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I'm quite sleep deprived. For some reason after yesterday's overnight shift I couldn't get to sleep at all, even though all the sleep I'd had was forty minutes or so around dawn when I'd fallen into a light doze. I gave up on trying at 1pm (I'd been in bed since 10am)went downstairs and made blueberry jam with the berries we'd got at the farmer's market, and made chilli con carne to freeze and take away with us tomorrow, I figure we'll have better things to spend money on than going out to eat, so I want to bring with us as much as possible in an eski.

The lovely [profile] cows_might_fly called me in the afternoon, she and [personal profile] clappamungus are back from Sri Lanka safe and sound, which was a relief as I'd gotten mildly concerned at the footage of floods there. We had a really nice talk, it was great to sit and chat with someone on the phone, it's been ages since I did that with anyone but Mum.
Then [personal profile] nearlyalegume's family dropped by, sans Amy but with her old cat run, which will live in the garage until we get back. I showed Amy's mother and sister around the front of the house, apparently they'd been kept awake by a hoon the night before, so the idea of a house that does not front on to the road had some appeal. (I didn't mention the occasional drunken foot traffic, since it really is occasional. I did mention that it's nearly impossible to get take-away delivered.)

After they left I finally felt tired enough to try sleeping again, and I managed to get an hour in before Seamus came home from work and woke me- not his fault, I was sleeping on the couch downstairs because the bedroom gets all the afternoon sun, so he could hardly avoid waking me when he came in. For some reason though once I was awake I couldn't get back to sleep. We had dinner and watched some tv, before I decided at 9:30pm to give sleep another try. I finally dropped off around 10:30, unfortunately my alarm went off at 11pm so I could get up, get dressed and come back to work!

Despite the lack of sleep, it was a lovely day, and when I get home from work I'll sleep while Seamus prepares the house and packs the car, then it's off to Shorem for five days, whee!!
I'm now caffinated and sugared up, but I'm pretty sure it'll all wear off around 3am, so here's hoping it's quiet tonight, or at least if not quiet straightforward with nothing out of the ordinary so I can work on autopilot if necessary.
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Today Seamus found he unexpectadley had the day off. We celebrated by having haloumi on toast with marmalade for breakfast, I went out to buy it while he did the vacuuming. After a lovely prolonged breakfast we headed off to the post office so he could submit his uni application and I could send some mail I've been meaning to send for a while. We then went into a little homewares shop and bought ourselves a few things we needed plus a present for friends who are engaged (and I think we've picked something original and- I hope- useful.) Last shop was a junk shop where we bought cd folders galore.

Upon arriving home we went upstairs and put cds and their booklets in the folders. This took a while, but now we no longer have a pile of cds in the study and all the pirated cds and dvds are hidden away. Win! Also, I looked through dvds Seamus had pirated before we lived together and discovered a few I really wanted to watch. Consequently when we sat down to lunch we did so in front of Shrek 2, and I still think that human Shrek looks just like Seamus :-)

After the film we decided to wander down to Verb and grab coffee and just relax in each other's company, it was really nice. Then we got home with enough time for me to check the mail (and discover two Book Depository books!), collect the cd cases into a box to be op-shopped (I was going to just put them out to be recycled, but apparently people pay money for cd cases, so I figure the op shop can have them, unless anyone here is interested?) grab some dinner and had in to work.

And considering the shift so far, I'm glad I got the nice relaxing day before!

Day off tomorrow! No Seamus unfortunately during the day, but looking forward to partying the night away!


Jul. 12th, 2010 09:07 am
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This morning I put my hand down on the hot stove, just after I'd removed a pot of boiling water (there may have been a cat around my feet and I may have tripped then put my hand down to steady myself.... stupid Puck)

I ran my hand under cold water for about 10 minutes, then wrapped it around an ice pack and headed to work.

After half an hour I couldn't take it anymore, so sought out our retrieval registrar. I now have a pile of painkillers (I was reminded of that scene from the Simpsons after Lisa has tasted the water in the "World of Duff" ride, "Take these, and these, and all of these") and Phillip, the doc, wrapped each finger individually in clear plasticky sticky stuff and then wrapped the lot in a burn salve sheet and covered that with sticky bandages. I have to keep that on for an hour then he's going to come and check on me again and maybe re-dress it.

