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Have started new job- am nervous but love it.

Will be able to make [ profile] _audhumla_'s hens night! Yay!

Do not like the commute, I'll be based in Essendon but I'm training in an industrial pocket of South Melbourne, which takes over an hour to get to from home. Still, won't be traning much longer and am being trained by really lovely people.

Having to think- it's glorious.
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I wish I had a spare $65. If anyone does, and they are roughly the same height/weight as me, go to the Salvos store on Bourke st near Parliament in the city, there is a beautiful long double-breasted coat in the window, and it looks and feels divine, so if you need a coat go get it!

My job continues to go well, I have downloaded the entire Chronicles of Narnia to listen to while doing my job. Unfortunately it's read by Kenneth Branaugh, but we can't have everything.

In bad news, two of my friends have been victims of theft, and this sucks hardcore. Guys, I suggest on Saturday we dig out our old Roman Religion or Greek and Roman Magic readers and find some really good curses to use on the theives, preferably after we've drunk a bit.

In good news, [ profile] jpom40 has very sweetly asked me to fill the position of "best man" at his wedding. This makes me happy. This also means I get to plan a party... probably not for a while since the wedding is in April, but still, fun to think about. :-)

And tomorrow [ profile] mc_shamo and I will head to IKEA after work and buy a bed. Hooray for bed!

Lastly (because you all want to know) DivaCup rocks a ridiculous amount. I want to go back in time so I can buy one earlier.

Over and out.


May. 26th, 2008 03:55 pm
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On Wednesday I start at the Department of Justice- Community Operations and Working with Children Check Unit. I will be processing Working with Children checks.

Thank God, a job! I am so relieved. It's decent pay, and 9am-5pm. And... it's something worthwhile. Even if it is boring (and it might not be, never know!) it's important work.
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So far today I have:

-Slept in
-Completed several online tests for and emailed my consultant there to let her know they're done
-Emailed my consultant at Dixon again to ask if there is anything going (will call him later)
-Organised with [ profile] mc_shamo what we're doing for dinner
-Chatted to [ profile] fin

I still feel bleugh, but it has improved from yesterday. In a minute I will put on clothes and gently toddle to the supermarket for dinner supplies and juice. When I get back I'm going to call a woman about a job I saw advertised in the newspaper that I WAAAAAANT a lot. Then I will spend the afternoon tweaking my resume, responding to Selection Criteria and hoping, hoping, hoping. It figures I decide on temping and then a really cool permanent job catches my eye. Ah well, I don't really think I'd get it. But I'm sure as hell going to try for it!

I will also cook dinner and try to make the kitchen look a little better than it does right now...

I'm itching for gym, but doubt it would be clever. Sigh. Ah well, I'll aim for Wednsday, [ profile] vivienne_aster? You with me?
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Be well rewarded in this wondeful position $44K Plus Super more
Melbourne Inner Suburbs, VIC | Sinclair Consulting Group
(First listed: 06/02/2008)

I clicked, it's for a mortgage thing, but still I found it funny...

...yeah so I'm sick today and lying on the couch. I'm easily amused.
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Whee! The Office Manager at the place I've applied for has answered my application! Okay, she has just said "Yep, got it, thanks for that, I'll read it later, k?" but that is better than the big fat nothings I've gotten from other places (seriously, I was starting to wonder if my email was not working properly).

Oh how I want a full-time job where I feel I'm actually doing something good.
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I have a job interview!

It's for a position at the Fashion Festival, through my work, I'd be on secondment until the end of March.

The hours are perfect for me, and i think I could do the job.

I really want it, it's ticketing, which I have experience in and arts management, which is, after all, what I want to do! It's only temporary, but I'd be garaunteed of my old job still being there afterwards, and it will look great on a CV when I start applying for more permananet positions once I finish my diploma.


I won't be heartbroken if I don't get it, I know a few people at work higher up than me are also applying, but I'm cautiously optimistic that I've got a fighting chance!


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