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-Trip to Castlemaine
-Very enjoyable car trip with Seamus
-Purchase of soap, included an encounter with two lovely old Great Danes who seemed permanent fixtures in the shop
-Pleasant browse through antique and book stores
-Awesome lunch and great coffee at a cafe- reassuring us that good coffee now does exist in Castlemaine
-inspection of some houses in what will be our price range in 3 years. All very exciting.

-DaySpa visit
-My aunt and uncle came over for afternoon tea and brought with the them wedding present from that side of the family, which is all the glassware we could ever need. A really useful and lovely present.
-Dropped in at Andrew's housewarming where he very nicely plied me with sangria and tequila jelly shots
-Dropped in at Sarah and Daniel's place for a MUCAAS pub with Mark

-Trip to Olinda
-Originally intended to be in Olinda for breakfast but we gave in to our growling tummies when we past a Pancake Parlour about half way.
-Tea and scones at the Pie restaurant in Olinda
-Browsed the shops in the village and bought lollies, chocolates and hand painted china cats (as you do)
-Checked in to Candlelight cottages, where we stayed for our first anniversary of starting to date two years back.
-Had a spa!
-Had a nap
-Had a hot chocolate curled up in the loungeroom and listened to pretty classical music
-Walked back to the village and had a wonderful dinner at Immerse.
-Walked back and cuddled up together watching Breakfast at Tiffanys

-Wished each other Happy Third Anniversary and Happy 1 Month Until Our Wedding
-Received some very cute red crystal earrings from Seamus which I am wearing right now
-Cooked Breakfast
-Showered, packed and said goodbye to the charming couple who run Candlelight Cottages and their two dogs and one cat
-set off to head back to Melbourne very slowly
-found an antique store and bought a bread bin
-found a chocolate factory and bought chocolates
-lunched at Chateau Yering in Yering which was absolutely AMAZING! I had a heritage tomato salad with goats cheese, Seamus had a duck waldorf salad and then we both had a snapper and wine, and finished with french patries. I got rather giggly from the champagne. We liked it so much we're thinking of coming back next year and staying there a few days as well as at Candlelight cottages, maybe for our first wedding anniversay...
-Got back to Melbourne and met up with our celebrant at the Quiet Man Pub so she could sight legal documents and we could finalise everything.
-Got takeaway Thai from the Asian Kitchen, the best Thai in the area
-Cuddled up on our own couch at home with our cats and watched Roman Holiday

One month left...
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That was awesome.

Three days off work, three consecutive days off work. Friends, sun, sand, early morning yoga ("early" being anywhere between 7:30 and noon), tipsy table tennis, the chance on the first night to cook a meal for people I love, big old holiday house with matteresses everywhere (thanks again Christian if you're reading this! And thanks to your folks), fish and chips, beer, wii games, as much sleep as I wanted... It was great.

I think the waves on Sunday actually gave me bruises, I certainly feel sore, it was very rough, but so much fun!

And next weekend [ profile] mc_shamo and I are off to Castlemaine on Friday, back in Melbourne on Saturday and then off to Olinda on Sunday for a romantic mini-break to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and one month until our wedding.

And after that I'm guessing insanity will rule for four weeks, so it's a darn good thing I'm getting so much relaxation in now.
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Yesterday was pretty awesometastic.

I woke up at about 8:15am, nicely rested. Seamus and I got up, dressed and were out of the house by 9am. We went to Ceres and woke up properly over coffee and orange juice, then a big breakfast each. My God, the beetroot relish was heaven. I love early morning breakfast as Ceres, it's fun to watch the kids running round and the dogs playing :-)

We made out way up to their farm market and bought our fruit and veggies for the week, and ducked into the organic shop for honey and yoghurt. It was fun waiting in line for the fruit and veggies, I watched the chickens and goats and sheep milling around in their enclosure and smelled the wonderful food being cooked nearby.

I had a quick look around the not-food market and bought a second had shirt (because clearly I don't have enough clothes) then joined Seamus in the nursery where we umm-ed and ahh-ed over two different tomato plants and then decided to get both.