I am still in pain, but it's now a dull ache, not burning agony. I am counting my blessings, these are:
I burned my left hand and I'm right handed
I can type one handed
Phillip said I will probably only lose a little skin off my index finger and none at all from the others
I work in a building with the above mentioned medical staff, equipment and supplies
So far this is a quiet shift


[Edit @ 1133] Salve and bandages removed, under orders to keep finger wrapped in weird plasticky sticky stuff (aka Tegaderm transparent dressing) and to change dressing once a day at least for next three days, also to get more salve if still hurts at work and consult GP outside work if I need more.
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Thanks to KFL supermarket on Racecourse rd and my Coordinating doc's lovely wife my meals at work today have looked like this:

Breakfast: Mee Goreng

Morning snack: Orange cake (made by the afore-mentioned Mrs Wenzel)

Lunch: Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce
Flat noodles with prawns

Afternoon snack: Pork Bao

How very civilized!
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0720 Leave house
0725 Buy bread roll and a pastry at supermarket
0735 Drop a birthday present on a porch, hope it remains there during day
0800-1600 Work
1600 Drive home
1630 Pick up parcel post slip
1645 Visit post office and get parcel (squee! new Lindsay Davis book!)
1730 Drive to Brunswick
1800 Go go dancing!
1900 Supermarket run- lasagne and salad probably
1940 Get home, put feet up
2000 Start dinner
2040ish [ profile] mc_shamo home, eat dinner
2115 Go to bed
2300 Get up, shower, dress
2330 Drive to work

2400-0800 Overnight shift

Gosh I hope it's quiet tonight...
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I'm having an "I'm being paid a lot of money just to check my email and read The Age online" day. It makes a nice change from last week.
I'm bored.
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Today is my Mum's birthday. I drove out to Beaumauris to have lunch with her, then drove to Essendon to work.

I am very glad I have a driver's licence, otherwise today would have been impossible.

Tomorrow I will buy boxes to put things in, I have this crazy idea that I/we could actually have an organised house.

Meanwhile, I've taken nine cases in six hours at work, when an adverage is probably four or five in eight hours. It would be just awesome if the phone didn't ring again until after I leave.

I think I deserve some twisties. I'm off to hunt some.
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I've started making my own yoghurt.

It's pretty good! And this time I'm trying flavoured yoghurt for the first time- I threw some berries in to two of the little jars. I hope it works.

One of the guys called in sick for the overnight, I was the only one able to take the shift. Luckily I only got two calls, so for the last five hours I got paid overtime to sleep. :-)
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Today my alarm went off at 7am and I only hit snooze twice- win!

I got on my bike and took it back to the bike shop on Brunswick st for it's first service. They asked for me to get it there between 8am-9am and I managed it by 8:40 so I was pretty pleased with myself.

I had a staff meeting at 9am- luckily if we aren't at work we can phone in to our meetings, so at 9am I was sitting at a cafe on Rathdowne st with some bircher musli, orange juice and pot of tea- surely the best way to attend a meeting (for which you must be sober.)

Once the meeting finished I still had some time to kill before my 11:30 doctor's appointment, so I wandered around Borders and Readings and somehow managed to spend $100. I have come to the conclusion I should not be allowed near a bookshop on payday.

My doctor's appointment was full of good news- I told Dr Lum where we were going on honeymoon and he talked me through the health risks. There is a typhoid/hep A vaccination we could get- but the chances of getting either are only very slightly higher than they are in Melbourne, so while Dr Lum said he'd be quite willing to give me the needle if I wished he was not at all concerned if I decided to save my $125- which I did. We then had a discussion about rabies and what to do if bitten by a dog or monkey (avoid this at all costs, if bit go to the hospital within 48 hours where your life will be saved, but say goodbye to the rest of your holiday) and dengue, for which the best prevention is tropical strength RID from your friendly local supermarket. He then refilled my scripts and gave me a new one for sleeping pills (only to be used in rare insomnia attacks and the night before the wedding when I know I won't sleep otherwise) which I filled at the chemist downstairs.

