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I think they're friends again!

In other news, influenza sucks.
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If you live even remotely near my area and have a pet I could not possibly reccomend Kensington Vetinary Clinic more highly. I know their website is a bit dodge, but they are the best vets I've come across ever.

Yesterday we took Loki in, who was floppy and uninterested and behaving like he wasn't well, with a possible obstruction in his intestines (stupid bugger ripped up and swallowed a "Make Poverty History" charity wristband). The vet, Kathy, looked him over and kept him for a few hours to X-ray. As soon as he'd been through she rang me to tell me what the x-rays showed; nothing in his tummy or intestines, but a problem with his lungs which was probably why he was running a fever and unwell (he was actually hot to touch, poor little mite). When I went in to collect him about 20 minutes later they brought him straight out to me then asked if I'd wait to speak to Kathy. Kathy took me into the consulting room and actually showed me the x-rays and explained them, and admitted she was a bit stumped as to what was causeing the problem (problem being a solidified something-or-other). She suggested a course of anti-biotics and said to bring him back in a week for more x-rays.

She just rang me then, so just less than 24 hours later, because she said she' been up last night thinking about Loki and worrying and just wanted to find out how he was going. She seemed very glad to be told the anit-biotics seem to be helping (he was alert this morning and interested in breakfast, yay!) We then had a bit of a chat about Loki and about Puck (by the way, Puck came from that vet, and they've given us over $300 of free vet care and medicines for him during the last six months, just because he was one of "their" kitties) and then she double checked timing for Friday and rang off.

All this makes me feel very good indeed about the care my boys are getting there. Loki will be in good hands on Friday :-) So yes, if you have a pet and are living in the inner north-west of Melbourne, Kensington Vets are awesome!
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More under cut, may contain traces of cats )

Decorating the tree while being "supervised" by two young cats who seem to think we brought in a massive scratching post then covered it in toys for them (which are all placed out of paws reach darn it!) was..interesting :-)

Merry Christmas.
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I did indeed go to more markets. I bought mangos, they were yummy.

After one market we went back to [ profile] fin's place where he crashed out, I watched the rest of Spaced and ate mangoes.

That night he took me to the sail club where he was a member. We had dinner overlooking Fannie Bay, into which the sun set, it was very pretty. I have photos, will post tonight.

We walked to Mindil Beach where there was a night market. I love being out after dark on warm days. We saw this awesome, awesome kids music and puppet show, The Amazing Drumming Monkeys. They were great, two monkey puppets playing African drums and telling kids to all get along and plant trees :-) I wish they'd come to Melbourne, I'd so go see them again. I looked at sarongs and cotton shirts and things, all much cheaper than you'd find them here, but ultimately decided that I could not afford them, and had no space in my bag to take them home anyway.

We walked back to [ profile] fin's place, where we hung out for a few more hours until it was time for me to call a taxi. Darwin airport had it's own special brand of hell in store for me. The arrival/departure lounge, which I think can comfortable take about 200 people, had something like 500 in it. Planes had been delayed all over the shop, some for 14 hours. There were lots of hot and bothered and Not Happy people, no room, and to make things worse the silly buggers at the airport have put a pub in next to the lounge, so now there were people who had started Not Happy and were now Drunk, Belligerant and Not Happy. Whoopee. Plus as they had this mix up they kept having to find gates for planes to land near, as they gate they were suppsed to land near was often being taken up by another plane. So my plane was late, it was 3am, I was tired, hot and surrounded by lots of tired, hot people, some of whom were drunk, most of whom were annoyed. I couldn't go to sleep because I was scared they'd change the gate again and I wouldn't hear it and would get left behind (I know it's unlikely, I just get anxious) and it was generally Uncool. Luckily the shops in the airport were still open (all three of them- Gods it's a tiny airport!) so I went inot the one selling soaps and kimonos and beauty products because it was the place least populated by drunken yobbos. The nice lady in there took pity on me and talked to me to keep me awake. She told me all about the soaps and how they're made and where (they're all local) and was calm and pleasant and chatty. I was so grateful for the reprieve I bought three soaps.

Finally got back to Melbourne, and was so overwhelmingly happy to get in my front door and be greeted by my lovely cats. I put sonme washing on the line, rang [ profile] mc_shamo to let him know I was home, went upstairs and proceeded to sleep the day away.

I woke up around 3pm, and it was lucky I did. I heard the doorbell go, so went downstairs, there was a man there with six long-stemmed red roses in a vase with other pretty greenery, which he handed over to me. I found a card from Seamus that read "Welcome home love" and felt very special and loved and cared for. :-)

I put the flowers on the table, then had to move them as the two cats sprang up and immediately began to eat the greenery. I put them on a high shelf the boys couldn't get at (Loki gave up immediately- I've put things up there before- Puck kept trying for a quarter of an hour. Wish I'd had a camera, hilarious) and slowly, luxuriously slowly, had a shower and got dressed and headed out for counseling at 7pm.

After counseling, which did the same amount of good and caused the same amount of pain as a trip to the dentist, I finally met up with Seamus. There was much hugging, then there was Indian food. Yum. Then when we got home I gave him the little present I'd brought him (a stubby holder with a print of an indigenous painting on it) showed him the website for the Amazing Drumming Monkeys and went to bed.

I had fun, I am glad to be home.
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I want to play with my kittens. Right now.
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Puck seems to be doing ok. We've still got him separated from Loki when were not home, just in case. Loki went for Puck's throat last night, I think it was in play, but still, not pleasant for Puck. Puck is still a bit freaked by this whole new-place, new-people, new-cat thing.
Loki, on the other hand, thinks we've got him a wonderful new toy that makes noise and moves of it's own accord and can chase him as well as the other way round, and spent a good hour this morning (from 4am-5am, grr!) trying to get the study door open by throwing himself at it and clawing underneath it. He can't understand why we'd put his toy in a room he can't get into.

I'm tired.


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