By this stage it was nearly half past eleven, so we hopped in the car and drove to East Melbourne so Seamus could go to work. I had a chat with the librarian who reccomended a new (to me) author's books after I told her what I liked and so far I'm very impressed (Donna Leon Suffer the Little Children) If anyone is interested these days my relaxing reading is gory crime novels by middle-aged female British ex-public servants. It's a bigger field than you'd suspect, including Minette Walters, Val McDermid and Lindsey DAvis who is the least gory but the most funny, and she writes books set in Flavian Rome that are by and large historically accurate- what's not to love?

I bid Seamus farewell and drove home, unloaded the shopping and the books, decided that before I hit the housework I'd lie down with a book and... fell asleep for three hours. Ooops! So, gym kinda didn't happen, instead I raced through the housework and went down to Tonik to confirm my booking for my birthday and pay the deposit. When I came out who should I run into but Seamus on his way home from work. We went to the supermarket to pick up supplies for dinner, then came home. I made up some vanilla and berry puddings for dessert and Seamus set himself up for making Moussaka.

Eva and Shayne came over at about 7:30pm for dinner, which was lots of fun. Oysters and lemonade and wine and Moussaka (which was AWESOME!) and pudding and good friends and conversation, perfect! Then we all piled in the car and headed over to Lisa's for the last ever Kent st pub.

Kent st was the last sharehouse I lived in and the last of the MUCAAS sharehouses, so it was a little sad to know it was going to stop being a MUCAAS house. I slipped out the back to the veggie patch to talk to my kitten, Menelaus, who is buried there, and I was surprised that I started crying. I am still upset about his death and wish I could have prevented it, but it's impossible to keep a cat inside that house with the windows the way they are he was always going to get out, and he had a good eleven months, and his death was quick.

Seamus came out and stood with me, and told me not to be silly when I said I was embarrassed to go back inside. he brought me tissues to wipe my eyes and blow my nose and we went back in. I'm glad I talked to him one last time and said goodbye. I just wanted him to know that I couldn't come by anymore but that I'll still think of him and love him.

The rest of the night was great, people were talking and laughing and having fun. It was a smallish gathering, but very very nice. I drove Eva home and got to play with Jezebel and Albert the dogs before heading back.

Today involved sleeping in, wandering down the street for tea, getting a few supplies we forgot yesterday and then coming to work. So far this shift is going alright.

I think I might go have another cup of tea...
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Last night I dreamed that:

Mark sent Lisa a bunch of flowers to apologise for something he did years ago.

Kate and Michael were going to have a baby.

Michael was pregnant but Kate would be breast-feeding.

She was annoyed that she would not be able to do this in the lab.

I'm not sure which of these is the most improbable!
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On Sunday evening I was picked up from home by [ profile] _audhumla_ and Stevie and we three drove to Bendigo. As much as I'd like to say it was a spur of the moment road trip performed by three mid 20s women in search of wacky adventure to a kickin' 90s soundtrack it was in fact a pre planned event. We were meeting [ profile] mc_shamo, Helen and Sharon there and in the morning were going to perform Aeschylus' Persians for 70-odd VCE students. The others had already been at a rehearsal camp for Mostellaria all weekend, so were a tad worse for wear...

We managed to find our way to the YHA despite Bendigo's ludicrous amount of one-way streets. The YHA was really nice, we got an 8 bed room for the six of us all to ourselves and one of the lower bunk beds was a double, which was welcome as Seamus had been on rehearsal camp the night before and we'd missed each other. It sounds silly but I don't sleep well without him anymore. We sat and watched the multi media part of the play (John- the messanger- had been pre-recorded to appear as a news-report-cum-documentary) then as Sarah and I were getting noisier and noisier about our desire for dinner we all headed out to a local Chinese place where the staff were incredibly nice and possibly too ready to bend over backwards for us (no, really, what's on the menu is fine, we don't need the chef to make things up...). We then realised we'd prepared nothing for breakfast, silly us. So we asked the lovely Chinese lady about supermarkets and discovered we were a mere block from Coles, awesome.

The Coles, and it's carpark, was surrounded by teens and extremly young adults, most of whom had spilled from old cars with P plates on them. Many were still in the cars and engaged in driving very fast for very short distances. we had to walk through them, it was mildly disconcerting. Once out of Coles we had to walk through again, and we nearly jumped out of our skins when from a car parked near us there came a shriek of "Christina!!!!!" and a slim blonde girl jumped out- my cousin Heather. We hugged and I explained what I was doing in Bendigo and why I had not come to visit her family (feeling incredibly guilty as I did so) she was waiting for her boyfriend to come out of Coles and I would have liked to have met him, but by now it was past 10pm and we still needed to run the show before the next day, so with a final hug and directions to send my love to her family we left her among the youth of Bendigo.

