Jul. 27th, 2010 11:35 am
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Have day off tomorrow, looking forward to getting back on the household organisation horse.

On Friday we threw a small party for Midwinter. I overcatered something chronic, so it really was a bit like Christmas with everyone stuffed! It was a lot of fun, and I got to get the decorations out and chase the winter blues away.

Yesterday I did some stockpiling of pantry goods. I visited the Mediterranean Wholesaler on Sydney rd for the first time and had a ball. SOOOO much pasta. I didn't get any this time as we still have heaps at home, but definitely a good place to go in the future! I did get a few kilos of lentils and beans as they were less than half the price I've seen them in supermarkets. Also I got canned tomatoes, ALL the canned tomatoes. I overheard one of the shelving guys telling a newbie employee of African origion to watch the shelves with canned tomatoes like a hawk because they go really quick as "Us wogs can't live without them, mate; air, water, shelter, tomatoes- not necessarily in that order"

Wish I could go ice skating tonight, but I don't have enough of my pocket money left, specially if we're touring the Mountain Goat Brewery tomorrow evening. I've sent my cousin a text to get infor about her dance class tonight as apparently it's only $5. So what I do tonight remains to be seen!


Nov. 15th, 2009 09:59 pm
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Trip to Collingwood Children's farm farmers market, at which I think I saw [ profile] mousebane, but was too shy to go up and say hi.

Picnic in the Edinborough Gardens with good friends as [ profile] cows_might_fly's Hen's Party. So laid back and relaxed and just what I needed.

Continuation of Hen's at the Fitzroy Bowlesclub where we were joined by the bucks for bowles and beer.

Impromtu Indian banquet at Tandoori Nights on Gertrude st. Poor people were winding down for the night when 14 of us walked in without a booking. At least we did not behave like this:

Breakfast with my beloved and the previous night's buck at Hot Poppy.

Walk through Brunswick being slightly dismayed at it's yuppification, especially when the Greek sweets shop we wanted to go to had been replaced by a trendy cafe.

Purchasing of 4 kilos of sugared almonds from Parthenon Cakes, which has not shut down and hopefully never will, while inhaling the heady scent of Greek pastries and cakes.

Purchase of several Christmas presents for family which will hopefully be well recived.

Reaching goal of 10000 steps before arrival at work.

Stuffing 5 almonds into each little tulle bag I have while chatting to workmates and being surprised that I finished within an hour.

I'm now six hours in to a sixteen hour shift, and I've taken one call. I very much hope it stays this quiet.

Happy, happy Chris.
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Friday night we crammed as many people as possible into our house, then crammed in as many people as weren't possible and had a party to celebrate our engagement. It was a lot of fun. Thank you to all who came, in particular to Mark who made a surprise visit having come down all the way from Canberra, to Anna the awesome who came despite being in the middle of hideous sounding Law exams, and to ex-housemate-Penelope who came despite having had a major operation. I had a wonderful night, was left at the end with a vague feeling of disappointment and guilt because I'd not managed to spend quality time with everyone (actually, with anyone) but I think that is the nature of hosting a large party, and I imagine the wedding will be even worse. All in all a fantabolous night, and one from which I had a milder form of hangover having stuck to mulled wine most of the evening and only derivating the once with a glass of champagne. I think my highlight of the night was when Seamus asked Ed, Dave and Shayne to be groomsmen- they all seemed quite chuffed.

Saturday we had a hangover breakfast with the more or less usual suspects then came home for a snoze before I went to work. Weirdly that was when the worst of my hangover actually hit, it was like it had a delayed onset or something. Still, it wasn't too bad, and I got through my shift with relative ease.

Sunday was awesome. We took a train into the city, got off at Spencer st and checked in to The Grand Hotel. It was a very nice room with a fantastic use of space. We dumped our overnight bag and headed out to catch the 3pm matinee of Avenue Q!