[ profile] mc_shamo was on his way to Fitzroy and passing through Carlton, so he joined me at Cafe Notturnos where I had a quick lunch. I then decided since it was such a nice day I may as well walk home. All was well until I hit North Melbourne when I realised such a long walk after a bottle of water was not the best idea, and I had a very uncomfortable trek up Macaulay rd until I reached a cafe that allowed me to use their bathroom before ordering a muffin (the smallest item on the menu.) I finally made it home at 2:30pm and crashed on the couch for a half hour nap before getting ready and leaving for work. Where I've been ever since- and it's busy so it's going quick- yay!

Can't wait for tomorrow- massages and friends and food and Guild League- awesome!!
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I went to the beach last night and it was awesome.

Unfortunately I'm working all weekend so can't join the various beach trips planned by friends (half of Melbourne must be on the beaches today and tomorrow) but I'm now completely free Monday! Anyone who hasn't been beached out over the weekend let me know if you'd like to go somewhere local in the evening.
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I've been having a break from work for the past few days, and that means I've also avoided the internet. A good thing too, since having four days worth of posts to catch up on gave me a way to fill in an hour this morning after completeing my work.

Christmas was great. We had dinner with Dad's relatives the weekend before Christmas, then the traditional Guzys family Christmas Eve (at my grandparent's house for the last time- next year it'll move east) which felt more relaxed than it has for a while. My grandmother has been slowly off-loading her old knitting patterns on me as her arthritis has stopped her knitting as much. This time instead of the usual jumpers and glove patterns it was toys, and baby booties. Subtle Grandma, real subtle.

On Christmas day we opened our presents under the Christmas tree. Seamus got me an entire outfit from Ecowear- one of my favourite shops- includinga scarf and bag. I got him some antique rose gold cufflinks with his initials engraved on them (and I didn't get the initials engraved- they came like that- fate!) then we had a breakfast of buckwheat pancakes, bacon and maple syrup while watching the cats run around happily with their new toy mice.

Christmas lunch was at Seamus' Mum's place with his sister Morg and her partner Doug. A very laid back meal. Seamus went on to his Dad's relatives afterwards, but I stayed home to sleep in preparation for my night shift. In the evening we had those that once were MUCAAS over for the annual Christmas wind-down party which was a lot of fun. I left at about 1130pm to go to work.

It wasn't too bad working overnight on Christmas night. I managed to get to sleep about 4am and didn't wake up until about 7:30, with only half an hour to go on my shift. Seamus and I hit Highpoint early to spend the money we'd received for Christmas (we now have a food processor!) before I fell into bed and Seamus went off to visit his Dad with his sister.

Apart from that the last couple of days have involved watching DVDs while knitting on the couch, reading, eating blood plums, having family and friends over for meals and going out to family and friend's places for other meals. It's been fantastic, and a wonderful break.

Bring on 2010!
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Well, what a huge weekend that was!

Saturday morning started when I was gently woken by [ profile] mc_shamo and told I'd got an sms on my mobile, it was [ profile] vox_diabolica- his plane had landed and he was on his way to Melbourne. I jumped in the shower then in the car- via my bedroom so I'd have clothes on- and with Seamus in tow and collected Mark from Spencer st station.

[ profile] vox_diabolica decided following me round a farmers market in the humidity offered less charms than an air-conditioned cinema (crazy lad) so left after a nice cup of tea and catch up. I dragged [ profile] mc_shamo down to Flemington Racecourse only to find that the market I wanted to visit was infact a Sunday market. Bollocks. So instead we walked down Racecourse rd to Verb for breakdfast, stopping in at the pet supply place along the way and discovering they had a very good cat tower there, which we went back for with the car yesterday, pictures of cats enjoying it under the cut Cat tower cuteness ).

Once we got home I got dressed up and [ profile] mc_shamo put his suit in the car, then we headed out again, me to [ profile] cows_might_fly's mum's place to do Eva's make-up and Seamus to see [ profile] clappamungus and help him out before the wedding.

Make-up done, I headed in to uni with Eva and her mother and went up to the U-bar, along with Penny I put Eva in her dress, which was stunning and made all the more stunning by the person in it :-) We brought her down the stairs of Union House with Shayne waiting at the bottom of them, then the two of them went off for photos and Penny and I did the sensible thing in the heat and went to the pub until it was time for the wedding.