Back at the backpackers we stumbled through a few lines runs before succombing to exhaustion and piling into beds. Best. Sleep. Ever. Oh lordy were we all tired! (Well, except Stevie, who sensibly had brought a book and a reading light) There wasn't even any chat after the lights went out.

The performance the next morning went very well considering. The kids were quiet and seemed absorbed, though turned shy afterwards and didn't ask questions until most of them had left, then a few came up to talk to us. I was feeling a little grumpy as Seamus had accidentally grabbed my ear instead of my hand to fling me across the stage (an easy mistake to make in the circumstances, though hard to explain on paper, and I was not grumpy with him just grumpy it had happened) and it bloody well hurt. We also chatted to one of the teachers who seemed really interested in what we'd done, especially with the concept of comedy within tragedy, with the idea that some of the lines can be comic. He was expecting the scene between Queen Atossa and the ghost of King Darius to be high drama I think, and instead we gave him a squabbling domestic tiff. I think he really liked it, and hopefully we get asked back again!

We walked through the park after the performance and hit the second hand books and clothes shops with a vengence before discovering that the brewery we were planning to lunch in (and drink in) was shut for the day. Bollocks. So we searched and search for a closeish decent pub, found one and walked in. Only on actually being inside did we discover that we'd managed, like the homing pidgeons we old MUCAAS types are, to end up in a Pugg Mahones.

A very nice few hours then passed, til we realised it was nearing 3pm and Seamus had to be back in Melbourne by 5:30. So we walked back to the cars and with a little too-ing anf fro-ing and organising of luggage we were off back to Melbourne, where I has the fun of driving un-accompanied through the city to get home after dropping seamus and Sharon off!

I got home, fed the cats (who had been fed that morning by the obliging [ profile] _bounce_, thanks again!) and was just contemplating my own dinner when I received a very welcome text from [ profile] vivienne_astor, asking me to come around, watch dvds and have Thai take away. And thus an evening was very pleasantly passed. :-)

The next day I blitzed through errands and housework like some sort of domestic goddess. I can breathe in my own home, oh joy!

Altogether a wonderful weekend, I'm so glad to have finally had a proper one. It makes up for the fact that I am now halfway through my hell-run at work (Thursday overnight, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning shifts- with only 8 hours between them).

Only three weeks til my next weekend! I think I may have to plan to do something fun with it...
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Well, I seem to have struck a lull, so while I wait for more work to come along (which it just did, I started to type this an hour ago, but have again hit lull) I may as well update about my weekend.

Friday I went to [ profile] cows_might_fly’s place after work and hung out with her and [ profile] _audhumla_ for a bit before Sarah nicely drove Eva and me to gym where we went to Pump. Getting home proved interesting as it was pouring with rain and the taxi we called didn’t show. Once we did get home with pizzas and junk food we and [ profile] mc_shamo and [ profile] clappamungus had dinner and watched through to the end of Press Gang (Don’t worry [ profile] vivienne_aster, by the time you’re back and in the swing of gym etc. again I’m sure I can persuade people we need to go back for you to watch the eps you’ve missed!).

Saturday [ profile] mc_shamo and I braved the horrible weather to meet [ profile] _bounce_ and go to the Artist Market on at the local Scout Hall. This was silly in retrospect as the weather was truly bloody awful. Still, I got some pot holders and tea towels for various relatives for Christmas, and I think Lisa did well too. We all caught the train into the city and I got drenched waiting for the 86 tram to take me to Fitzroy, where I picked up my new shiny boots which are Made of Awesome.

Once I made it home I decided going out again would be a really stupid thing. I texted [ profile] clappamungus to beg a lift to the party that night then sat and played with my new toy guitar for a couple of hours before my parents and brother dropped in on their way home from my grandparents’ place. It was nice actually, Mum and I just sat and chatted while dad occasionally woke from his doze enough to join in.