I can honestly say that Avenue Q was the first big-budget musical I've seen in my adult life that I've thought was worth the price of the ticket (I realise this may cause some of my friends to jump up and down in outrage but Wicked and Spamalot and that Johnny O'Keefe thing? ALL A RIPOFF! And I'm glad that I didn't pay to see any of them- working at Ticketmaster and having friend into musical theatre helps). Avenue Q was fun, still witty, well acted, well choreographed and the set wasn't just there so people could go "Wow, look at the set, it must have cost a lot" it was actually justifiable in my opinion and intergrated well into the action (Wicked's set i did not feel was justified, I would have preferred a cheaper set and the remaining money to be spent on acting lessons for the cast) I went in expecting to be disappointed as I'd been told by friends who had seen it in the UK that it wasn't that great live and was very pleasantly surprised (it makes me wonder about the UK cast- everyone I know who saw it in the US loved it, Everyone I know who's seen it here loved it, but the four or so people I know who saw it in the UK didn't). So yes, I came out with a big smile on my face, the soundtrack in my handbag and a song in my heart- best not to ask which song :-)

We had a nice earlyish dinner at Tsindos on Lonsdale st which was amazingly yummy, then headed back to the hotel where we indulged in a room service cheese platter and relived our highschool years by watching Nicolodeon on Foxtel- which seems to show nothing late at night but mid to late 90s cartoons.

Woke up this morning in a very comfy bed and had room service breakfast. A tip for anyone else staying at the Grand Hotel- one of their "Grand Breakfast"s will feed two people- in hindsight we should have just got one and an accompaniment and shared. Still, really good food!

We left via the lounge where we had tea and relaxed in the big leather armchairs, then slowly and pleasantly made our way home.

I definitely think I needed that little microbreak, and definitely plan to do something like it again!
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I spent last night with some of the closest people to me in the world. There was laughter, music, two dogs, the bellowing of Jerusalem from a verandah at midnight, lots of booze, kisses, cuddles and much much fun.

I didn't do a write up of 2008 because I couldn't face it, it sucked too much for me and for quite a few people I know. I was well and truly ready to celebrate it's passing.

Bring it on, 2009.

And what better way to start the year than with a nutritious hangover breakfast from Hot Poppy...
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Well, I seem to have struck a lull, so while I wait for more work to come along (which it just did, I started to type this an hour ago, but have again hit lull) I may as well update about my weekend.

Friday I went to [ profile] cows_might_fly’s place after work and hung out with her and [ profile] _audhumla_ for a bit before Sarah nicely drove Eva and me to gym where we went to Pump. Getting home proved interesting as it was pouring with rain and the taxi we called didn’t show. Once we did get home with pizzas and junk food we and [ profile] mc_shamo and [ profile] clappamungus had dinner and watched through to the end of Press Gang (Don’t worry [ profile] vivienne_aster, by the time you’re back and in the swing of gym etc. again I’m sure I can persuade people we need to go back for you to watch the eps you’ve missed!).

Saturday [ profile] mc_shamo and I braved the horrible weather to meet [ profile] _bounce_ and go to the Artist Market on at the local Scout Hall. This was silly in retrospect as the weather was truly bloody awful. Still, I got some pot holders and tea towels for various relatives for Christmas, and I think Lisa did well too. We all caught the train into the city and I got drenched waiting for the 86 tram to take me to Fitzroy, where I picked up my new shiny boots which are Made of Awesome.

Once I made it home I decided going out again would be a really stupid thing. I texted [ profile] clappamungus to beg a lift to the party that night then sat and played with my new toy guitar for a couple of hours before my parents and brother dropped in on their way home from my grandparents’ place. It was nice actually, Mum and I just sat and chatted while dad occasionally woke from his doze enough to join in.

I wore my new boots to [ profile] _audhumla_ and [ profile] ragedc’s housewarming. I had a great time. I also wore my old green dress, and old favourite- unfortunately a combination of my diminished daring and my more-developed chest meant I was slightly uncomfortable with the neckline. It was a lot more risqué than I remember it being when I was younger (as I said, either that or I didn’t care so much at 19) All in all, I’m glad it was a MUCAAS party with not too many people I didn’t know very well! I was on a nearly empty stomach, which I then filled with beer, shapes and corn chips... but mainly beer. I talked to lots of people and had a good chat with [ profile] vivienne_aster who is going off to do fieldwork for a few weeks in other bits of Australia. I also got a mite bit tipsy. When [ profile] clappamungus and [ profile] cows_might_fly very kindly gave [ profile] mc_shamo, Kate and I a lift home Kate and I were sufficiently intoxicated to be incapable of putting on our own seatbelts without collapsing into helpless giggles and confusion. In the end Eva had to get out of the front of the car, come around and buckle us in like children.

I was profoundly grateful that the next morning involved our new traditional Hot Poppy hangover breakfast.

