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Found this on The Age website, made me lol.

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And This comic, also Made of Awesome. Thank you [ profile] deathbyshinies for posting a link to it!
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So here are some kittens.

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1. I had a dream about a week ago in which [ profile] vivienne_aster, [ profile] _audhumla_ and I formed an indie-alternative-90s-pop band. I played guitar and sang, Kate played bass and sang, Sarah had a tamborine. We were called "The Carmichaels" and our first album was self titled with a bird's eye view of a cappuchino on it.

2. We want a cat run, I will be researching how to make one and whether it's possible to make one or whether it would be better to buy one (which will mean much saving up as they are in the four figure realm) if anyone has any advice or tips please feel free to weight in ([ profile] nearlyalegume, I seem to remember you making one...)

3. This has to be the best, happiest April Fools Day prank ever, just imagine being stoned and walking into this:

4. [ profile] vivienne_aster, the people we get our fruit and veggies delivered from are here.
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Everyone has probably already seen this. It's from the fires in the week before the huge fires:

I first saw this on the Age website, funnily enough they cut the bit where he says, "He'll probably get rehydrated then rip the shit out of me."

I have today off, and most of tomorrow too!

Oh, also, I saw Elvis at work last night! Three of them actually, watching them fly in was pretty amazing. They're bloody big too when you see them sitting on the tarmac.

[Edit] Seriously? Seriously?! What the hell is wrong with these people? Selfish selfish bastards
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I like the message. I don't like this form of performance from an aesthetic point of view, but I like the message.
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I am-

-Home sick on the couch, and very much hoping this is the last day of sickness as I start work tomorrow

-Halfway through my part of the Finance and Budgeting assignment- pity it's the easy half

-Hungry, but I can't keep anything down, am hoping plain baked potato will prove the exception

-Watching Fawlty Towers on Youtube in ten minute blocks whenever I complete a certain task in the assignment- I really need the motivation!

-Probably not going to make class since I still feel this bleugh

-Actually feeling quite upbeat about tomorrow and looking forward to it!
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Just for anyone who had no idea what I was talking about with my hapyhappy post yesterday, or for those who did and want some nostalgia:

Ok, now time to work!


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