I wore my new boots to [ profile] _audhumla_ and [ profile] ragedc’s housewarming. I had a great time. I also wore my old green dress, and old favourite- unfortunately a combination of my diminished daring and my more-developed chest meant I was slightly uncomfortable with the neckline. It was a lot more risqué than I remember it being when I was younger (as I said, either that or I didn’t care so much at 19) All in all, I’m glad it was a MUCAAS party with not too many people I didn’t know very well! I was on a nearly empty stomach, which I then filled with beer, shapes and corn chips... but mainly beer. I talked to lots of people and had a good chat with [ profile] vivienne_aster who is going off to do fieldwork for a few weeks in other bits of Australia. I also got a mite bit tipsy. When [ profile] clappamungus and [ profile] cows_might_fly very kindly gave [ profile] mc_shamo, Kate and I a lift home Kate and I were sufficiently intoxicated to be incapable of putting on our own seatbelts without collapsing into helpless giggles and confusion. In the end Eva had to get out of the front of the car, come around and buckle us in like children.

I was profoundly grateful that the next morning involved our new traditional Hot Poppy hangover breakfast.

I was supposed to go to the gym with [ profile] _audhumla_ on Sunday afternoon, but I cried off when I realised I had the increasingly rare opportunity of spending a whole afternoon with [ profile] mc_shamo without distractions or anyone present or something pressing to do. It was pleasant. Then he left and I played with the guitar some more, I can’t remember Under the Bridge or Stairway to heaven to save my life.

And then last night I made vegetarian sweet and sour pork which worked extraordinarily well and prawn crackers and [ profile] impostinator and I ate it while watching Spaced and drinking pomegranate and cherry juice. We discovered pomegranate and cherry juice is much enhanced by the addition of either vodka or gin, and my hot chocolate recipe (my real one with real chocolate and cinnamon sticks and cloves) is enhanced by a healthy dose of Franjelico and Crème de Cacao. Yum.

So: friends, gym, good food, alcohol, party, cats, beloved, boots.

Weekends are nice.
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On Friday I was too sick to go to work. I staid home apart from when I was dragged out for food by the ever patient [ profile] mc_shamo and from when I saw a doctor. I was given a medical certificate and a script. Woot! I piked on Sam's play, on the reasoning that if I got worse walking out would be a distraction, and i wouldn't be able to concentrate, and I went to the very relaxed and laid back MUCAAS pub for Rusty the car and sat not saying much to anyone but profoundly grateful for the good company. Goodbye Rusty, I enjoyed the rides :-)

Saturday I still felt rotten. I had to pike on going out with [ profile] mc_shamo to the Fringe Festival awards night. By the afternoon I felt so bloody rotten I rang the doctors to see what I should do since they were closed. I then found out something very useful to know; outside normal working hours there is a locum doc in the area who makes house calls if you produce your medicare card. Fucking score!

So instead of spending my Saturday night in a hospital emergency room waiting area I sat in comfort in my own lounge room with [ profile] cows_might_fly and [ profile] clappamungus (and later [ profile] vivienne_aster and [ profile] fnoo) and ate Mexican take-away and watched Press Gang until a very nice young doctor turned up at my door to treat me. Awesome! He gave me peregnisolone (sp?), a steroid I've been given before that works like magic on my lungs. Unfortunately by the time he got here it was quite late (which was fair enough, as with me asthma attacks are usually not too dangerous as long as I don't try to move, so I was happy to sit and gently wheeze a few hours while the doctor dealt with more urgent patients) so the steroids kept me awake until about 2am. Ah well, that's what Saturday nights are for eh?

I woke this morning around 11am and felt a million, trillion times better. I love steroids, they're awesome :-D
I texted [ profile] vivienne_aster on the off chance she and [ profile] fnoo felt like brunch since [ profile] mc_shamo was going out with his father. They did, so we had brunch at Kitchen on Racecourse rd, which was great as it's one of my favourite places and I got to introduce it to Michael and Kate. We then went to the chemist so Michael could get stuff and I could get more precious, precious steroids. While there Kate and I found a large and thorough Elizabeth Arden make-up kit in colours that suited both of us, since our colouring is so similar. Now most of my make up falls into the following categories: Old and Crappy, Cheap and Crappy, Old and Cheap and Crappy, and finally, Stage Make-up. Therefore I was interested. I then noticed three things:
1. The kit had originally been $210, and was marked down to $49 (I assume because the colours are no longer in fashion, darling)
2. I had $49
3. I was now in possession of a plastic bag with the makeup kit in it and no longer in possession of that specific $49.
Funnily enough the same thing happened to Kate...

