shamo and I went out around 4pm and had breakfast with [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] fnoo and Helen on Errol street. We have spent today lounging and it has been good.

I have an amazing group of friends, I was involved in a phenomnal play, I'm doing what I want at uni, I am part of a brilliant and vibrant theatre company, and I have the love of a truly wonderful person. Fuck I'm lucky.
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That figures. :-P

I go poking around the internet the day after we open and find some really awesome resources that would have made me feel a hell of a lot less clueless in the last month.

Ah well.

Last night went very well, my God it's an amazing play, and an amazing translation. There is so much to work with. The performances last night were incredible too, I feel very privileged to be in this production, both onstage and behind the scenes.

It's been a hell of a ride, it's not over yet, but the last little bit of the ride should be pure fun.

Oh, and if by chance you've missed what I'm talking about:







BOOKINGS: PH: 8344 7447

Play contains violent imagery, sexual references and coarse language, not reccomended for children under 10

And if you'd like to see the show for free, I believe we still need one usher for the 3pm show on Friday, feel free to comment and volunteer!
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Dead Chris. Chris is deaded.

Chris go Boum!

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I guess I needed the sleep.

Must pick up more sticks of glue for hot glue gun for set designer.

Must look up stuff for Sustainability class Group meeting.

Must attend group meeting at 4pm (EEeep!)

Must go to rehearsal, having somehow found time to look over lines.

We are going to be in the paper becaus my boyfriend is awesome! Yay!

I helped put up curtain tracks and rigging at Red Stitch yesterday, to be honest the stuff was wayt o heavy for me and today I am one giant ache, especially in my shoulders and calves :-(

[ profile] princesslaurene I'm sorry, I have no time to make anything fun for tomorrow night, I shall just have to make up for it by being extra charming and entertaining :-) By the way, we don't need to be wearing our dresses for the rehearsal, do we?
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I made it through a physical rehearsal and only used my puffer once! I think I'm on the mend! Whee!!!

Our chorus got a little more sensual and a little more lesbian today, always nice to see.

My parents paid for dinner tonight which was lovely, then Dad called [ profile] mc_shamo by the name of one of my exes. I found it funny, in a facepalm-Dad-will-you-ever-stop-making-awkward-social-gaffes-no-I-guess-not sort of way.
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I could do with a drink.

[Edit and I just realised I forgot to transfer money to my savings account before 4pm, so no I have no money for tomorrow instead of some money grr.]


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