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Tomorrow due to two good friends being especially good to me I will be receiving apricots and strawberries to play with!

I plan, with Seamus' help to make dried strawberries and apricots, strawberry coulis to put on top of the yoghurt we make as dessert and apricot nectar for yummy apricot chicken and veggie roasts in winter. Mmmm, yum!

I'm getting a move on with my plans to learn to sew this year too. I can't yet afford to get the sewing machine serviced, so I'm working by hand right now. I have a skirt which I bought almost two years ago and have worn maybe three times since then. I bought it in the first place because it reminded me of an apron my mother had when I was little. (This is the skirt if anyone is interested- last worn for the croquet match at my Hen's afternoon) and I need an apron now. So the other night I unpicked the seams and seperated the front (keeping the waist tie) from the back, hemmed the front and cut a square to cover my chest from the back. Now all I need to do is hem that, cut some neck ties and put the whole thing together. That can happen the next time I have a night at home, possibly Friday, as sad as that sounds.

And now, back to work. Trying to not eat until 8pm, otherwise I get home after midnight absolutely ravenous. Just 35 mins to go... but hungry...


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