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16. I'm grateful for my husband's enthusiasm

Pictures of our veggie garden, cut for size )

Wish us luck! And if you see anything drastically wrong THAT CAN BE FIXED please feel free to comment! (If it can't be fixed then tell us in four months when I'm bemoaning the lack of success, right now I's rather not have my parade rained on :-P)

Next step, properly erecting the bird netting!
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In stark contrast to my earlier post today I thought I'd make a cheerful entry, and realised that I have not actually uploaded pics from the wedding here for non Facebook types.

Cut for images )
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herb garden! )

Engagement ring )

Obligatory kittyspam )

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Loki had to go back to the vet again. Poor little dude. He is okay, but I was warned quite gently that he may not be a terrifically long lived cat. He may only be around for a few years (if anything else goes wrong with him they can't operate again- too much scar tissue and trauma ad so forth)

But on the bright side he right now he is happy and healthy and purring on my lap. :-)

Now how'm I going to get up and cook with this little guy wanting attention?:

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Three minutes after this was taken for no reason at all he extended claws, slashed my thigh, panicked at my yelp and ran upstairs. Bless.

At least it means I can concentrate on the essay.

Hey [ profile] jpom40!

Feb. 5th, 2009 01:39 pm
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I bought shoes for your wedding!

Think I'll break them in tomorrow night.


They came from VeganWares, and were not too expensive considering that. I like the shop cat there, she looks like Loki but older.

In other news, I still feel bleugh, but well enough to work, so back to work I go!
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I am helping out tomorrow by bringing food to Christmas lunch. I am very glad my mum is cool with this, as many people aren't. And while I doubt most of my family will eat the main I'm bringing hopefully some will try it and like it. No matter what, this vegetarian will we damned well-fed tomorrow!

I have prattled on and included pictures, feel free to take the recipes, in fact I'd be thrilled if you did! :-D

Food, glorious food, in different stages of preparation )

I am glad I'm not a chef. I take such pleasure and find such happiness in cooking for people I love when I have the time, I think doing it every day for strangers would ruin it for me.

I fix!

Dec. 14th, 2008 01:17 pm
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I couldn't find the better quality one [ profile] mc_shamo got off Erica so I figured while I was re-learning photoshop I'd just play with the one on Facebook. It's not exactly professional, but it makes me happy.
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More under cut, may contain traces of cats )

Decorating the tree while being "supervised" by two young cats who seem to think we brought in a massive scratching post then covered it in toys for them (which are all placed out of paws reach darn it!) was..interesting :-)

Merry Christmas.
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This is my favourite:

more under cut )

Then when I got back home to Melbourne on Monday [ profile] mc_shamo had these delivered to the door with a note saying "Welcome home love":

Spot the Kitties! They really liked the green stuff!

In all sorts of ways, I am an extremely lucky woman.


Aug. 21st, 2008 12:30 pm
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I'm bored and I can't breathe, but this is damn cute.

Photos of Cats, taken with mobile phone, therefore of questionable quality )
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On Tuesday night I went to the gym and went the whole way through my new program. Huh, I thought when I'd finished, that wasn't very hard, I barely feel anything, I don't even think this program is doing anything! Yesterday morning I woke up with my body one big ache. Ok, so maybe the program is working after all. Going back in tonight after meeting my little brother for coffee. I'll probably be there around 6:30pm if anyone is interested in joining me ([ profile] vivienne_aster? [ profile] fnoo? [ profile] _audhumla_? etc.) :-)

Yesterday I worked eight hours like the good, wage-earner I am, then met up with [ profile] impostinator for dumplings and hot chocolate. I had to be home by 8pm to be in photos, and I realised when on the tram that I was going to be early, but then out of nowhere I saw [ profile] doesthemgkdrgn with his girlfriend Aimee which was a pleasant suprise as I thought they were still off fruit-picking somewhere warm. I got off the tram and had a ten minute chat with them, very glad I did, because they're leaving for Canada on Monday, so I was lucky to run into them now!

I managed to get home a few minutes before 8pm and chatted with [ profile] mc_shamo and [ profile] _bounce_ who was very kindly lending a hand (hee! pun!)for the photos. Then the very very awesome [ profile] sunshinenoir arrived to take photos. We were re-doing the publicity picture for Lysistrata for the posters. Very similar to the publicity shot, except with a woman's hand flicking over one of the soldiers (thanks [ profile] _bounce_!), a better background, a much better camera, a professional photographer (thanks [ profile] sunshinenoir!) and, surprisingly, less falling over of the soldiers than last time, even though I think I was lying there longer (and kept giggling, it's very hard to stay still when the others are all cracking jokes and when everytime they re-arranged the soldiers it tickled!) From what I got to see afterwards the shots look really cool.

By the time all that was finished and I'd eaten and gotten into bed it was nearly midnight.

I'm tired.

Happy, but tired.
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As many of you know, Omniprop Productions will be performing Aristophanes Lysistrata at the Melbourne Fringe Festival later this year. It will be represented in the Fringe Guide by this image:


The question is, should we also use this image for the poster? So far we think yes if only because we can't be arsed doing that much work on it again. We though we should get some quick opinions from others, so I said I'd ask the internet.

Internet? Think this would make a good poster?
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A week or so ago [ profile] mc_shamo braved the 40 degree heat and carried home a giant cat tower for our little one. It cost $80 and so far has been worth every cent.

This picture was snapped by [ profile] mc_shamo this morning:


I know it gives him evil kitty eyes, but I still think it's cute!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my baby brother, 21 today!!!
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Season's Greetings!


Ok, I know it's now Boxing St Stephen's day, but I didn't get a chance to do this yesterday. Merry Christmas everyone!

I had a very good Christmas. On the 23rd I took [ profile] mc_shamo to meet the Curtain side of the family and we had lunch. On Christmas Eve he came with me to the Guzys side celebrations and my parents dropped us back at his place after. On Christmas morning we woke up before 7am, exchanged gifts (I got spoilt! I have a red thing and tea things and some of my favourite perfume!) then went back to sleep. We got up properly around ten and [ profile] mc_shamo made pancakes, then we went to his mum's place to get her and went out for a long Christmas lunch. nice and relaxing. After lunch we went back to my place to look at the kittens (who are cute and adorable and scared as hell) then to [ profile] mc_shamo's where we exchanged presents with my brother who was home by then. We had a nap, then dinner, then headed over to Helen's for the Annual MUCAAS Christmas Night Party. She has a new cat too, Terence, who is 9 years old and came from a shelter and is very very nice and affectionate. All in all, Christmas has been nicely stretched out (and is still going!)and pretty stress-free.

Oh, and the picture above is of the bauble [ profile] mc_shamo and I bought together. We've decided that each year in the weeks leading up to Christmas we'd make time to go shopping together and choose a christmas ornament for our tree. This is our first effort. It came from Oxfam and is clear glass with coloured splotches.

And for good measure, here is the whole tree:

Once again, Merry Christmas everyone!


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