The wedding itself was beautiful, and the weather held off. [ profile] vivienne_aster sang the song she and [ profile] fnoo had written for the event and it sounded spectacular. I had Shayne's camera and had a lot of fun taking happy snaps, which stopped me from bawling like a baby which was good.

Once we all got back to the U-bar the weather broke and it poured with rain, and as anyone who was in Melbourne last Saturday night knows, it did not stop for about 15 hours. I was very grateful for the sails over North Court as I stood out on the balcony in the freah air.

The reception was great, lots of friends to catch up with and dancing and fun. Plus the jolt I got when people were talking about the next wedding they would attend and I realised for me it would be my own... Oh! And [ profile] mc_shamo requested Sunlight in a Jar and danced with me to it, which was pretty special as I'm going to walk down the aisle to it in about 5 months.

Getting home in the rain was hilarious and fun and special, then Seamus and [ profile] vox_diabolica went on a Hungry Jacks run, so I finished the night with fries, good conversation and a fuzzy warm feeling.

The wedding was amazing, I am so, so, so happy for Eva and Shayne, they are two of the most fantastic, generous, loving people in the world and them being married makes so much sense.

The next day, just when you'd think they'd want to rest and be alone, Eva and Shayne came round to pick us up and take us to Eva's sister Katie's place for a BBQ and "Wedding Wind-down" I helped them open presents and played with Jasper, Eva's 5 month old nephew, and chatted to Katie and her husband Joel about permaculture and carpentry. It was a lot of fun, and I felt very priveleged to be hanging out with Eva and Shayne the day after their wedding.

I'd moved my shifts around to accomodate the wedding, so my weekend finished with me doing the night shift at work on the Sunday, which was good as it was very quiet and I was forced to sit in front of a computer until I finished my bloody essay. My essay was on Samson and Delilah which I'd seen earlier this year, and very luckily when we got home we discovered that it would be on tellie in 15 minutes for the first time, so I got a refresher before work. It was a really interesting topic, but quite depressing (substance abuse in remote indigenous communities, hooray!) so I was glad at 5am to put it aside, finally done, and go to sleep for an hour and a half.

I got home about 9am Monday morning and found poor [ profile] mc_shamo up, but with an awful head cold. The reason he was up? A courier had just arrived with my bridal veil. I got it out and stuck it anyhow in my hair and looked in the mirror... and a bride looked back. It's amazing what a huge difference it made for me. One of my friends (I think it might have been [ profile] thewoozel once mentioned to me that it was her bouquet that made her feel like a "bride" but it could be different things for different people, and I think I just found mine. It was a nice feeling.

I slept until midday, then Seamus drove me to uni to hand in the essay (which I looked over before handing it in, since the final draft had been completed at 4am and it's entirely possible I wasn't completely with it- actually it was pretty good!) and we went to Fitzroy so he could duck in to work and I could play in the Friends of the Earth shop. I bought misshapen beeswax dining candles for $3 each, a bottle of natural insect reppellant and made friends with a small child who wanted me to read the labels on every single bottle to her.

The rest of the day past very pleasantly, we went to the pet supply place and picked up the cat tower, then spent an hour or so putting it together. Once again I was reminded of why I love Seamus, he makes doing that sort of thing fun. As I'd just completed the semster with my essay being handed in I got to pick dinner. Out of a choice of White Lotus restaurant, Limeflower Thai or fish'n'chips I... picked fish'n'chips. My excuse is it's the least diet friendly and therefore at the moment it's the most indulgent.

Today life has returned to normal. I pottered around the house and online before heading in to work.

I really did have a fantastic time last weekend, and I'm so very very lucky to be me and have firends like mine.


Nov. 15th, 2009 09:59 pm
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Trip to Collingwood Children's farm farmers market, at which I think I saw [ profile] mousebane, but was too shy to go up and say hi.

Picnic in the Edinborough Gardens with good friends as [ profile] cows_might_fly's Hen's Party. So laid back and relaxed and just what I needed.

Continuation of Hen's at the Fitzroy Bowlesclub where we were joined by the bucks for bowles and beer.