We drove to Northcote and met up with [ profile] mc_shamo had a drink in the social club, then went for a walk before the Guild League gig. We found a funky clothes shop. I found a dress I liked but thought would be too small, I decided that my self esteem and body image etc. were in good enough shape to take the hit if it turned out the dress was indeed too small and tried it on. I felt it was too tight across my hips and bum, however when I exited the change room to get a better view in the mirror (there was a mirror in the change room but the change room was a bit dark) I was told in no uncertain terms by Seamus, Michael and Kate to buy the dress. I think my confidence will have to be high the first time I wear it, it's very tight and completely backless, the back starts at just above where the waistband of hipster jeans would start.

We then went back for the gig, and Michael and I managed to not squeal when we were served at the merchandise table by Tali White. I got a Guild League Singlet anf badge, I'd picked up the album on the way in.

The gig was very, very awesome, and I really like the album. Yay Guild League! Yay album launch!

After the gig Seamus and I went to Fitzroy and had dinner at The Veggie Bar with my parents and brother, which was actually quite pleasant.

I would like it on record that I am extremely grateful for the no smoking laws, as otherwise with my health being what it is I would not have been able to do most of the things I did today was there still smoking in restaurants, pubs and venues.

So, from what started as a rather woebegone weekend I am now happy, calm and feeling a lot better. This is due in no small part to my wonderful friends and boyfriend.

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Hmm, looks like I can't post on Artshub without some money. Bum.

My weekend went quickly, as most seem to these days. In some ways it's nicer than when I was studying and working part-time, because the weekend is now absolutley deligated to "not-work" time. Sleeping in feels delicious, wheras it used to just be the norm (though I will never EVER get used to waking before 7:30am, and this is after over a year of waking around 6:15)

So on Saturnday [ profile] mc_shamo and I slept in a bit, then went and had breakfast at Verb cafe. I caught a train then a tram out to Fitzroy to participate in Helen's Seneca acting workshop. It was awesome, and a really good way to remind myself that hey, I'm good at this, I can find stuff in the text, I can be convincing, I can act, and I enjoy it. Always good to be reminded of this before going into rehearsals for a new play :-)

Before arriving at the studio for the workshop I stopped at the ISHKA factory outlet on Nicholson street. Afew months ago I'd been in the Richmond ISHKA and seen a top I'd really liked, but could not afford at $52. The same top, in a colour I like, was in the outlet for $10, score!!

After the workshop I caught tram, train and tram to the gym, then walked home and started on dinner. I made an awesome dinner, I marinated calamari in honey, oil, soy, chilli, garlic and paprika, then I grilled it for a few minutes before tossing it in a salad. We had [ profile] rin_tin_tin_ over as she and Seamus had a production meeting, and [ profile] _audhumla_ and her friend Gus as they'd drove [ profile] rin_tin_tin_ out then had their own plans cancelled. It was nice, we got the extend out table, and they got gelati and soft drinks! Yuuum! I went with them to pub, but did not stay too long.

Sunday morning I went over the top half of our house thoughroughly with a feather duster and vacuum cleaner, then cleaned out the bath, shower and basins. I can breathe a lot easier now, and it only took about an hour and a half. Seamus and I then visited a cafe we'd not been to before and had a quick light lunch, jumped on a train and headed off to the Lysistrata read-through.

Read-through went well, I like the new people I had not met before, and was glad to see so many familiar faces. I'm also really pleased that [ profile] ephant has decided to give Omniprop a try! (She did Lysistrata back when the Classics Students Society- from which both MUCAAS and Omniprop grew- did it, it was... an interesting performance, this one will be better!)

After the read-through a half dozen or so of us went and got warm food because it was GOD DAMNED COLD. Then those in Twelth Night headed off for their call, the rest of us made our way leisurely through the city, Cleggs Fabrics and Brunettis, and then up to J-studios, where Twelth Night was being performed.