I was supposed to go to the gym with [ profile] _audhumla_ on Sunday afternoon, but I cried off when I realised I had the increasingly rare opportunity of spending a whole afternoon with [ profile] mc_shamo without distractions or anyone present or something pressing to do. It was pleasant. Then he left and I played with the guitar some more, I can’t remember Under the Bridge or Stairway to heaven to save my life.

And then last night I made vegetarian sweet and sour pork which worked extraordinarily well and prawn crackers and [ profile] impostinator and I ate it while watching Spaced and drinking pomegranate and cherry juice. We discovered pomegranate and cherry juice is much enhanced by the addition of either vodka or gin, and my hot chocolate recipe (my real one with real chocolate and cinnamon sticks and cloves) is enhanced by a healthy dose of Franjelico and Crème de Cacao. Yum.

So: friends, gym, good food, alcohol, party, cats, beloved, boots.

Weekends are nice.
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Saturday we got up early and met [ profile] vivienne_aster and [ profile] fnoo at our local cafe for breakfast. Typically, since we were introducing people to the place the waitress wasn't there, or the person who usually makes the coffee, meaning they were understaffed, slow and had mediochre coffee. Still, the food was nice, well, mine was :-)

Kate and Michael very nicely dropped [ profile] mc_shamo and I off at uni and we meandered towards [ profile] penelope_jane's house, only to be twarted by road closures. Still we met up with her eventually, and with her help managed to get a table from IKEA, the last of our urgent big purchases, and get out to [ profile] insomnius' mum's house for [ profile] insomnius' going away party. It was fun. [ profile] penelope_jane taught me a puzzle with dice about polar bears and then we played Lunch Money, which I have not played since about 2002. Yay Lunch Money! I got to see Rachael, which was very awesome, and she very sweetly lent me all of Press Gang on long-term loan, and gave me every episode of Daria she possessed on disk.

On the way home we had the company of [ profile] laurenmitchel who was going to Brunswick, it was nice to see her in the flesh again, then Penny dropped Seamus and I home where we had dinner, got changed and headed out for [ profile] fnoo's 90s party, which was heaps of fun! We watched The Late Show and [ profile] rin_tin_tin, [ profile] _audhumla_ and I danced to that song by the Venga boys... is it called Venga Bus? I also discovered happily that I can go outside with the smokers (or smoker in this case) when the amount of people gets too much for me, and not smoke. This may have something to do with the fact I wasn't drinking, but still, I was quite pleased and proud. I had fun chatting to people, and actually I really had fun dancing. I have not danced at a party in a long time. I think parties I attend need more dancing.

The next morning I woke up with a headache. As the strongest thing I'd drunk the night before was lemon, lime and bitters I thought this a tad unfair. Still, I hadn't managed to slip in any water with my fizzy drinks, and I don't have much sugar in one go these days, so perhaps it was my own fault after all. Seamus made scrambled eggs with not-bacon and mushrooms, which was tasty.

I was meant to be meeting my PALS client, but their caseworker rang me to say the client could no longer make it, hopefully we'll reschedule soon. So instead I cleared the floor in our dining area while watching Press Gang, then swept it, [ profile] mc_shamo mopped it (and all the upstairs tiled areas, and vacuumed the carpet) and then we brought our new table in. I really like the way downstairs looks now. It makes me feel happy coming home to it. And it means we can start having people over for dinner soon, and having pub at ours, yay!!

Today I got to work early as I discovered in the move I've lost my bloody Notice of Assessment, so need to get a Tax Pack and do it the old fashioned way. If anyone is interested I was thinking a gym trip this evening since I completeley failed in going over the weekend.

Now I'm at work, I should probably stop procrastinating...
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Last night I went to [ profile] clappamungus's birthday party and drank a lot of Scotch. This afternoon I nearly threw up, watched as the love of my life threw up in a skip in North Melbourne, then went to Hot Poppy for breakfast then came home and slept all day.

It was the most fun weekend for a while.
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Words cannot express how much I'm looking forward to this party tonight, even if I will have to leave relatively early.
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Off to see [ profile] vox_diabolica and others and imbibe a disrespectable amount of alcohol.

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Last night was the best.

Those members of MUCAAS who were in the country came over. [ profile] mc_shamo and I ran both air-conditioners. I stayed up until 6am. These was next-door's cat, inflatable, remote-controlled sumo wrestlers and absinthe jelly. It was just an awesome, awesome night. It surprised me how much everyone drank, yet didn't seem to get horribly drunk. Nothing got broken and I don't think anyone got hurt. I hadn't been planning to drink much but I went through all my cider, some absinthe jelly, two glasses of Omniplonk (horrible Omni sparkling wine) then shared a bottle of white and a bottle of red with Seamus...