Impromtu Indian banquet at Tandoori Nights on Gertrude st. Poor people were winding down for the night when 14 of us walked in without a booking. At least we did not behave like this:

Breakfast with my beloved and the previous night's buck at Hot Poppy.

Walk through Brunswick being slightly dismayed at it's yuppification, especially when the Greek sweets shop we wanted to go to had been replaced by a trendy cafe.

Purchasing of 4 kilos of sugared almonds from Parthenon Cakes, which has not shut down and hopefully never will, while inhaling the heady scent of Greek pastries and cakes.

Purchase of several Christmas presents for family which will hopefully be well recived.

Reaching goal of 10000 steps before arrival at work.

Stuffing 5 almonds into each little tulle bag I have while chatting to workmates and being surprised that I finished within an hour.

I'm now six hours in to a sixteen hour shift, and I've taken one call. I very much hope it stays this quiet.

Happy, happy Chris.
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My position at work has been made ongoing. Note, my position not me. I'm welcome to apply for it, as is every other person in the world. I am going to apply for it and I hope I get it.

In the mean time, I've been thinking about all the things I want to learn to do when I have enough time and money to do them. I think I'll aim to have at least made a start on them all before I'm 30, which is four years away.

Here's what I want to do:

-A permaculture course (like the one Ceres runs)
-Sewing lessons (they have them at Thread Den in North Melbourne)
-A basic carpentry course
-Learn to preserve fruit and vegetables
-A first aid course
-Learn to swing dance

It's nice to have things to look forward to :-)
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Tomorrow I am working 7am-11pm. Boo.

But this means I get Saturday off and can go to the Lucksmiths concert and then the Trackers after party, yay!

And on Thursday I have the whole day off and so does [ profile] mc_shamo and we've made an appointment with the wedding cake people to discuss stuff and taste! Yay!

And we can go in to the reception venue and count chairs and tables and work out if we need to hire a pa system. Yay!

So really, it's just tomorrow I have to get through.

Cake, cake, cake,
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I'm doing one of the bleugh shifts today, a 7am start after I finished last night at 11pm. Luckily it's quiet, so all I've done all day is look up bridal hair styles and bouquets and jewellery options, then take a break from that and look up tipping ettiquette in Malaysia (you don't tip in Malaysia apparently. Oh, and I took one trauma call. It's hard to beleive I used to be frightened of them, they're actually easier than a normal call, the script is more basic and the case tends to be over with more quickly.

Tonight I'm seeing Trackers again and suggest y'all come along!

I hope it stays quiet today, a little nap may be in order...
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As of 1 September I will drop a shift at work and will work 32 hours a week, not forty.

I cannot express how very very happy this makes me!
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Bleugh, been on the phone all night, finishing in 10 mins (11pm), starting again at 7am tomorrow. Bleugh bleugh bleugh.

Luckily I had an awesome day before work, yummy hot chocolate with the awesome [ profile] impostinator (who was suitably impressed by my driving skills) and a visit to a plant nursery where I bought snowpeas, garlic, leeks and dwarf broccoli. Now I just need more potting mix...
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I'm six hours in to a twelve hour shift. I am working twelve hours because I'm a glutton for punishment, just a girl who cain't say no, a concientious worker who couldn't leave her work in the lurch when the day person called in sick (and wants to save for her honeymoon).

So far not so bad, except it meant missing gym. :-( Will have to make up for it tomorrow! Midday Pump, anyone with me?
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I am:

-2172 words into a 3500 word case assessment due tomorrow and I have very little idea if I'm doing it right.

-planning to write a somewhat scathing assessment of this subject tomorrow in the last lecture (though poutting in a good word for my tutor who seems to be doing the best she can)

-rueing leaving things to the last minute

-struggling to breathe and wondering exactly what would happen if I got an acute asthma attack at work

-still full of the yummy food cooked by [ profile] mc_shamo's mum today- Happy orthodox Easter to those of you who celebrate it!

-glad I went out last night to Bar Open to see Allyson despite looming deadlines and shonky lungs

-starting to mildly panic as I has my third dose of prednisolone today and for the first time I can remember it does not seem to be helping with the breathing

-about to take a dinner break


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