I have not laughed that hard at a show in ages. I think it was my favourite show I've seen this year, and that includes Wicked (which, though it was ok, didn't really grab me...) and other professional shows I saw while still with Ticketmaster. Oh my God; hilarious. I thouroughly enjoyed it, and wished that I could have come another night too (unfortunately it turned out the last night was the only one we could make). Even better, I'm sure I would have found it just as hilarious, enchanting and captivating had I not known more than half the cast. Any of you crazy kids reading this- well bloody done! I hope you're all proud of yourselves, and given the show finished last night, I hope you're all thoughroughly hungover!

It only took us an hour and a bit to get home, which is good considering it was a Sunday. We had a supper of oysters Seamus had bought me as a treat from the market the preceeding day, I got out an extra blanket after deciding it was too cold in bed (which occasioned some quoting of the play we'd done a read-through for that day...) and I finally, FINALLY, slept an entire night through! Did not wake until 6:30am. Fantastic.

At some point, I'll have a relaxing empty weekend EVEN if I'm not sick. I just don't know when..

Le weekend

Jun. 30th, 2008 10:22 am
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The system we use at work is down, so I figure since my options are sit and stare into space or mess about online, no one will mind if I mess about online.

That bright streak that went by in a flash, that was my weekend.

Friday night I went to see The Lucksmiths with [ profile] vivienne_aster and [ profile] fnoo, it was awesome! I had a really good time once I'd calmed down as Loki had scared the hell out of me earlier by getting himself caught inside the central heating system (he got out, thank God)(why yes, i do seem to attract cats of the MONUMENTALLY STUPID variety). The Lucksmiths played all my favourite songs, and I bought a T-shirt and an umbrella, both of which I will show you at the drop of a hat (except they didn't have hats). I had a lot of fun, thanks so much for thinking of me guys!

Saturday I did my traing for MIND volunteering in Heidelberg. It was full-on, but the more I hear the more I want to do it. The other people who were there were really, really friendly and nice. Everyone seemed really into it too, hooray for enthusiasm!

After training I went to [ profile] jpom40's place. I got lost on the way there, but finally made it. We sat and had cheese and corn chips and tea for a few hours before I headed back to my part of town and met [ profile] mc_shamo at the local Mexican place for dinner. I was exhausted by the time we walked home (I'd gotten to bed at 2am that morning and had to get up around 6:30am) So we spent what remained of the evening watching Black Books, which I haven't done for ages. I really need to find Spaced somewhere and buy that...

Sunday morning [ profile] mc_shamo and I continued the dining out trend and went down to Kitchen on Racecourse road for breakfast.Then we met [ profile] _audhumla_ and [ profile] ragedc at her old place in Newmarket to help move the things that were still there to a storage place. Carrying a large heavy televison down three flights of stairs is an interesting experience, remind me never to live in an upper flat! :-) Having said that, I can attest that if you do need to help carry a tv down three flights of stairs it is made much easier if the other person doing it is as competant and fun as Sarah.

We went to the supermarket then [ profile] _audhumla_ very kindly drove us home. We had lunch and I collapsed in bed for a few hours, then Seamus woke me to tell me [ profile] dozingquin and Rhea(sp?) were comeing over for coffee and to see the house. They brought yummy carrot cake and we mucked around with Wii Fit for a while. It was fun. We also got to see wedding photos which were lovely. Loki was unimpressed with New People being in his house. Suffer.

I made another Tom Yum soup for dinner (I'm still stubbornly refusing to let this cold take complete hold, it's been hanging around for about a month, threatening to become a real problem) I got to use my brand new stone mortar and pestle which I bought from Oxfam while they were having their 20% off sale, so I was very happy, things went smush!(when the original priice is in the neighbourhood of $70 I usually have to wait for some sort of sale!) We spent the eveing quietly reading, watching tv and talking. It was nice.

Next weekend I hope will be quieter. I need to see my parents at some point, and go look at furniture. I'd love to actually get to the gym too, and it would be awesome if there were MUCAAS pub somewhere on Saturday night (not my place until we have loungeroom and kitchen furniture...) not that I'm hinting or anything...

Busy weekend, but still weekend of Awesome. Once again I'm reminded that I have wonderful friends, interesting interests, an amazing boyfriend, a cool new house and nice new people in my life. This is good.

Happy Chris.
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I feel a little guilty now.

