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Yoinked from [personal profile] clappamungus's Facebook page. It's pretty accuraate, except apparently Tasmania is getting flooding now too.
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In stark contrast to my earlier post today I thought I'd make a cheerful entry, and realised that I have not actually uploaded pics from the wedding here for non Facebook types.

Cut for images )
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herb garden! )

Engagement ring )

Obligatory kittyspam )

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Loki had to go back to the vet again. Poor little dude. He is okay, but I was warned quite gently that he may not be a terrifically long lived cat. He may only be around for a few years (if anything else goes wrong with him they can't operate again- too much scar tissue and trauma ad so forth)

But on the bright side he right now he is happy and healthy and purring on my lap. :-)

Now how'm I going to get up and cook with this little guy wanting attention?:

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We have our boy home. First of all, he has a 99% chance of recovery, which is awesome. We have him in the study with food and water and his litter. He started to purr as soon as he realised he was home.

A few of these pictures might look a bit yuck because of the stitches and sutchures, but he is okay, our little one is okay :-D

Photo- the external damage )

But look! He is recovering well!! )

He is good kitten! I am so glad he is home. :-D

Right now he and Puck are making noises at each other through the door. I don't think it's a good idea to have Puck with him yet, not until Loki's been home a while. Keeping them apart is difficult though!

Thank God.
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As many of you know, Omniprop Productions will be performing Aristophanes Lysistrata at the Melbourne Fringe Festival later this year. It will be represented in the Fringe Guide by this image:


The question is, should we also use this image for the poster? So far we think yes if only because we can't be arsed doing that much work on it again. We though we should get some quick opinions from others, so I said I'd ask the internet.

Internet? Think this would make a good poster?
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As many of you have known for quite some time, over the past few months I've secretly been knitting [ profile] mc_shamo a jumper.I gave it to him yesterday for his birthday. Here is the finished product:

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By the way, if you remember my post from the other day, the reason I said "Aw fuckmonkies" was that I'd managed to embroider the front of the jumper to the back of it and had to unpick an hour's work.

Oh, Seamus' birthday was Awesome. We had lunch together when I finished work, then later I took him out to dinner and we ha champagne and chocolate cake and strawberries. Yay.


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