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16. I'm grateful for my husband's enthusiasm

Clockwise from bottom left: Lettuce, chilli, parsley/chives/oregano (in one container), thyme/rosemary/migonette lettuce (in one container), carrots in the polystyrine tub, tomato/zuchinni/cucumber in first weird green thing, similar in the others with a few capsicum and butter beans thrown in, silverbeet in the polystyrine tub up the back, blueberry to the bottom left of the silverbeet and strawberry bottom right.

Close up of tomato and pretty bamboo thing we are hoping to convince the climbers to use. I am also pretty chuffed with the capsicum in the background which is planted in an old olive oil tin, I was about to throw it away then realised it's potential, Seamus punched a few holes in the bottom and voila! A new pot!

The garden from a different angle, you can now see the leeks in the far left corner, the beans, potatoes and onions in the big black tubs (old recycling tubs from before the council changed to wheelie bins- we just filled them with potting mix and never put them out for collection) then along the left is the miniture nectarine, the pomegranate bush and the lavender (all in their infancy so not expecting much this year, although the lavender has put forth a few flowers.) Out of sight is a small olive tree, also a baby.

This is our experimental tomato plant, apparently they grow well upside down... we shall see.

Apparently tomato and basil are good companion plants, and we had one little basil plant left over after I'd planted out the rest, so we stuck it in the top of the upside down tomato plant. So far it is not dead, which is a significant improvement on our previous attempts at growing basil.

Wish us luck! And if you see anything drastically wrong THAT CAN BE FIXED please feel free to comment! (If it can't be fixed then tell us in four months when I'm bemoaning the lack of success, right now I's rather not have my parade rained on :-P)

Next step, properly erecting the bird netting!


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