Berocca was a large feature today.

Seamus and I got up around 2pm, had breakfast, had a shower, then went back to bed. We got up again about 7pm and I made cheese wedges (healthy healthy!) and he made milkshakes.

Now we're playing Guitar Hero and the hot water service just broke.

Happy New Year Everyone.
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On Friday [ profile] mc_shamo took me to a work Christmas party. It was nice. During the day I bought two dresses, one from Savers which I've barely taken off since, and one the was expensive and red and will be suitable for evening parties that require something more than jeans but less than my formal, floor length satin dress. Did I mention it's red? It is! I also went to the dentist and found I need stuff done, I'm glad I'm still a student- means it will be a couple of hundred, not thousands, to fix things. (Because I'm a student, a member of the union AND on a Healthcare card my initial consultation was $25!)

Saturday we lay about in the morning, then went to Lomah's for lunch (and ran into [ profile] _bounce_!). I slept really badly the night before (I seem to have swapped from hypersomnia to insomnia, so much better /sarcasm) so I had a nap while [ profile] mc_shamo played Lord of the Rings. That evening we went out and saw Death at a Funeral which was very, very funny (and had Wash from Firefly being all English and good at it!) then [ profile] mc_shamo treated me to pancakes with blueberries at the Pancake Parlour.

Today we went to the gym and I was unimpressed with the class I took. We then went to [ profile] mc_shamo's mother's house and went out for lunch with his family. There was a LOT of food, it took most of the afternoon to get through it. Afterwards [ profile] mc_shamo's sister dropped us outside the Botanical Gardens and we went to see [ profile] insomnius and help welcome her back to the country. [ profile] fnoo dropped us home via a supermarket and I've been munching on fruit instead of having a dinner. Oh! We also put lights on our Christmas tree!

It's been a good weekend. I think may soon be bedtime.
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Yesterday I got up early and [ profile] mc_shamo and I voted at the church hall near his house.

By 10am I was in a dress, with hair and make-up done, in a taxi heading to [ profile] impostinator's house.

[ profile] muffin_gloves and I did our best to fulfill our duty as bridesmaids, helping with last-minute stuff. [ profile] impostinator came out of her room in the most stunning purple dress looking absolutley beautiful.

We got in another taxi (the driver of which seemed bemused that we were taking a taxi to the wedding, and a bit shocked when [ profile] impostinator told him that she'd originally wanted to take the tram) and headed to
Brunswick Town Hall. We had a little trouble getting down Dawson St with the traffic but finally arrived, just on time. While Chris and the others had been setting up earlier people had been coming right into the hall trying to vote (this despite the ribbons, the flowers, the people in formal wear, the lack of people giving out how-to-vote cards...) so Anna had made signs to hang out the front which went something like: "THIS IS NOT A POLLING STATION, THIS IS A PRIVATE FUNCTION! (AND IF YOU INTERRUPT MY WEDDING I WILL KILL YOU)" which seemed to do the trick.

The wedding itself was lovely, it was really good to see the individuality of the couple shine through. [ profile] impostinator walked down the aisle to Ride of the Valkyries, the signing was done while the Dead Parrot Sketch played, and then we left to an a cappella choral version of the main theme from Star Wars.

After the wedding there was much catching up with people, some of whom I had not seen in three or four years. I don't know where the afternoon went, but suddenly it was 7pm and we were leaving to go to [ profile] vivienne_aster and [ profile] fnoo's Election Party.

The party was great, I stood on the balcony in the cooler air and came in for the speeches. I had a long chat with Helen and got to talk to most people there, which was good. And of course, I was over-joyed by the change in government. :-)

It's been really lovely to see how many of my friends who are overseas right now are happy with the result. This morning I saw I had a text from [ profile] clappamungus which said simply "Whoo-hoo!" and it brought tears to my eyes.

All in all, yesterday=awesome!
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I have not looked at livejournal at for almost ten days, that has to be a record for me!

I had a wonderful birthday party, followed by a wonderful birthday. I had much fun at the most recent UHAN. I have spent most of this week quite stressed about, among other things, essays and money. I have joined a gym and started yoga lessons at [ profile] mc_shamo's work. My body aches but in a good way.

I'm so tired, but I need to write at least 1000 wrds tonight.


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