I was stressing over printing my assignment and fixing up the errors in it. My boss Wendi let me go early which was REALLY nice of her considering there were 50 calls in queue and a wait time of 16 minutes. I'd told her how much this assignment was stressing me so at three o'clock she winked at me and said "Chris, you look sick, I think you'd better go home..."

I've just fixed everything up and still have 50 minutes before I have to be anywhere. She let me go about 50 minutes early...

Oh well, can't be helped now.

Tonight I will go to class, with my partner I will present our (hopefully) kick-arse assignment. Then I will meet those members of what once was MUCAAS who are attending and indulge in nostalgia; it's Thursday night, we're going to Puggs. It will be fun, bittersweet but fun.

Admist a sea of empty bottles,
crockery and coffee cups.
Using anything for ashtrays.
Drinking drinks we can't afford...
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My head hurts.
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Off to see [ profile] vox_diabolica and others and imbibe a disrespectable amount of alcohol.

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Last night was the best.

Those members of MUCAAS who were in the country came over. [ profile] mc_shamo and I ran both air-conditioners. I stayed up until 6am. These was next-door's cat, inflatable, remote-controlled sumo wrestlers and absinthe jelly. It was just an awesome, awesome night. It surprised me how much everyone drank, yet didn't seem to get horribly drunk. Nothing got broken and I don't think anyone got hurt. I hadn't been planning to drink much but I went through all my cider, some absinthe jelly, two glasses of Omniplonk (horrible Omni sparkling wine) then shared a bottle of white and a bottle of red with Seamus...

Berocca was a large feature today.

Seamus and I got up around 2pm, had breakfast, had a shower, then went back to bed. We got up again about 7pm and I made cheese wedges (healthy healthy!) and he made milkshakes.

Now we're playing Guitar Hero and the hot water service just broke.

Happy New Year Everyone.
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Season's Greetings!


Ok, I know it's now Boxing St Stephen's day, but I didn't get a chance to do this yesterday. Merry Christmas everyone!

I had a very good Christmas. On the 23rd I took [ profile] mc_shamo to meet the Curtain side of the family and we had lunch. On Christmas Eve he came with me to the Guzys side celebrations and my parents dropped us back at his place after. On Christmas morning we woke up before 7am, exchanged gifts (I got spoilt! I have a red thing and tea things and some of my favourite perfume!) then went back to sleep. We got up properly around ten and [ profile] mc_shamo made pancakes, then we went to his mum's place to get her and went out for a long Christmas lunch. nice and relaxing. After lunch we went back to my place to look at the kittens (who are cute and adorable and scared as hell) then to [ profile] mc_shamo's where we exchanged presents with my brother who was home by then. We had a nap, then dinner, then headed over to Helen's for the Annual MUCAAS Christmas Night Party. She has a new cat too, Terence, who is 9 years old and came from a shelter and is very very nice and affectionate. All in all, Christmas has been nicely stretched out (and is still going!)and pretty stress-free.

Oh, and the picture above is of the bauble [ profile] mc_shamo and I bought together. We've decided that each year in the weeks leading up to Christmas we'd make time to go shopping together and choose a christmas ornament for our tree. This is our first effort. It came from Oxfam and is clear glass with coloured splotches.

And for good measure, here is the whole tree:

Once again, Merry Christmas everyone!
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This has been a most fantastic weekend.

It started on Friday evening when [ profile] mc_shamo and I went out for dinner with my parents (free food is good food!) Then wqe went back to Seamus' place and snuggled up in bed with a dvd.

Saturday we had a nice breakfast at Lomah, then hunted for high heels to fit [ profile] mc_shamo for the publicity shots for the Bacchae (We found some in Savers, very noice they are too!)

In the evening we got dressed up and Seamus took me to the Melba Spiegeltent because he is made of awesome. It was so much fun, and so good to be sitting there with him, watching the acts. Sometimes I'd look over at him and enjoy the look on his face, and sometimes I'd catch him looking at me :-)

After that we took a taxi over to [ profile] vivienne_aster and [ profile] fnoo's place in order to help Kate celebrate her birthday There was wine, all the wine, many wine...

...this morning was not pleasant.

[ profile] mc_shamo pulled up better than I did and got me out of the house and into a cafe with fried food, the wonderful boy. Then we went to uni for a production meeting and rehearsal. At least everyone else seemed to be as hungover as me.

My life rocks at the moment.

I'm a very happy woman.


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